5 Reasons: Why Aren’t My Nonfiction Books Selling On Amazon?

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So, your nonfiction Kindle books aren’t selling on Amazon? And you are wondering, “How the heck can I make money with them?” Well, then keep on reading because this quick tutorial is about to help your books sell like hotcakes.

How to sell more books on KDP?

I will provide more details about each point below. This includes:

  1. Learn how to choose a profitable and less competitive keyword: Often, most new publishers fail with their keyword research and end up publishing a book under a keyword that isn’t profitable or too competitive.
  2. Have a top-notch cover design: your cover design is one of the most crucial selling points. You should be extremely picky about it.
  3. Have an enticing description: your book description should be a sales page. It should entice people to purchase your book.
  4. Have a launch plan: you should have a plan to help your book obtain reviews and sell as many copies as possible during its first 30 days.
  5. Get awesome quality content: you should obtain book content from a reputable ghostwriter company and provide them with a detailed outline.

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1) You Picked A Non-Profitable Or Competitive Niche

One of the most common problems has to do with the book title you choose to publish. Selecting the right keywords is one of the most important aspects of Kindle publishing. Often beginners tend to rush this process, and as a result, they publish their book on a keyword that isn’t profitable or too competitive. See, both things are an issue.

Not all keywords make money on Amazon. Some keywords customers have fewer customers purchasing books about them. For instance, people purchase more “Yoga” books compared to “Gardening in Florida.”


For this reason, if you publish on a keyword nobody is purchase books about, then you won’t make money.

The other part is competition. Just because you found an extremely profitable keyword, you also need to be careful about its competition. Otherwise, your book will get buried under other books from reputable authors, and you won’t make money. Before I decide to publish a book, I always see if other books have too many reviews, such as:


As you may see above, most business books have thousands of reviews. You certainly wouldn’t want to publish your book here. Otherwise, it probably wouldn’t appear on the front page of results, or if it did, it wouldn’t last long. As a publisher, it is nearly impossible to get this number of reviews.

At the same time, you always want to publish books on keywords that have some competition. If there’s some competition, it is most likely because that book topic makes money on Amazon.

How To Improve Your Keyword Strategy?

You need to improve your strategies to find keywords and analyze them. Furthermore, to not rush the process. I sometimes spend a whole week searching for keywords. I suggest you check my newest course, “Self Publishing Money Machine,” here where I explain my keyword strategy in detail.

2) Your Kindle Cover Design Sucks Peanuts!

One of the most important selling points is your cover design. Most customers decide to purchase your books based on this alone. For this reason, you need to make sure you have a top-notch cover. I often see many publishers publishing books with awful covers.

I get all my cover done on Fiverr. However, you don’t want to choose anyone out there. Otherwise, you end up with a design that looks like crap. Now I’m not going to explain how you can get a fantastic cover here.

What Do You Need to Improve?

If you are designing your covers, then perhaps it’s time to leave them to someone else. I used to make them in the past, but I don’t any longer. Some people design covers for a living. For this reason, they have more experience under their belt than I have. They know how to get high-quality images, what fonts work best, contrast their background with the rest, etc.

Besides, designing a cover takes time. So, I prefer to leave this task to someone else.

If you get them from Fiverr, and your designs suck, you should consider choosing someone else. You can find plenty of professional designers there, but it may take some work.

3) Your Book Description Is A BLAND Review!

Your description shouldn’t be a review of your book. In other words, it should be a brief preview of the content your customers will obtain.

Instead, a good description should be similar to a sales page. Most people get sold based on their emotions. For this reason, your description should trigger their emotions and make them think your book is the best thing since sliced bread.

For instance, you should include bulletin points where you describe several vital topics in your book. However, in a way that leaves them intrigued, such as:

  • 5 Secrets to help you lose 5 pounds in 7 days without needing to spend your day in the gym

See, I don’t explain in detail what these secrets might be, leaving the readers wondering what the heck they may be? In a way, this makes them want to buy my book to see what is all the fuss about.

Often most publishers have a description that states what is inside of their book, such as:

  • 5 Chicken recipes to help you lose weight

What happens next? People don’t buy your book! Instead, they go online and search for chicken dishes to help them lose weight.

Usually, publishers end up with poor descriptions because they get them from their ghostwriter company.

I’m not saying, all companies provide a poorly written description. But the problem is usually the person who writes your book also writes your description. A writer isn’t the same as a copywriter. Both things are very different!

A ghostwriter knows how to write books. On the other hand, a copywriter knows how to craft an enticing description to help your book sell on Amazon.

For this reason, I never get my descriptions done by a ghostwriter company. Instead, I prefer to head over to Fiverr and search for a copywriter. Once again, your description should be a sales page. It should entice customers to purchase your book rather than provide them with a review where they can grab your bulletin point content and get that information freely online.

4) You Don’t Have A Launch Plan

Many beginners watch a few videos on my channel or someone’s else and think, “Okay, let’s go for it!” It’s always great to see people taking action, but being reckless rarely gets you positive results. Whenever I publish a book, I plan to obtain reviews and make it sell like hotcakes during its first 30 days.

The first month of your new book is one of the most important ones. It will define whether your book will sell for months or possibly years to come or not.

What Do You Need To Have Set In Place?

For this reason, you need to have a plan to obtain reviews and market your book through Amazon advertisements and other promotional websites.

Just don’t publish a book without having those things set in place. Otherwise, your book won’t sell. You won’t get reviews, and without them, it will be nearly impossible to get sales. In a way, everything works hand in hand. The more sales your book gets, the easier it becomes to sell it.

The more it sells, the more Amazon will love your book and increase its visibility in their platform so readers may more easily find and purchase it.

5) Your Kindle Book Content Is Garbage!

If your book initially sells well throughout its first month or two. But suddenly, your book sales drop after you got a few negative reviews from mad customers complaining about your content, then guess what?

Your book content probably sucks peanuts! Either your content is too generic, and customers may easily find it online, or it has grammatical errors and possibly misspelling.

What Should You Do?

In the first scenario, if your content is too generic, then probably the problem is you. You possibly provide a crappy outline to your ghostwriters. Thus, they write a boring ass book with easily searchable content. In this case, you should spend more time researching what your customers want in your niche and provide a more detailed outline. Typically, my outlines have more than 800 words explaining in detail what my customers want, don’t like, and the type of solutions they are looking for.

Frequently Asked Questions

1) How To Market Your Nonfiction Book?

I find Amazon ads one of the best ways to market your book. I recommend always having a budget set aside for your campaigns. Advertisement can double or triple your book earnings nearly overnight. If you’d like to learn how to set super simple and highly effective campaigns click here.

2) How To Promote Your Kindle Book For Free?

I don’t consider most free promotions strategies effective and typically are time-consuming. However, if you still want to try them out. You can head over to Facebook and search for specific Kindle groups. Where you may promote your new book for free to the people dwelling there.

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