Kindle Publishing – How Much Should Your Pay Your Virtual Assistant Per Review?

Last Updated on April 25, 2019 by Jordan Alexo

So you need to get a virtual assistant(va)? But you are wondering, “Shitterino… how much should I pay him? Or is this va asking way too much per review? Or way too little (well, I guess that wouldn’t be a problem!)?

Don’t worry. Your problem isn’t anything new. Today, I decided to write this short post replying to the following question…

Hi Jordan,

Just wanted to know how much does the reviews and the process it takes to get done by the VA really costs. The other day I was searching for a VA on Upwork and I guess I found one, at least for the time being. She seems to have experience with review swapping and her  work on Upwork seems legit. So for verified and unverified reviews she charges $1.5 per review and for only verified reviews she charges $2. To buy the book for $0.99 she charges an extra $5 as processing fee.
So for 20 reviews(1.5/review) =$30
Buying the book at $0.99($20+$5)=$25
So for just 20 reviews I have to spend= $55
Does it makes sense?
Is this the usual costs when it comes to get reviews?Or should I find some other person??
Your thoughts on this would be really helpful. Thank you.

How Much Should You Pay Per Review?

After talking to several virtual assistants, the standard price seems to be $1.5 per review. At the moment that is how much I pay for my reviews. Therefore, if a virtual asks you that then it’s a good deal.
Now of course, not every single virtual assistant will make the same offer…

So how much is too much?

The maximum I am willing to pay per review is $1.8. My range is between $1.5 to $1.8. Anything more than that then it’s too expensive. I know it may not seem like a huge difference. After all, it’s just a few cents but when you consider 40 or more reviews then the price difference is noticeable.
One of the most important parts is whether or not your virtual assistant is effective. In other words, is your virtual assistant able to rank your books in the front page of results. Although, this also depends on you. If you are publishing books under a keyword that is too competitive then you can’t expect miracles. But if you are doing everything right then your virtual assistant should be able to rank your books. Otherwise, you are wasting your money and you should hire someone else.

What If Your Virtual Assistant Asks $2?

I consider 2 dollars way too much for each review. The fact is your reviews will get deleted by Amazon over time. Sometimes after a week or so, 4 or more reviews will disappear from your book. As time passes even more of them will get deleted. No matter how effective is your virtual assistant this problem will still happen.

What are the extra $25?

The reason you have this added cost is because your virtual assistant needs to buy gift cards to get your paid reviews.

My Reply…

The costs are fine. What this virtual assistant is asking is normal. However, there wasn’t something I didn’t like about this va.
“So for verified and unverified reviews she charges $1.5 per review and for only verified reviews she charges $2. To buy the book for $0.99 she charges an extra $5 as processing fee.”
This virtual assistant seems to have two different services. It’s like she has a standard and a premium service. One where she will get both type of reviews and the other only verified ones.
As I already said before, paying 2 dollars per reviews is expensive. I don’t have this issue with my virtual assistant. Most or all the reviews he gets are verified and I only pay $1.5 dollars. By the way, unverified reviews impact little your book rankings.
I suggest for you to only give one book to your new virtual assistant and test her out. In fact, you should always test your va before giving them more books. Afterward, check the amount of verified reviews she gets for your book. In case, you got mostly or at least a good percentage of unverified reviews then hire another virtual assistant. I don’t consider 2 dollars for her “premium” service worthy. As you can find other virtual assistants doing the same service for less.

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