Amazon KDP Course Free: How To Make Money Self-Publishing Books On Amazon?

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So you want to publish books on Amazon? Or perhaps heard someone talking about the mountains of money online you can make with Kindle Direct Publishing? Now, you also want a piece of that delicious cake. Perhaps you feel tired of your tedious work and want to be financially free to travel the world, or simply drink a few Pinã Coladas on a beach during a hot sunny day, then stick there and let’s rock&roll!
This free Amazon KDP course is going to be practical. You are about to learn how to publish your first book with Kindle Direct Publishing.
I suggest you also grab a notepad to write down any critical steps.

What Is Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing?

Amazon has a program, which they call Kindle Direct Publishing. Once you register an account here, you can self-publish books on their platform. Whenever a customer purchases one of your books, you earn a royalty.

Do I Need To Write My Kindle Books?

Often most people immediately get scared about entering this business because they think they need to write their books. However, that isn’t the case. You can choose to either write your books, and it’s a great way to get started, especially if you are on a tight budget and have decent English writing skills. Initially, I wrote and published my Kindle books. I didn’t have money to invest in ordering them from a ghostwriter company.

If you take this route, you can publish books nearly free. It’s always better to start some way not to start at all. After I made some money in Kindle, I reinvested that money ordering books.

The other option is to order books from a ghostwriter company. These companies have a team of specialized writers who will write about any topic you want. I suggest this option if you want to scale up your business as quickly as possible. Later, I’ll explain how you can order books from a ghostwriter company.

Amazon is one of the biggest eCommerce websites in the world, founded by Jeff Bezo. You have thousands of customers purchasing products there daily. In other words, you don’t need to get out of your way to find customers. You already have thousands of them ready to purchase your books on Amazon.

Why Kindle Publishing Is A Great Business For Beginners?

1 – Super Passive Income

I consider Kindle publishing one of the best passive incomes online. You can’t compare it to anything else. I published books two to three years ago, and they are still making money. I don’t put any energy into them, and still, they sell. I did the work once of making these books and publishing them on Amazon, and that’s it!

Most other online businesses require constant effort on your part. For instance, if you had a blog, you’d need to post posts weekly to keep things fresh for your readers.

2 – Easier Learning Curve

I am not saying Kindle publishing is easy. You still have a learning curve but nothing compared to other ways to make money online. Here all you need to focus on is publishing books on Amazon. You don’t need to worry yourself to death about how to drive traffic and best market your products. Basically, Amazon has already done that for you. 

 3 – You Can Make a Decent Income Relatively Quickly

You can make your first money online after 24 hours or less from publishing a book on Amazon. In two to three months, you can easily make more than $1.000/m. On average, most publishers can reach 4k to 6k if they do a decent job with their books. The top publishers overcome the $10k mark.

KDP is one of the quickest ways to make money online. For instance, if you wanted to build a blog and promote affiliate products, it would take at least 5 to 6 months until you received some visitors and possibly made a sale.

7 Steps To Publish Your First Book On Amazon?

I am going to talk about the seven steps you need to follow to publish your first book. Usually, you need always to follow the same process. What changes is how efficient you become at each step. The more efficient you become, the better results you achieve with your books.

1. Find a profitable nonfiction book topic

2. Write a high-quality outline

3. Order a book from a ghostwriter company

4. Get description, cover done, and possibly title

5. Format your book for Kindle and paperback

6. Publish your book on Kindle Direct publishing

7. Market your book and get reviews

Now let’s see each step more in-depth.

STEP 1) Find a Profitable Nonfiction Book Topic

One of the most time-consuming and essential tasks as a publisher is your ability to find hot book topics on Amazon. In other words, book topics customers are purchasing. Not all book topics sell equally well.

For instance, you have more people buying books about Yoga rather than Martial Arts. So, you don’t want to publish books about any topic because not all of them make money on Amazon. For this, you need to do what we call “keyword research” or “book topic research.”

One easy to do this is to jump to the Kindle bestseller list and follow the next steps. You can find the Kindle bestseller list by Googling it. It should be the first page on their list. Afterward, choose ebooks/ nonfiction in Amazon’s category, as shown below.


amazon-free-course---best-seller-list-ebook amazon free course best seller list nonfiction

On the next page, you can see several categories, or you may call them niches. You can choose whatever niche you prefer, but some of them usually are more profitable than others.


What The Best Kindle Niches?

Once more, you can publish books on any other niche. The most important thing is to find profitable book topics. However, here are the best ones:

1) Business & Investing: Often, topics related to making money or investing are profitable. Nearly everyone wants to learn how to make more money. Therefore, you can always find book topics that make bank here.

2) Computer & Technology: A more technical niche and also very profitable. One of the problems is you may need a technical writer. Not everyone knows how to write a book about computer coding. For this reason, you may need to pay more to hire a specialized writer.

3) Health, Fitness & Dieting: Huge, huge evergreen niche! Works all year round, but often more profitable near the Summer season since most people want to look fit while they go to the beach.

4) Parenting and Relationship: Awesome niche! Relationship books sell particularly well on Amazon. A significant percentage of the customers are women, and they are usually more worried about keeping their relationships healthier than men.

5) Self-Help: How to cure anxiety, have more self-esteem, etc… are huge topics nowadays since most people suffer from these problems in our society.

How To Find Kindle Keywords?

I will show you the strategy I use to find highly profitable books topics on Amazon. First, I choose a niche I’d like to dive deeper into. In this case, let’s check “business&investing.” Fortunately, besides being superbly profitable, it’s also one of my favorite niches.

Afterward, I am going to hover each book title and see if I can find book topics.


You can see from the image above two possible book topics customers may be searching on Amazon. I quickly see that “Mind Management,” “Time Management,” “Productivity,” and “Creative Matters” make sense.

I always ask myself, “Would someone search this keyword to find a book on Amazon?” However, “getting art done,” I could also consider this keyword, but it doesn’t look like something people search for.

You want to rinse and repeat the same process for all books listed in this category. Once done, you want to pass to the subcategories.


Meanwhile, I write all these book titles down on a blank notepad until I have one hundred. Afterward, I pass on to the next step: to analyze these keywords’ profitability and competitiveness.



How To Analyze Kindle Keywords’ Profitability and Competitiveness

Before you decide to publish a book, you need to analyze the profitability and competitiveness of your listed keywords. For this, we must follow the next criteria.

#1 Profitability Test

Average Sales Rank: You should see if the average sales rank is about 200.000. Amazon has a sales rank. The more sales a book has, the better it ranks in its platform. For instance, a book with 10.000 sales ranks sales more copies per day than one with 200.000.

You may calculate an estimate of the number of sales over here.

kindle-publishing-sales-rank-calculator kindle-publishing-sales-rank-calculator02

As you may see, there’s a massive difference between one sales rank to another. Anyway, to see the average sales rank, I will analyze one of the keywords, “Time Management.”


At the moment, I am using KDSpy. I highly recommend you use this browser app. It will help you tremendously as you can see all the necessary information in a single window. You may see the avg. Sales Rank above. This info indicates that most books appearing on the front page of results are making money on Amazon. For this reason, if you published a similar book and did a good job, there’s a chance it would also make money.
Books Below or Equal to 30.000 Sales Rank: You want to count the number of books with a sales rank equal to or below 30.000.



In this case, we have seven books with a great sales rank. Often I like to have at least three. So if I publish a book here, there’s a good chance of hitting a home run.

Now, if your book passes both criteria, then you have a profitable keyword. However, now we must analyze the keyword’s competitiveness.

#2 Competition Test

See, you don’t want to publish a book on a keyword that is too competitive. Otherwise, your book will have a hard time getting eyes balls and possibly not sell. So how can you analyze their competition?

Number of results: you want to look to the side and see the number of results. You want to keep the number of results equal or low to 1000.


In this case, we have too many results. In other words, you have many authors and publishers publishing books relevant to “Time Management.”

Number of books with less than 100 reviews: You want to count the number of books with less than 100 reviews. If you find too many books with more than that count of reviews, then it’s not a good idea to publish a book there.

Obtaining more than 100 reviews as a publish is extremely hard. Besides, book with that amount often belongs to authors.


In this case, we only have two books. I suggest having at least three or more.

So conclusion, “Time management” is a profitable book topic. However, the problem is this keyword has too much competition. I wouldn’t publish a book over here. You want to make a similar analysis of each keyword you have listed.

STEP 2) How To Write An Outline

After you found a few good book topics, you want to write an outline. The outline will be the guideline you’ll send to your team of writers. You should explain the content they need to write for your book. I guess I always say this, but this step is critical. Often publishers complain that they receive bland and generic content from their ghostwriter company.

 However, many times it has to do with the outline they sent.

A good outline should have at least 800 words explaining in detail everything you want to include. Your outline should explain the following:

  • What are your customers’ problems?
  • How will your book solve their problems?

I suggest you read the reviews left on your competitors books. You may read the feedback left by their customers to get an idea of what they did right and wrong. In a way, you want to see how you can provide a higher quality book.

Another option is to watch relevant YouTube videos. You may get an idea of the content viewers enjoyed. Your book should provide the information your readers want and fix their problems. In essence, that is what high-quality content is when it comes to nonfiction.

STEP 3) How To Order Your Book On The Urban Writers

The ghostwriter company I prefer to use is “The Urban Writers.” I have been using them for a long time, and they provide great content for a reasonable price. Just click here to check them out. Furthermore, use my coupon code (JA5) to get a 5% discount on your newest book orders.

You want to head over to their website and follow the next step.


Afterward, you will find several packages. The prices depend mainly on the quality of the writers. I suggest choosing the “Rising package” to keep things cheaper. Later on, once you have a niche performing well, you may try a higher-tier package to get better-written content.


Below you can see what option I recommend you choose.


You don’t need to order a 30.000-word book immediately. It depends on your niche. Sometimes you can get away with 10.000 to 15.000 for your first books. In my experience, 30.000-word books work better for nearly all niches. But it all depends on your budget. On this page, then upload your outline document and go to the next step.


Just filling in your billing information and use my coupon code (JA5) to get a 5% discount and voilá!

STEP 4) How To Get A Kindle Book Cover And Description Done

You don’t need to spend vast amounts of money to get a fabulous book cover. In fact, it can cost as much as $5 on Fiverr. I search for “Kindle cover” and select two to three cover designers from the list. I first take a look at their portfolio and pick the ones who have the best-looking nonfiction designs.


Initially, I choose different people to design my cover, so I may choose the one I prefer the most. Afterward, I use the same person for my future books.

This strategy allows me to have unique and great-looking book covers. I suggest you do the same thing for your book description. Just search for “Kindle description” or “Book description.” Select two to three different copywriters and order their service. In the end, choose the best description for your book and use the same person for your next ones.

However, make sure you already have a part of your book written. Copywriters need some a section of your book so that they may write an appropriate description.

STEP 5) How To Format Your Kindle Book

I am not going much in detail here because I’ve done a video about this. You can find it here. Anyway, I suggest the following formatting options as a general rule:

Font Family: Georgia, Arial, Times New Roman, or Verdana

I like using these font families. I’m not saying you can’t use other ones. However, these fonts are easy to read.

Font size: 12px to 14px

A good font size that makes your content easily readable.

Ebook size: standard size

I usually use the size my document opens at for my ebook.

Paperback size: 6×9 or 5×8

6×9 is the most commonly used book size. But you can also try 5×8, a quick solution to make your book look thicker to your readers. I often use this last size when I have books with less content.

STEP 6) How To Publish Your Kindle Book

Once you have everything ready to publish, then it’s time to make the money flow. Just log in to your Kindle bookshelf. Choose the “Kindle Ebook” option.


The process of publishing a book has three steps. In the first step, you want to include your Kindle eBook details.


Book Title: This should be your primary keyword. The one you want your book primarily ranking for.

Subtitle: Well, this is your book’s subtitle. You may include one or two keywords here. It may help your book better rank for them. However, don’t flood your subtitle with them. Otherwise, it won’t sound good to your readers. The most important thing is to have an enticing subtitle that makes people want to buy your book.


Edition Number: I just leave it empty

Author: Add your pen name or author name if you wrote your book

Contributors: Add your pen name or author name and anyone who contributed to the making of your book


Description: Include the description you should have gotten from Fiverr.

Publishing Rights: I own the copyright, and I hold the necessary publishing rights.


Your Keywords: You want to add one keyword to each field. The way you may find these keywords is to use the Amazon autosuggest tool as shown below simply:


I know my example here isn’t the one. However, you want to write your main keyword in the search books and see the suggestions. Afterward, write each one of these keywords to each field. Furthermore, you may include relevant categories in these fields. Just search for your main keyword, then open the most popular books from your competitors.


You may copy and paste these categories into your book fields; This helps your book rank for them, allowing your customers to find your books on Amazon more easily. Afterward, set nonfiction categories that make the most sense for your book. Once done, pass to the next page.


On the next page, you want to upload your book cover and content and launch a preview. Make sure to check each page of your book to see if everything looks right. Otherwise, you may need to edit some of your content and upload it again.


Once done, pass to the last page of the three-step process. Here you should set the price for your ebook. You may enroll your ebook on the Kindle Select program. Using this option, you get a few promotional methods, such as the 5-day free promotion, which may help your book get more readers. You have two different royalty options.

If you choose the 35% royalty, you may set your ebook at $0.99. Usually, I start at this pricing to obtain reviews more quickly. After a few weeks, I put the 70% royalty and increase the price to $2.99. You may see the rest of the options I choose below. Once done, you may publish your Kindle book on Amazon. It may take about 24 to 48 hours until it appears in their store.



I’m not going to explain how to publish your paperback because it’s pretty much the same thing. Most of the options you added to your ebook are copied and pasted to your paperback. The only significant difference is you need to have your book cover and content formatted either 6×9 or 8×5.

STEP 7) Amazon Advertisement and Book Reviews

Before you decide to publish a book, I suggest saving some money for Amazon advertisement. You can use their ads two double or triple your book earnings nearly overnight without much effort. You may watch my video, where I explain how to set super easy ads below.

Furthermore, you need a system to obtain reviews. One of the best options is using AMZ Discover. This website will grab the email addresses of people who left reviews on similar books like yours. Afterward, you want to send those reviewers a free book copy and ask them to leave a review on Amazon in exchange.


I explain my secret strategy to obtain hundreds of reviews using AMZ Discover on my newest course, Self-Publishing Money Machine. Click here to get more information about it.

If you have any thoughts, or questions you’d like to share leave them in the comment section below. Thanks for reading!


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