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Audiobook Income Academy 2.0 Review – Don’t Buy This Self-Publishing Course Until You Read This!

Last Updated on May 12, 2021 by Jordan Alexo

I’m not sure if you have heard about Kindle publishing. Or perhaps, you even have tried publishing a book or two online, but without much success.

You might have gone to the extent of doubting whether people make money with this business or not? If that is the case, then you are in the right place, because I’m going to talk about Audiobook Income Academy (AIA).

If you are hearing about this course for the first time, then you might be wondering:

  • What is this course?
  • Why should I get it?
  • Should I spend my hard-earned money on it?

I’m about to explain all the little gems you are about to discover once you get this Kindle publishing course. So stay put and keep on reading…

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What Is Audiobook Income Academy (AIA) 2.0?

Audiobook Income Academy 2.0 was created by Rasmus and Christian Mikkelsen. I know at first this may sound like it’s a course only about publishing audiobooks. However, that is not the case! Instead, you get the full-blown package of essential tools to build a highly profitable self-publishing business; This includes publishing non-fiction ebooks, paperbacks, and audiobooks.

One of the main differences between AIA and any other course is their fantastic number of results. You continuously have new students posting more than $10.000 per month dashboards. Why is this important? Well, this means their strategies work.

Audiobook Income Academy Results

Although the Mikkelsen Twins are now between the best self-publishers, at first, they were perhaps like you. They had neither skills nor experience within the publishing industry. However, after years of them going through trial and error, now they are making money more than ever with their Kindle Publishing business.

The great news is you don’t need to spend years repeatedly failing to succeed with this business, why? AIA provides an easy to follow a step-by-step formula for beginners. In other words, by using this formula, you will shortcut your path to success in no time.  Just to name a few things you are about to learn:

  • How to find profitable book titles
  • How to get high-quality content for your books
  • How to hire a cover designer for your books that will make them sell like hot cakes

Why Should You Get Audiobook Income Academy 2.0?

After this situation with COVID-19, most people have realized that only having one source of income (a job) isn’t a reliable option. You never know if tomorrow your boss will decide to give you a permanent layoff. Or an angry mob will riot your working place.

In such unpredictable times, having another or multiple sources of income is a smart move. But why Kindle publishing? Rather than opening an online store selling socks?

First, selling socks must be one of the most boring things in the world. Second, you must learn a vast amount of technical knowledge. For instance:

  • How to build a website? Should you use WordPress, Shopify, or another platform?
  • How to get traffic (customers) to your website? Organic search traffic or paid ads?

Does this ring a bell? Perhaps not.

For this reason, Kindle publishing is ideal for beginners…

  • Do you need a website? Nope, you already have the most prominent eCommerce website in the world at your disposal, aka Amazon.
  • Do you need to get customers? Nope, you already have millions of customers going to Amazon every single day.

However, it isn’t as easy as it looks because if you don’t have the right knowledge, you won’t succeed with publishing. Despite this business being easier compared to other ones, there is still a learning curve.

Often many beginners start publishing books without knowing what they are doing. Gosh, I was one! I thought I was saving money by not spending on a course, and guess what? I wasted more money and vast amounts of time publishing books only to end up making $5 a month.

Everything changed once I got a course teaching me the right strategies. It wasn’t precisely overnight but nearly over a month. After a few months, I was already making over $5.000/monthly. Thus nowadays, I always suggest newbies get a decent online course. In this case, Audiobook Income Academy. This course currently teaches the most updated and efficient publishing strategies.

Moreover, you will be learning from people who started from scratch and made it to 5 and 6-figure.

Furthermore, the course will only take you seven weeks, and from there, you should have a KDP business up and running. Mind you; there is nothing you are going to lose apart from your time.

If you are one of those that have a full-time job, this course was meant for you. It will help you create a passive online income, and eventually, you can become your boss. Whereby you will be able to work at your own pace and build your business in your free time.

With AIA 2.0, you will learn how to publish your ebooks, paperbacks into Amazon, and your audiobooks in ACX. You are about to learn this and much more inside of AIA. Although joining this course does not guarantee automatic success, you have to work for it. The results are purely up to you!

What Are The Requirements To Join Audiobook Income Academy?

AIA will only work if you commit yourself to the seven-week training. Each week you receive a new module. This learning consists of a step-by-step process. By the end of your seventh week, you should have a self-publishing business running. Most likely, you will also be making money by selling your first books.

It also has a bonus module with extra tips to help you expand your business beyond Amazon. In each module, you will come across related videos. Allow me to explain each module briefly:

Module 1: The Transformation – The Foundation to Guarantee Success

1 The Transformation AIA

First and foremost, for any business to thrive, you need to have the right mindset. May it be networking or selling socks online. The same applies to build a highly profitable self-publishing business.

That’s why in this first module, you get several videos about:

  •  How successful people act
  • Work etiquette so you don’t fall off the wagon.
  • A lifestyle that Breeds success

You also get access to the secret Facebook group. Here you can get advice or enter in contact with the Mikkelsen Twins or other experienced publishers.

Module 2: Getting Your Publishing Business Started

2 Picking Your Niche AIA

In the second module, you are going to learn about:

  • How to set up your KDP and ACX account
  • Sleek Method: A simple and efficient way to do find profitable book titles. Where later on, you can publish your newest books and make bank. Keyword research is essential when it comes to finding valuable book titles. It all starts here! If you don’t have an appropriate method, then you may end up wasting your efforts publishing non-profitable books.
  • Essential advice about accounting. A quick solution to manage your earnings online.
  • Learn necessary information about how to form an LLC (Limited Liability Company) for self-publishing.  I don’t consider this essential, but instead, something recommended.

Module 3: Creating Your Book

3 - Creating Your Books AIA

In this module, it’s time for you to get your hands in the dough! You will learn all the basics so you may create your first books, this includes:

  • Building your publishing brand – Ultimate solution for you to create a long term Kindle business that will survive the ends of time.
  • Knowing your customers – This lesson helps you understand your customers’ pains, needs, etc. this way, you can write or order books to precisely solve their problems. As a return, your customers will love your books.
  • Crafting your best selling book title – I guess the title is pretty self-explanatory. However, the Mikkelsen Twins provide examples of good and crappy book titles. Furthermore, how you may optimize your book titles in a way your readers can easily find and purchase them inside of Amazon.
  • What more? Getting a great ghostwritten book or if you prefer, there is advice about how you can write your one. Discover how you can get a cover done that will obliterate your competition and look more delicious than chocolate to your customers. This module is loaded with splendid information.

Module 4: Passive Systems and Automation

4 Passive System and Automation

In this module,  you learn the best way to automate a part of your business; this includes:

  • Building a list of people willing to review your books
  • A sequence of compelling copy and paste emails to send to your subscribers. So you don’t need to spend time writing emails that nobody wants to read.
  • Discover how to write book descriptions that sell like crazy

Module 5: Launch Week

5 Launch Week AIA

Oh…oh… now we are talking! Time to launch your first books. The most exciting part of this whole process. Here you learn:

  • How to publish your first books inside of Kindle Direct Publishing
  • How to come out of the gate with a big bang and start selling your books from day 1
  • How to become an authority within your niche rather than someone nobody cares about

Module 6: Audiobook Ascension and Amazon Ads

6 Amazon Ads AIA

  • Do you want to make free money? Sounds right! Well, once you learn the best ways to build successful Amazon advertisement campaigns, that is what you will experience.
  • Learn how to produce your audiobook inside of ACX. This includes setting up an account, using the ACX platform, seeking a narrator, and getting reviews for your audiobooks.

Note: In case you are wondering, book reviews are essential! Without having reviews, nobody is going to purchase your books.  As customers often think books without feedback are of poor quality.

Module 7: Going Next Level

7 Going Next Level AIA

Why keep your business only on Amazon? Why not think big instead? In the last module, you discover how you can expand your business beyond Amazon, such as publishing your books inside of Ingramspark and the Author’s Republic.

This way, you can easily make more money, but wait the best part is you keep recycling the same content. Yes, you don’t need to purchase newer books. Instead, you publish the same books already published inside of Amazon into these alternative platforms.

Plus, Mikkelsen Twins explain how you can translate your English book into other languages. Just imagine:

  1. You get a ghostwritten book in English. Then you publish it as an ebook, paperback, and audiobook. Meaning, you get three new streams of income, but wait, it doesn’t stop here!
  2. You publish this book into Ingramspark and other alternative platforms. In other words, you just created more 2 to 3 new streams of income still using the same content!
  3. Afterward, you get someone to translate the same book into German, Italian, Spanish, etc. Publish the same book in several languages and, once again, in all three formats and kaboom!

I lost count, but I guess you get the idea. Basically, in this last module, you discover all the nooks and crannies to squeeze every single penny from each published book.


  • Detailed course. AIA has hours upon hours of content
  • Ideal for beginners. The Mikkelsen Twins guide you step-by-step from zero to a hero throughout their videos
  • AIA interface looks sleek and user friendly
  • Access to the secret Facebook group. Here you can find gold nuggets of tips and tricks from the best self-publishers
  • The Mikkelsen Twins make a video call answering their students’ questions monthly. Guess what? These questions could be yours too.


  • I love the depth of this course. But sometimes, the Twins in their videos beat around the bushes rather than going straight to the point. I’m not saying this is a big deal! You still receive outstanding amounts of high-value content.

Your Free Bonuses

Now if everything doesn’t sound good enough then wait a bit until you hear this:

If you get AIA today, I will send you my exclusive free bonuses. Here’s what you get…

bonus bonus pack 2

Note: Remember to send an email to to receive your bonuses.

Bottom Line: Trust Your Guts

If you want to 9 to 5 grind and build a passive source of income that will generate money for you on autopilot, while you sleep, take vacations, then Audiobook Income Academy is the solution! This course is ideal for self-publishers, or authors experiencing challenges or for someone who never heard about Kindle Publishing and wants to get their feet wet with an online business and make bank.

Click Here To Get AIA 2.0 Today

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  1. Hello was wondering if u could send
    Me the link to the overnighters ghostwriting company wasnt pulling up when i tried

  2. I took notes from the webinar, so they basically told me how to do this myself. NO NEED TO PAY $1,498 . Thanks guys!!!!!!!!

  3. I am interested in doing the course although my fear is when it gets tough (I get going). I’ve tried courses like this in the past and the support was never what was promised. What can you tell me that I have not already heard.

    1. I no longer promote their course. I was their partner. I found out the owners were stealing the sales I made for them. I suggest you stay tuned, I will make my own course and sell it much cheaper. You will get excellent information at a much lower cost. I also know other AIA partners who had the same issue.

        1. Of course, I’ll save your email address and then send you a message. Also, pay attention to my YouTube channel because I will mention its release there.

  4. Thank you for your information..
    I was about to sign up with them until I read you review.
    Keep me updated with how u are


    1. No, you can’t. Unless you have the authorization of that author to do that. Besides that, you can’t use someone else’s content.

        1. It’s up to you. If you prefer you may wait a few weeks, I’m going to launch a course and it will be cheaper. It will provide awesome content to get you started and succeed with Kindle Publishing.

          1. Thank you for the informative feedback, Jordan. I’m interested, can you please let me know when your course is available.

  5. I would like to know when you launch your system.
    I am a widow, going month to month, paying bills without ANY extra money left over each month to invest and with not so good credit.
    I am starting to sell on Ebay so that will be an extra slow income stream that I could use for monthly cost of your program if there was a way for monthly payments without going thru PayPal Credit.
    Thank you.

    1. Okay thanks, I’ll send a message to your email address once I launched my course. I guess it may be the one you used here.

        1. Thanks for your interest Petra. I appreciate it. I saved your email, the one you use to leave a comment. Not sure if it is your real one. If not, then send a message to with your real one. I will notify you as soon as my course is out. I will also provide a special discount to my first customers.

          1. Are you using the Samcart course model? I have it and an send it to you if you want, Scott & Brian are good, really good at what they do!

  6. I am of retirement age w/o a Penny to retire on because of programs like the M- Brothers. I would love to have an honest person who is willing to help someone like me, support myself! Of course I would love to see your version of the program & I pray there will be some way for me to obtain it.

    1. I will keep your contact. I guess is the one you used to leave a comment. Once I launch the course, I will send you an email, then you can check and see if it something you’d like.

        1. Okay Nip Smith, I’ll save your email address and notify you once I release my course. It will have a special discount for the first students. Furthermore, you can keep a look at my channel because I am going to mention it there too.

  7. Hi Jordan,
    I have been reading up the AIA course and I am really interested. Now that I have seen that you are not with them anymore and you’re building your own course I would like to check it out. Also it would be really helpful if there was a pay monthly cost for your course rather than a one off fee which is off putting on the AIA course. Can you keep me updated please?


    1. Hi Leigh, yes of course. I will save your email and send a message once the course is out. Have a great day!

      1. Hi Jordon,
        I actually purchased the AIA2 course yesterday but had some complications with my Pay Pal, so they refunded me and told me to just re enroll… I got to thinking, “Is this an omen for me to take this course?” So I started researching and came a crossed you… I would be very interested in looking into your course, could you put me on your e-mail list for when you launch it? My e-mail is

        Thank you,
        Gina Beckham

  8. Please keep me informed when you launch your course. I was about to sign up for them but will wait up for your course instead. Please keep me posted. Thanks.

  9. Good Day,
    Any idea when you will launch your course?
    I would like more information on your course when it is launched. To the email provided, thank you.
    So your email doesn’t go to my junk mail, what is your email so I can add you as a contact please?

    1. Well, I am doing my best to launch at the beginning to mid of April. I will keep your email address. My email is
      I will also announce the launch on my YouTube channel. I am planning to have a special discount for the first ones participating in my course. Best Donna!

      1. I’m glad I did my research before deciding to make the purchase. I too am interested to see what alternative you might have.

        1. Thanks Paula, I’ll save your email address and send more information when I am about to launch my course. I will also mention it on my YouTube channel.

    1. Thanks Morgan, I saved your email. Hopefully, it is the one you used to leave the comment here. If not, then send a message to with your real one. I will notify you as soon as my course is out. I will provide a special discount to my first students.

    1. Yes, I saved your email address John. Not sure if it is the one you used to leave a comment here.

  10. Please let me know if your course as well I was also looking into their course and ran into your YouTube.

    1. Thanks, I appreciate your interest. I saved your email and I will notify you before I launch my course. The first students will have a special discount.

  11. Hi…I would love to know a good source on where to find ghostwriters. The AIA webinar mentioned a place to find quality ghostwriters that Im curious about. Thanks!

    1. Hi Michelle, I use “The Urban Writers”. They provide good quality books at a decent price. If you decide to use them then here’s my coupon code “JA5” to get a 5% discount on your orders. Have a great day!

  12. I now understand why the big push to sign up for AIA immediately. I didn’t and discovered this coaching/course, step-by-step, was taken straight from the Amazon Audible website, perhaps with a few bells and whistles. Thanks, but no thanks.
    ps: The webinarjam says a book can be marketed by other, but did not mention the royalties will be reduced from 40% to 25% if the unrestricted marketing route is chosen. It was upfront about so much. Why leave that detail out?

    1. Yes, I guess you are talking about the audiobook royalties. You will receive 40% if you pay your narrator up front and 20% if you decide to split royalties with your narrator. However, you can still make a lot of money with audiobooks. Not my case because I do mostly with paperbacks. However, I already saw other publishers doing crazy amounts of money with audiobooks alone.

    1. Okay thanks, I added you to the list of contacts. I’ll notify you as soon as my course is available to my first students.

  13. Is your course available and aren’t their only two partners/owners of AIA, the two brothers? Are did they really only do what someone suggested above and regurgitated what Amazon Kindle Audio already says and they put fancy marketing and their own branding around it and sell it and make more profit on selling this concept than they do by becoming successful publishers themselves? That is what everyone fears but they have so many success stories of others and they have a money back guarantee. This makes it sound very legit. I am just trying to understand why they are losing partners like your self but I am also open to learning the same best practices and if you are cheaper and offer the same best practices to be successful in publishing, I want to sign up. The advertisement pitch for AIA was one of the most compelling videos I have ever seen….as I have never purchased something like this before and am thinking to do this one. And maybe they are worth it if I make $5k a month within 6 months of signing up. Sounds easy but they said it would be.

  14. I’m interested in your course I saw the twins program but I’m new at this so maybe yours might be a little easier and cheaper to start off with

    1. Hi Jordan,
      I am very interested in your course. I am so glad that I decided to research these twins. I had a feeling something was off with them when their webinar promised me information if I stayed to the end. It went on from 10am until 3pm in the afternoon…. REALLY!!! That didn’t set well with me because who has time to sit through that.

  15. Hi I’m so confused about which course to join. Can anyone advise or give me their thoughts please. I would really appreciate it. I’m fed up of joining courses and they turn out to be a rip off and I loose money. I’m trying to be cautious. Kat.

  16. These twin guys from Publishing Life pretend to be friendly and helpful. My experience is very different. About 2 months ago I bought the course for nearly $1500. I studied every night after my full time job, I spent every weekend learning and arranging all the necessary stuff in order to publish my first book, and I didn’t really bother the customer support much because I wanted to get through the very information overloaded course. I got really frustrated and lost and I voiced my frustrations to the customer support. Just after 2 emails back and forth, I got threatened that criticizing the content of the course is not allowed. After my next normal email, the customer service guy cut me off and refunded my money. No explanation other than I don’t fit to the culture. Nobody asked me why I was so frustrated, nobody gave me a fair warning, our loving Twins just cut me off after all the work I have done. I wasn’t born yesterday and I can see clearly through their business model. But I wanted to learn how to publish a book and maybe change a couple of things in my life as a result, so I gave it an honest go. There is a lot of nice pep talk, but the reality is very different. When they lure people into buying their course, they say that they will do anything to make the member succeed. I have worked so hard on this for 8 weeks straight and only one time I voiced my frustrations, without any bad language or anything like that, and our loving Twins decided to cut me off, without a chance to explain why I was so frustrated with the course. If you think that this course is just a step by step manual on self publishing, and that you can easily do it if you are a single mom with 3 kids, think again. But that is the business model of so many courses out there from day trading to self publishing. These twins really disappointed me great deal, and not because of their fame driven fake attitude, but how cold blooded they are if someone simply doesn’t fit into their little click. I bot the course, I have worked hard on it for 8 weeks and because of my first frustration with the content of the course, they found inconvenient and closed my account, with a really weak and lame BS explanation via their customer support guy. They know exactly how they are playing the odds and large numbers. I do not wish them well because they hit me below the waste line and I hope people will not be fooled like I was. I just hope I can find another resource and continue.

    1. I’m sorry to hear that. I have their course for two years now, I never had issues but I was already an experienced publisher making money on Amazon. So, it’s a different story from someone who is starting out. I recently published my course “Self-Publishing Money Machine” and did a video review here:

      You can watch the video and see if it’s something you’d like to enroll. Good luck with your publishing business Milo. Have a great day!

  17. I think it’s a good course, but don’t be fooled by their advertisement. Have a good $6000+ ready to go to really get started. The whole “you can get started without a lot of money” is bs. Yes, they show you a way to write your own books, but I don’t see anyone making money off of those.

    1. Hi Samuel, thanks for leaving a comment here. If you are a proficient writer you can write your books. I remember seeing someone from their group who was making plenty of money that way. However, it certainly isn’t something everyone is able to do. If you want to have fast growth in your business, perhaps that value is necessary. Still, you can start with less money. Mostly because of Amazon ads.

  18. Hi Jordan I just sent you an email regarding your $500 dollar course. Basically I am a complete beginner to Amazon publishing and I want a passive income. When I pay you $500 will you actually sort out and prepare my first ebook for me . Does the $500 cover the production of my first ebook on Amazon ? I just need some reassurance before I pay you . Thanks

  19. Hi Jordan,
    Thanks for doing this. I am just now seeing your information here. I recently ( 2 weeks ago) purchased the Twins program.
    I paid $2000. I am only through the 1st week and no training about book publishing. It was all about mindset. Which is nice.
    And I understand, you should have a certain amount of positive attitude, etc. when choosing to start a business. But I did not spend that much money for 1 st week’s worth of mind set.

    Do you think there is a way to get refunded so I can give your program a try?

    1. Well, I am no longer their affiliate. However, you obtain a new section of their course week by week. You need to wait. Otherwise, you should contact their support asking for a refund. I’m not sure Sonya, I have their course and never asked for one.

  20. Hello everybody. Yes, I made the mistake of buying it (on 23/01/2022) and I am here to tell why I think you shouldn’t.
    First, watching that advertising on YouTube, everything looks easy, fast. Then I watched almost 1 hour of explanations, even
    easier, faster and then it comes the pressure to pay. They say there are only a few places, like that webinar was live (it is not). And then I paid. And everything becomes more real, they start to say that it’s possible, but not easy, neither fast. That we have to put a lot of effort on it. And then I started to think (which I haven’t done before paying) and realizing that is totally against my principles. I have a job, that I love, but doesn’t pay me much. I saw this as an opportunity to keep this job and have a financial freedom, an easy money where I don’t have to spend a lot of time. Fake. It needs time, especially at the beginning. It needs effort (not easy as they say before we pay). And particularly, I would have to go against my principles.
    Yes… I am totally against this superficial economy where everybody buys everything without the necessity. I was imaging myself paying someone to write a book for me, another one to make the cover and other to make the narrative and then myself selling on Amazon. And for all that I had to just choose a title, I probably wouldn’t even read the book before selling. They probably don’t do it either.
    So, when I realized that, like 6 or 7 hours later, I asked for a refund, based on the Contract Policies. They answered me in the next day and made a part of the refund 2 days later (but not all). When I contacted the customer service, they treated me very badly and it was sad, because I couldn’t do anything else. So, the whole refund process was wrong.
    Anyway, that’s not the point. I just wanted to ask everybody to think before paying and not believe in the pressure they put on before we pay. There are a lot of wrong things on their process and I hope I could help some people to make a decision.

  21. Hello my name is Tanya Kidman. i watched the webinar and purchased the program but haven’t received it yet. is it coming to me by email and when will i be receiving it?

    1. If you are talking about AIA, then you need to contact their support team. I am only their partner, I have no management over their course. Have a great day Tanya

  22. Thank you for the information. I really appreciate that you didn’t go bashing the course like some other reviewers that I have seen online (that are trying to sell their products, btw). It shows that you have integrity and I appreciate that. You gave credit where it was due, while still being honest (I’m sorry they stole sales from you btw).Look forward to seeing what you have to offer as well

  23. I am curious about the twins program but I am bothered by the fact that there is no mention on *what* you do during your “30 minutes per day” once you get an assigned topic. What exactly is the process between getting a topic and sending the manuscript to the narrator? Am I allowed to choose my own topic if I have one I am interested in?

  24. Hi Jordan, I did not see a section on the Dashboard that covers how to convert the books to Audiobooks. Do you also cover this, and thus how to work with Audible?

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