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Kindle Publishing Fiction and Non-Fiction Done For You Marketing Templates

Kindle Publishing Fiction and Non-Fiction Done For You Marketing Templates is designed to help you Boost Conversions, Sales and Profits Online

Kindle Publishing Fiction and Non-Fiction Done For You Marketing Templates – when you publish with Kindle, you control the timing of the launch and promotions. You control the price, and you can update and revise your book whenever you want to.

  • Author Bio Page Templates with Sample:  Your author bio may be one of the most difficult things you write. It’s one of the reasons many authors outsource this project. It can be difficult to write about yourself objectively. That’s why we included this template and also gave you a sample to get you on your way.
  • Book Information Page Template and Sample: Your books information page plays a key role in helping people determine whether they are interested in reading it. They need to know what they have to gain. In this template and sample we have included the key points you need to include on your book information page.
  • Topic Research and Brainstorming Sheets: Many new writers know they want to write a book and they have a general idea about their topic but the process of narrowing it down can be challenging. These worksheets will help you work through your thoughts and ideas so you can begin the outlining and writing process.
  • Kindle Formatting Guide and Templates:  The thought of formatting a Kindle book is overwhelming to many. The key is to format your book as you go using the tips in this guide. It will walk you through the formatting options to save yourself a ton of time later.
  • Kindle Publishing Checklists: There are many steps to take to publish your book on Kindle. These checklists encompass every step of the publishing process including brainstorming, outline, formatting, publishing and pricing and marketing.
  • Book Cover Images and Templates: Creating your book cover can be a time consuming process if you aren’t graphics savvy. That’s why we included sample covers you can use and edit as your own. Get some inspiration and a place to start!

As you can see these templates and tools will help you with every step of your Kindle book creation process. Use them to plan, create, publish and marketing your book.

As you can see these tools can help you, no matter what you affiliate marketing skill level. Use them to create better content for your readers and make more compelling offers…putting more commissions back in your pocket.

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Promoting your Kindle ebook doesn’t have to be complicated. Create a promotion strategy and plan that feels reasonable for you and supports you to achieve your sales goals and these templates were designed to make things simpler for you…to make quicker work of getting better RESULTS from your marketing.

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