How To Publish Your Books Follow Them And Make Money

6 Steps: How To Publish Your Kindle Books And Make Money!

Last Updated on July 21, 2022 by Jordan Alexo

Are you confused about the publishing process? Don’t know what you should do first, second…then continue reading. Today, I am about to explain the 6 steps to successfully publish books in Kindle Amazon.

Step 1) Keyword Research

Boring, tiresome but nonetheless, extremely important! I admit I don’t like to do keyword research. But that doesn’t matter! I like making money by selling books. Sometimes you just need to take one for the team. Keyword research is the most time consuming and boring processes. One where you’ll find yourself time to time, pulling your hair and screaming, “I can’t find any profitable keywords! Jordan is insane!”

Still like it or not, everything starts here. Keyword research is what makes the difference between a good and bad publishers! You just need to put in the time so you may find those extremely profitable keywords. I know some publishers would like  to outsource this task but that is something impossible.

Just imagine, if someone knows how to find profitable keywords then why would they give it to you? Why not just go ahead and publish their own books? Yeah, right!

By the way if you suck at keyword research then don’t worry! I got your butt covered. Just watch this video here.

Step 2) Order Books

So you have some great keyword, now what? Time to order your books. The ghostwriter company I prefer to use is, “E-Writer Solutions”. Often they take between 10 to 15 days to get 15.000 word book done. Sometimes they may take more depending on the season. However, from all the companies out there they are the most affordable one. They also deliver high quality content as long as you provide detailed book guidelines.

Depending on the length of your book, you should expect a book costing between $180 to $250. After you ordered your book, you should get a cover done. For this, you can go to and search for, “Kindle covers”. Choose one to three gigs and see who provides the best book cover.

Recommendations: Some publishers often tell you to immediately order three or fours books. I personally don’t recommend this in the beginning. Only of course, you have a large budget. Initially, there is a high probability you will make mistakes, such as: you chose too competitive keywords, your cover looks like garbage, etc. Besides sometimes it may have nothing to do with you.

I had several situations where my books didn’t do any money because I had a shitty virtual assistant. For this reason, order one or two books. Afterward, analyze your strategies and see if you have a good virtual assistant, cover designer etc… Once you have everything in place then increase the number of books you order.

Step 3) Hire a Virtual Assistant

In the meanwhile, you should immediately start searching for a virtual assistant. You need someone to make the review swaps for your books. In case, you are wondering, “what the heck are review swaps?” Click here and read this post. For this, you should go to Upwork. In this platform, you are able to hire a virtual assistants.

Often it may take between 3 to 5 days until you find someone. You should pay between $1.4 to $2 per review. However $2 is already a bit expensive but this all depends on your virtual assistant effectiveness. I rather pay more and have someone efficient. Who knows how to rank my books in the front page of results. Instead paying less to someone who constantly screws my books.

Step 4) Publish Your Book

At this point, you should have your book, cover and a virtual assistant ready. You want to immediately publish your book in KDP and paperback. I know some publisher tell newbies to not publish immediately as a paperback. But that advice, doesn’t make any sense! In most cases, you will make most of your money by selling paperbacks.

For this reason, you want to start selling them from day one.

You should initially price your Kindle book at $0.99 and paperback above $12. Once you publish your book in both formats, you want to immediately go to ACX. Here you can pass your book into an audiobook. You need to find someone to narrate your book. Often this process may take 20 to 30 days depending on the length of your book.

Once you get into ACX, you’ll notice you can either pay your narrator upfront or split earnings 50/50.

When should you split earnings 50/50?

  • If you are in a tight budget then split your earnings. I mean, it’s always better for you to earn some income than nothing.
  • In case, you are publishing in a non-profitable audio niche. For instance: cookbooks rarely sell in audio format.

Otherwise, you should always pay everything upfront. This way you dramatically increase the amount of money you earn by selling audiobooks.

Step 5) Paid Reviews

You initially publish your books at $0.99 before increasing its pricing. Instruct your virtual assistant to get between 20 to 25 paid reviews. These reviews are the most important ones as they will help your book better rank inside of Amazon. This first process should take about 3 to 5 days.

Once this is done, schedule the 5 day free promotion for the next day. For this, your book needs to be enrolled in the KDP program. Afterward, your virtual assistant should get the rest of the reviews.

Hint: as soon as you set the free promo also increase your book price to $9.99. The price difference makes your book seem more valuable in your customers eyes. In the last day of free promotion, decrease the price to $2.99. This should be your standard pricing.

Step 6) Amazon Advertisement

As soon as your book is out of the 5 day free promotion, set some advertisement campaigns. This will drastically increase the sells of your book. Don’t be afraid of spending some money upfront! Amazon advertisement is blast! If you know what you are doing you can easily do 3 times or more money you spent in your campaigns.

In case, you don’t know how to use Amazon ads then click here and watch my video.

Last Point…

If you are looking for faster results and turn your kindle business into a money machine then make sure to check, “Self-Publishing Blueprint” here.

Any question? Any suggestion? Just leave it right below in the comment section!

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