5 Tips: How To Increase Book Sales On Amazon?

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So, your books perhaps aren’t selling well on Amazon? Or, you want to make more money with the books you got published! Okay, okay, let’s rock and roll, baby! In this tutorial, I am about to share with you five secret tips to help you explode your KDP earnings like there’s no tomorrow.

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5 Tips: How To Increase Book Sales On Amazon (Quick Reply)

1 – Have an awesome book cover design: Your cover is one of the most important selling factors. You should always have the best cover design you can get.

2 – Get more book reviews: the more reviews your book has, the more it tends to sell. It provides social proof to other customers. Positive rating reviews tell other customers your book is high-quality, and they should buy it too.

3 – Have a biography page: You should have a custom bio page for your pen name or author name; This provides more credibility and a face to your books. Customers always like to have an idea of who’s wrote the books.

4 – Create a book series: You should build a book series around a profitable niche. In other words, publish more relevant books with similar covers with the same pen name.

5- Amazon ads: I keep repeating because Amazon is one of the easiest ways to double or triple your royalties nearly overnight.

If you’d like to know each point more in detail, keep reading.

1) Have An Awesome Kindle Book Cover Design

One of the most important selling points is your Kindle cover design. I have here an example of two different covers. The book on the left is selling very well, while the one on the right isn’t selling. Now let’s break down and see what’s happening here.


The first cover design has a yellow background, and it makes it very catchy with the white background of Amazon. The title and subtitle are easy to read since the font family is clean, and also the blue contrasts well with the yellow background. It has a high-quality image of someone practicing Yoga. You immediately look at this cover and know what it’s all about.

On the second cover, you can see quite the opposite. The background is brown and boring, the title and subtitle are hard to read, especially when you consider most customers will see this image has a small thumbnail. Besides, the background photo is hard to understand; at least for me, it seems like someone is sleeping over the floor. I wouldn’t immediately tell that it is someone practicing Yoga.

As you can see, there’s a huge difference between a cover that helps your book sell from one that kills your sales. All these little things I mentioned make a huge difference. You should always pay attention to these details. I explain how you can get a great cover here.

I recommend trying several services on Fiverr until you find someone who provides great covers.

2) Get More Reviews On Your Kindle Book

You should put all your effort as soon as you launch your book to get more reviews. Perhaps, one of the most critical factors. The more book reviews you have, the easier time you will have selling it on Amazon. Most customers based their decision on the feedback left by other

You notice an impact on your sales once you have about forty to fifty reviews or more. Your Amazon campaigns work better, and you sell your book all-around better.
Once you launch a book, you should consistently obtain more reviews until you have about the same or more than your competitors. In my course, Self Publishing Money Machine, I explain how you get reviews.
Reviews provide proof of the quality of your book to other customers. If they see a good amount of reviews and positive rating on your book, it increases their chances of buying it. I consider reviews more important than having an excellent cover. A book with a decent number of reviews will still sell well even if the cover isn’t the best one. However, that doesn’t mean you should be lazy with your cover design. As I commonly say, publish each book like it was going to be a best seller.

3) Have a Biography Page

Either you are using a pen name, or you wrote your books under your name; This puts a face behind your book and provides more credibility to them. Also, if your customers enjoying reading one of your books, they can go to this page and see the other ones you published. All in all, this helps your books to sell better.

You need to go to Amazon Author central to create a page similar to the one above. Usually, I don’t immediately create this page for all my books. I first see if my first book is selling well, then afterward, I make a biography page. Later, I publish more books under the same pen name. One of the reasons I do this is because Amazon only allows you to have up to seven author bios with one account. For this reason, you should pick the pen names worth having one.

4) Create a Book Series

When you first publish your book, you should always consider making a series later on. If your first book sells well, you want to publish more similar books with the same pen name. In other words, you want to create a brand. You should publish books with matching covers, so customers can easily identify them on Amazon.

If a customer enjoyed your previous one, then there’s a chance of them buying another one. You have a great example below. Most of the covers look similar, all the content is relevant. In the end, you can easily combine two or more books and sell them as a bundle—a great way to make more money without needing to order newer books.


5) Amazon Advertisement

I always suggest saving some money on Amazon ads. One of those things that can double or triple your earnings overnight without putting in much effort. Besides, their ads are easy to use, and you can follow one of my guides here, where I explain how you can set a stupidly simple campaign that will rock your book sales.

Bonus Tip) Use Kindle Categories

Sometimes customers scroll through Amazon’s category pages to find books. The idea is to place your books in several relevant categories. As a result, customers can more easily find your books on Amazon.


You want to add your book to multiple categories that aren’t too competitive, but the books are still profitable. One of the ways to see this is by using a free browser app like DS Amazon.

If you go to a category page and most of the books listed there are below 100.000 sales rank, you should consider listing your book there. there.


A way to rank for these categories more efficiently is to write them on the seven fields on your book details page. Just search for profitable categories and write each one in one of these fields. As a result, your will better book rank for them.


You can also choose two categories that seem similar to the ones you found using the option below.


Last Thoughts…

Okay, now you know how to make your books sell better on Amazon. If you have any questions feel free to leave them right below. Thanks for reading!

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