5 BEST Money Making Kindle Niches [2020 and Beyond]

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So… you want to start publishing books, but you don’t know what the heck to publish? Hmm… should I publish a book about beer crafting? Or the best Kamasutra positions? Don’t worry; today, we are going to resolve this problem. My advice

Just go ahead and grab your bags of money, because you are about to roll cash like a mothaf***ing machine!  Let’s talk about the top 5 best money making niches for Kindle Direct Publishing. These niches are proven to be extremely profitable. However, each one of them has its pros and cons, which we are going to discuss more in detail later on.

TOP 5 Super Profitable Kindle Direct Publishing Niches [Video Guide]


The 5 Hottest Niches For Kindle Publishing

Without further ado, let’s talk about these gold nuggets before we dive deep into each one of them. Here the best 5 Kindle niches…

  1. Business & Investing
  2. Computer & Technology
  3. Health & Fitness & Dieting
  4. Self-Help
  5. Parenting & Relationships

If you choose the right keywords in these niches and follow step-by-step my highly effective self-publishing strategy, then you are nearly guaranteed to make money. In case, you are interested in learning more about my secret publishing formula, then click here.

Furthermore, keep reading so you may learn what you can expect and how to crush each niche with your Kindle books.

What Is The Difference Between A Kindle Niche And Keyword?

Before we go more in-depth, I want to remove one of the biggest misconceptions out there. Otherwise, you may struggle with the rest of this guide—the difference between a niche and a keyword. A niche is a distinct section of a market. Under a niche, you have a vast selection of keywords or book titles.

One of the biggest mistakes I see in new publishers is giving up before even giving it a try, because they think, “Well, this niche is too competitive for me!” A competitive niche isn’t a bad thing; it’s a great sign! It means you can find a vast amount of profitable keywords inside it, sometimes keywords, which still aren’t well explored by other publishers and authors, where you can publish one or more books and make a buttload of money online.

In other words, niche competitiveness isn’t the same as all of its keywords being overly competitive.

Anyway, business & investing is a niche as it defines a specific slice of the total market. In this niche, you can find a vast number of related book titles or keywords, such as real estate, online marketing, accounting, etc.

Business & Investing Kindle Niche

Although, sometimes, a topic may become extremely popular and complicated, and for this reason, it becomes a niche itself. For example, online marketing, Yoga, real estate, Paleo, etc.

Yes, you could produce a book about online marketing. Still, it’s a broad topic, which defines several ways of making money online and marketing strategies, such as affiliate marketing, Kindle Publishing, blogging, email marketing, YouTube marketing, etc. Instead, you would be better off by producing a more specific book, for instance, one about affiliate marketing. As a result, you may provide more specialized and helpful content to your audience, and have less competition.

The rule of thumb is the more specialized a topic is, the less competition you got.

But now let’s talk about what matters…

1 – Why Choose The Business & Investing Kindle Niche?

One of my favorite niches! Besides, providing advice related to making or saving money is always extremely profitable. Everyone and their mom want to learn more about this topic.


A few keywords that come into mind include accounting, stock market, Forex, money management, self-publishing, etc…


  • Extremely profitable niche
  • Wide variety of keywords
  • Readers devour books in all three formats, such as Kindle book, paperbacks, and audiobook

Often people searching for business-related books, enjoy listening to audiobooks. Thus, you should expect to make a fair amount of earnings here.


  • Extremely competitive. As a result, it may be a pain in the butt to find less competitive keywords

Note: All of the 5 Kindle publishing niches I mention along this guide are competitive. However, business and investing seem to be more competitive than all other ones.

2 – Why Choose Computer & Technology Kindle Niche?

Often publishers forget about the “Computer & Technology” niche. Yet, this may be an extremely lucrative and less competitive niche compared to other ones here.


A few book titles you could start looking into include: Python, Search Engine Optimization, Machine Learning, etc.


  • Profitable niche
  • Less competition
  • Particularly profitable as Kindle books and paperbacks


  • You may need to hire technical writers. As you may imagine, not everyone can write coding books. Thus, you probably need to pay a higher rate to an expert in this field.
  • Many of these book titles don’t sell well as audiobooks. Nobody listens to programming books.

3 – Why Choose The Health & Fitness & Dieting Kindle Niche

Out of all the niches here, this has been the most profitable one for me. At this point, I made thousands upon thousands of dollars here.


A book topics worth mentioning include South Beach, Vegetarian cookbooks, weight training, bodybuilding, etc.


  • A vast selection of profitable keywords
  • Less competition
  • You may easily produce profitable short Kindle books


  • Many of the book topics in this niche sell particularly well as paperback. However, don’t expect readers to purchase recipe audiobooks. The same things apply to exercise books.
  • Many of these books require illustrations. For instance, you could publish a cookbook without images, but soon, you’ll have a mountain of clients complaining about their lack. The same thing applies to an exercise book. Besides, finding good images is usually the most annoying thing on the planet.

4 – Why Choose The Self-Help Kindle Niche?

Self-help is perhaps one of the biggest and most profitable markets online, notably, in a generation where everyone is looking to improve themselves or have psychological problems.

4 - self-help-kindle-book

A few keywords you should check are self-compassion, learn faster, productivity, meditation, Yoga, etc


  • Extremely profitable niche with a wide selection of keywords
  • Reader devour these book in all three formats


  • Extremely competitive. You may struggle to find profitable keywords with a fair amount of competition

5 – Why Choose The Parenting & Relationships Kindle Niche?

A niche is often not mentioned among publishers. However, it’s a great niche for you to dive. Often most readers are women; they typically search more for relationships and parenting books compared to men. Therefore, you should base your content around this idea.


Here are a few book titles you may research: codependent, declutter, narcissistic, infertility cure, etc


  • Profitable niche not so explored by publishers
  • Readers love all three formats.


  • This niche may require books with more content making their creation more expensive.

Bonus: Why Choose The Children Nonfiction Kindle Niche?

I just wanted to add another mention worth talking about, “Children Nonfiction.” I already got into this niche, and you can produce highly profitable books, this includes riddles, joke books, etc


  • Profitable niche not so explored by publishers
  • This type of book often sells well in all three formats.
  • You can create cheap money-making short books


  • Often you don’t make as much money with your audiobooks because you tend to publish shorter books. In case you are wondering, longer audiobooks are sold more expensively in Audible and other Amazon stores.
  • Kids’ books often require illustrations. Otherwise, kids may find them boring. As I already explained before, searching for images without copyrights is obnoxiously monotonous.

Frequently Asked Questions

I just want to quickly reply to a few relevant concerns most publishers often have about Kindle publishing.

Which Sells More Fiction or Nonfiction?

Both genres of books can be extremely profitable. For instance, “Fifty Shades of Grey” novel sold over 125 million copies by 2015. However, there are many reasons why I prefer nonfiction compared to fiction, such as:

  1. Fiction readers enjoy incredibly long books. Thus, making their production more expensive than nonfiction.
  2. Very competitive. You are competing against hundreds or thousands of fictional authors. While with nonfiction, you can serve a small slice of the total market.
  3. Writing fiction requires creative writers. If you are the author, then it isn’t a big deal, but if you are hiring ghostwriters, then their content is more expensive.

How To Find Profitable Kindle Keywords?

Okay, so now you know how to choose profitable niches! What about selecting the hottest keywords ever? Well, I won’t go much in detail about this here. However, you can discover more about my secret method by clicking here.

Last Thoughts

Okay, champ, now you know which are the best Kindle niches in the market. However, don’t become too focused on what I said here, if you have a niche, you would like to check then go for it as there are plenty of other profitable niches in Amazon.

A reminder just because a niche is competitive that doesn’t mean you can find profitable book titles with a fair amount of competition in it. In case you have any questions or tips, then feel free to leave them in the comment section right below. Thanks for reading! Wow and subscribe to my newsletter so that you may receive your free Kindle guide.

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