5 TIPS: How To Easily Reach Your First $1.000 In Kindle Publishing

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One of the most important goals for most new publishers is to reach their first $1.000 per month in Kindle publishing. It may not be a huge amount of money. But getting there is often a huge mindset change especially if KDP is your first business online. For one, you start seeing the possibilities of making money online.

Perhaps, you even consider the option of quitting the job you hate in a few months. The other aspect is once you get there you kind know what works in KDP.

In most cases, you just need to rinse and repeat what you are already doing. However, there’s a problem about getting there and that is?

All the bad advice spread online. I am not saying all this advice is exactly bad. Many times this advice is good but not appropriate for beginners. Instead, it complicates Kindle publishing.  In some cases, taking away your focus from what really matters and that is publishing books.

Today, let’s talk about advice often spread around. By the end of this post, Kindle publishing will sound simpler and no longer a scary monster as it once did.

Instead, something manageable that you can build on the side and eventually earn a decent amount of money.

1 – You need to build a brand to become successful

Often some publishers talk about building a brand like it was a huge deal. In fact, the first time I heard someone talking about this I didn’t get it! I was like, building a brand? Do I need to register a brand name or something?

Afterward, I realized building a brand was nothing more than publishing books inside of a profitable niche. Let’s imagine, you published a fitness book and it starts making money then what? Well, you should publish even more similar books but… using the same pen name and resembling covers.

Why is this important?

The more books you publish inside of the same niche the more influence your pen name gains in Amazon. In other words, they realize you are a serious publisher. For this reason, they try to help you out by ranking your newest books better. This increases your book visibility and amount of sales. Besides, if your clients enjoyed one of your books they

Besides, if your clients enjoyed reading one of your books they can easily find another and buy it using your pen name. Now you know what is building a brand.

2 – Needing to publishing in a niche you are passionate about

Oh gosh! Should you follow your passions? Yes and no! See Kindle publishing is a business. So let’s not get all emotional here! Businesses are built primarily to make money. Do you need to exactly love publishing books? No! Do you need to publish books about things you enjoy? No!

The fact is businesses are often built around other people’s passions, needs, or problems. Your business is meant to help or entertain other people in exchange for money. The problem about your passions is it may not be something profitable inside of Amazon.

For instance, one of the first books I published inside of Amazon was about, “dating tips for men”. Back then, I used to enjoy sharing my knowledge about this content. Not nowadays though! At first glance, you would think this title would be very profitable but I only made a few sales, why? Because this niche isn’t profitable inside of Amazon.

Often your passions aren’t profitable. Nobody is actually searching for that type of content. Instead, you need to find book titles (keywords) readers are already purchasing inside of Amazon. These book titles may be about content you don’t give two flying shits about.

I publish many books under the diet niche. Do you think I am passionate about diets? No, but does that matter? Not really, since my job is to provide content to help these readers solve their weight problems. In a way, it’s a win win situation. My books helps them lose weight and in return, I make money.

3 – Building an email listing

Is building an email listing or least trying to build one a bad thing for Kindle publishing? No and yes! I consider a bad idea when you are a beginner. Just think for a second…  is that the most important thing when you are starting out? Nope, your main concern should be learning how to publish profitable books.

If you still don’t have any books published or only a few but aren’t making over $1.000 then you shouldn’t be thinking about building an email list. In fact, this will only slowdown your progress. As building an email listing requires you to spend time learning new skills, tools and building a funnel. Just a glimpse:

  • How to build an effective opt-in page
  • Learn how to write enticing emails
  • How to use an autoresponder

And… a lot more.

If you are barely doing any money then you shouldn’t waste time thinking about anything else besides growing your book business. Once you are doing $2.000, $3.000 or more and want to try building an email listing then go ahead! But at least at that point, you are already doing some money.

4 – Quitting too soon (False Expectations)

Some newbies see a publisher making $10.000 and think, “- Well, perhaps if I publish one or two book I may do the same earnings!”

Afterward, they publish a few books and often don’t see what they were expecting. Their books aren’t selling well and soon after, they quit. In fact, most newbies don’t even give it a shot! The fact is there is a learning curve to Kindle publishing despite nearly being a step-by-step process. You will still make a few mistakes until you finally realize what works.

Every single failed book should be seen as a learning opportunity rather than, “OMG,  f**k this! I am quitting!” No, instead sit back and relax.

I know this isn’t always easy especially after you lost more than 600 dollars. But just sit back and analyze your failed books. Ask yourself, “what went wrong?”

Perhaps, you published a book in a too competitive keyword, or your cover looks like garbage, or your virtual assistance sucks balls. In fact, you could try changing the book cover and see if that does the trick. Or, fire your virtual assistance and hire a new one. Just analyze your books and avoid doing the same mistake the next time around. If you keep improving your books then success will be inevitable.

I recommend for you to focus your entire attention into this business for at least 6 to 12 months. Where you do your best to learn everything until you become successful. Use every failure as a learning opportunity.

5 – Kindle publishing is a long term business

I don’t see Kindle publishing as a long term business. Nor a business where you should pour your heart, soul or whatever, why?

1 – Earning more than $10.000 may be dangerous

The fact is you don’t have any control over Amazon. They may close your account for whatever reason they want. You may then cry, beg for them to change their decision. But they are a billion dollar company, why would they care? Considering you only do a few thousand dollars in their platform.

As they say, “don’t put all your eggs into one basket”. Still, many people do this with their businesses, investments etc… and with KDP. I suggest once you get to $10.000 to use that money to build another business. What is the problem with KDP?

2 – Review Swapping

I never lied about this part. I do review swapping to get reviews for my books. In other words, I pay someone to write fake reviews (it’s a bit more complicated than this). Other publishers may claim they request reviews from their email subscribers. However, that still goes against Amazon’s policies. As they consider this soliciting reviews.

The problem is for how long will this last? Perhaps, one day Amazon decides to ban everyone doing any form of review manipulation. Besides, I don’t like doing review swapping. For this reason, building a kindle business is great but at the same time it’s like playing with fire. One day, you may just get your hand burnt! But while the business is hot, you should take advantage and do as much money as possible.

3 – What’s Beyond Amazon? Nothing!

I often listen to publishers talking about, “you should expand beyond Amazon”. I find this idea ridiculous because you are using a fake author name (pen name). In some cases, even fake pictures. Are you going to create a YouTube channel, blog, Facebook fan page around a fake name? It may be possible! But there’s many obvious limitations like, you can’t show your true face anywhere. How far can you go with that? Not very far!

Seriously, you don’t have anywhere to expand beyond Amazon. Yes, you can build an email list and promote some affiliate products. But you certainly aren’t going to become the next Tony Robbins without ever showing your face and using a fake name. I guess you’d need to buy load of bullshit to pull that off.

In the meanwhile, I rather put that effort, time and money building a brand with my own name and face.

Last Thoughts…

Kindle publishing is a book business.

Your first and foremost important work is to publish books.

All the rest is secondary, such as building an email list, expanding beyond Amazon, or whatever. Focus on what really matters and stop listening to everyone else.

If you want to learn more about building a Kindle publishing business, or if you are struggling to make money with your books then subscribe to my email listing. Just fill the box below with your email address and you will receive a free quick guide directly into your email inbox. Any question? Then make sure to leave it right below!

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