Publisher Rocket vs KDSpy – Which One Is The Best Bang For Your Buck?

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I know how hard it is for a publisher to choose between Publisher Rocket and KD Spy. F**k! I can only afford one of the products, but I don’t know which one to go for” if this is what you have in mind, then keep on reading…

Are you an upcoming publisher with a desire to make more sales? Do you have an amount of money that can buy just one of these products?  Kindle Spy, or Publisher Rocket, why should you even have any of them?

Well, the comprehensive comparison I will be making here, between Kindle Spy and the Publisher Rocket, is just what you need before you make your decision. Trust me when I say you made the right call because after going through this, you will have no problems deciding. Every one of your questions is about to get answered.

Kindle Spy and Publisher Rocket, as much as they have a lot of things in common, also have their differences. These differences are what you should consider from your need points to see the product that benefits you the most.

Before we place these two products side by side, it’s essential that you fully understand each of them.  Hence making the most of whichever you go for.

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The Main Difference Between Publisher Rocket And KDSpy?

Let’s not beat around the bush, here’s the main reason why most publishers use these tools:

Publisher Rocket: is a must-have software if you are planning to double, or more your earnings by promoting  your books with Amazon advertisement – Click Here To Download Publisher Rocket

Kindle Spy: this tool helps you drastically speed up your keyword research – Click Here To Download KDSpy

Both software come with more features, which I am about to discuss next.

So, What Can Kindle Spy do for You?

Kindle Spy (KD Spy) is a publishing tool and superb for self-publishers.  I mean, one of your main tasks as a publisher is to analyze keywords and see if they are profitable. This browser application helps you perform this task lightning fast.

Not just that, you also get all of the analysis information you need for your research compact in a single, glanceable window in one click.


If you are going to do this analysis manually- without the KDSpy, you would eventually bite yourself for making that choice. This task consists of wasting time opening windows, after windows, to see each book’s BSR (Best Sellers Rank) beyond other details. Damn! The process is annoying as hell; you don’t want to try it.

Another primary function of the Kindle Spy is its structured report of Kindle books statistics. It’s like a competition and profitability analyzer. You get to see stuff like:

  • The number of pages – gives you an idea of the length you might need for your book in that keyword (search term).
  • Pricing of the books – helps you define the pricing needed for your future manuscript.
  • Reviews – lets you see whether a keyword is too competitive or not. For instance, if most books listed have over 100 reviews, then perhaps, the competition is too hard.
  • Sales rank – you get to know how well the books are selling in Paid in the Kindle store.
The details I explained above are the most crucial for you as a publisher. You should pay close attention to them, as they help you analyze a keyword’s profitability and competitiveness. The ‘Rank Tracking’ feature lets you to see how well a book is selling daily.


For your keyword research ideas, you could also make use of the KD Spy software. In the browser extension, there is a feature called word cloud. This option provides keyword ideas. You may do this by combining two or more words. The shown words are based on the ones found inside their respective book titles and subtitles. The bolder words are the most commonly used ones.


By using the word cloud, you may quickly find lesser competitive keywords to publish your books and make bank.

Click Here To Download KDSpy


Now, How About Publisher Rocket?

Publisher Rocket, formerly called KDP Rocket (I preferred that name. LOL), is a standalone software that you install on your computer. It’s crazy the number of things you may do with it as I am about to explain – making it great value for your money. As a publisher like you, this is a must-have software for your business.


I like this software mainly for the way it helps with Amazon advertisement. This feature alone is precious and not part of KDSpy.

By using Amazon advertisement, you can exponentially increase your book sales. You may create multiple campaigns promoting your books to thousands of keywords or book titles. Without paid ads, your books are restricted to only a few optimized search terms. Example:

  •  If you optimized your book title for “Yoga for beginners,” then your readers will only be able to find and buy your book in case they search for this keyword. Besides, you will also run the risk of your book not appearing in the first top results.


  • Once you start building advertisement campaigns for your books, they may appear at the top results for thousands of related keywords, such as Yoga for beginners, Yoga positions, Breathing Exercises, Meditation, etc… Each campaign may have a maximum of 1000 search terms. You should always maximize this number as this increases the likelihood of your readers finding and purchasing your book.


However, here is the problem… getting these keywords manually is agonizingly dull. It may take you hours upon hours of hard work. I don’t know about you, but I prefer the lazy method. I instead use Publisher Rocket and get this job done in a few seconds.

Just imagine, you click one button and boom… you instantly get hundreds of keywords for your newest campaign. A few minutes later, you got multiple campaigns with 1000 search terms up and running, and ready to sell your books like hotcakes.

In addition to better ads, there is another feature to help you find profitable keyword ideas. For instance, I wrote Yoga in the search query and got this listing of results:amazon ad campaign

publisher rocket keyword ideas

As you may see,  I have a massive listing of potential money-making keyword ideas. You can also see their easiness or difficulty of competition by clicking in, “Analyze” beyond other details, such as:

  • Number of competitors
  • Average Monthly Earnings
  • Google Searches/ Month, etc.

Competition Analyzer

This feature allows you to analyze the top 10 book results for a particular keyword in Amazon. Plus, it provides you with extra details helping you quickly determine keyword competitiveness.


AMS Keyword Search

The icing on the cake, the main reason why this software is vital for your success as a publisher. Just three steps to unleashing hundreds of keywords for your advertisement campaign easily. Here we go…

Step 1) Click AMA Keyword Searchstep 1 - Publisher-Rocket-AMS-Keyword-Search

Step 2) Write Your KeywordStep 3 AMS-write-your-keyword

Step 3) Magic Happens! Got Hundreds of Keywords For Your Ads Campaignpublisher-rocket-ams-keywords-hundreds-of-keywords

One final note about Publisher Rocket, their interface looks sleek as hell, and they are continually improving their software. Now to my favorite part of this post…

Which Kindle Software Should You Invest In?

Like we already established earlier, these guys have some similarities with some differences. To make your decision, you should consider the features most suiting to you that you can get all together in one of the applications (if you can’t afford both).

Main Differences:

1 – Publisher Rocket: Do you want to double or triple your book earnings nearly overnight? Then creating good advertisement campaigns is essential! But don’t buy the idea of manually getting your 1000 keywords for each campaign. It’s time-consuming and not practical. For this, Publisher Rocket is a must-have for your business. This software, unlike Kindle Spy, gives you the right set of keywords instantly fast with one click of a button.

2 – KDSpy: are you tired of manually analyzing your keywords? Instead, you prefer to put the whole process on steroids. With only a click of a button, obtain all the necessary details compact on a single-window. Allowing in a matter of seconds to determine a keyword’s profitability and competitiveness, then get Kindle Spy.

What More About Each Application?

  1. Keyword Search: Both the KD Spy and Publisher Rocket stand a chance here. Using the word cloud and keyword search features, respectively, you can get keyword ideas.
  2. Type of Software: The Publisher Rocket comes as standalone software that can be used conveniently on your desktop, whereas the Kindle Spy is a browser extension. You have to be on your browser to use it.
  3. Price: Well, well, well. The prices of these applications are far apart, and the Publisher Rocket is on the higher side. Publisher Rocket goes for $97 and Kindle Spy for $47. The best part is both are a one time deal. You get them once and can use them free forever.
  4. Refund Period: Another edge the Kindle Spy has over the Publisher Rocket is a more extended refund period, which is about twice that of Publisher Rocket.

Click Here To Download Publisher Rocket


Closing Thoughts – My Recommendations

 The sole aim of every business is to make more money, and both tools will help you accomplish this purpose, but in different ways. I suggest you get both applications as they will significantly reduce the amount of time needed to perform essential tasks. Time is money, after all!

However… if I could only choose one software, which one would it be?

*Drums rolling*

Without a shadow of a doubt, Publisher Rocket, why?  Although I consider it boring to manually do keyword research, I can still live with it. However, I can’t say the same thing about finding 1000 keywords for each new advertisement campaign. I mean, this is like a death by a thousand cuts. It’s the same as torturing yourself slowly and painfully until you say, “- Enough! I can’t take it anymore!” and decide to get Publisher Rocket.

Besides, setting a few profitable advertisement campaigns is the surest way to increase your earnings nearly overnight. So spare your precious time, reduce your agony, and get Publisher Rocket today by clicking here.

Click Here To Download Publisher Rocket

Click Here To Download KDSpy


Don’t Forget Your FREE Bonuses.

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