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Show your audience how SPMM course can help them build a highly-profitable self-publishing business on Amazon. Give them a special offer, and when they sign up, you'll get a starting 20% commission, which may go up to 30%.

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How The Affiliate Program works?


Apply to be a Partner and you'll get a unique referral link that tracks who clicked and signed up.


Refer SPMM to your friends, followers, and clients.


For every referral who purchases SPMM through your link, you earn a minimal 20% commission.

How To Make More Money?

The more referrals who buy from your link, the higher commission rate your receive.

Silver Partner

All partners start at a 20% commission rate.

Gold Partner

After 15 referrals bought SPMM using your link, your commission rate increases to 25%

Platinium Partner

After 45 referrals bought SPMM using your link, your commission rate increases to 30%

Who should become a partner?

Entrepreneurs with complementary offers

Does your business have complementary products and audiences? Perfect!

Influencers and Professional Affiliate Marketers

Do you professionally promote products via content or ads?

Agencies, freelancers, and consultants

Want to refer your clients?

start making money today promoting self-publishing money machine

You'll get a starting 20% commission, which may go up to 30%.

Questions about the Affiliate program?

There are no limits! Here’s just an idea…


  • 1 Referral = $100
  • 5 Referrals = $500
  • 10 Referrals = $1000


  • 1 Referral = $125
  • 5 Referrals = $625
  • 10 Referrals = $1250


  • 1 Referral = $150
  • 5 Referrals = $750
  • 10 Referrals = $1500

At the moment, it costs $500 to enroll in SPMM. However, the price will gradually increase. Meaning you will earn higher commissions with each price increment.

No. Self-referrals are strictly prohibited. The aim of a referral program is to encourage partners to spread the word about SPMM, not to get discounts. Attempts to get credit for your own purchase will result in termination of your affiliate and user account for life.

The best kind of affiliate marketing is authentic recommendations to an audience that knows you. When you become an affiliate partner, you’ll get access to banners and other tools to help you market SPMM.

Do not use any low-quality traffic sources, such as Fiverr Gigs, or other mechanism.

Do not try to impersonate being the owner of Self Publishing Money Machine. If you do, your affiliate account will be terminated.

We don’t accept all appplications to be affiliates. You increase your chances of being accepted by honestly replying to the questions on the application form. The SPMM partner program is for people who have an audience and would like to promote the course regularly.

The official terms of SPMM Partner Program can be found at

The referral cookie life is 30 days. If a user purchases the product past 30 days from the first referred visit, the conversion won’t be tracked anymore.

We use the best affiliate tracking software for our partner program, Solid Affiliate. They have world-class tracking technology and an easy-to-use dashboard to see your clicks, leads, customers, and rewards.

The way the SPMM affiliate tracking works is if someone clicks on your link, a cookie is attached in their browser. This tracks them, so when they purchase Self-Publishing Money Machine (known as “referral” in Solid Affiliate), they are locked-in to be attributed to you. However, if that person later clicks on a link from another SPMM partner and purchases SPMM through them, they will be the one earning the referral.

People who click on your link have 30 days to enroll on SPMM. If they enroll after 30 days of first clicking your link, the cookie will have expired, so you will no longer receive the commission.

In short all 3 of these must be true:
1. 30 days after referral
2. Commissions due exceeds $150
3. First week of the month

In the first week of every month, we pay out all commissions that are at least $150 and for sign ups that happened at least 30 days prior.