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Self Publishing Blueprint Review (2019) – SHOULD You Buy It?

Last Updated on February 28, 2019 by Jordan Alexo

So you probably heard about Kindle Publishing. Perhaps, you already published a book or two but are still struggling. You might be thinking, “How the hell can I do money with this business?”

Supposedly you heard about this course called, “Self-Publishing Blueprint” and are wondering….

  • What is this course?
  • Should you get it?
  • Is this worth your time and money?

And guess what… you came to the right place! I am going to review this course and show you the insides and outs of, “Self-Publishing Blueprint”.

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What is Self Publishing Blueprint?

A Kindle publishing video course created by Emeka Ossai. I already reviewed this course a few months ago. However, there are has been a few changes. Emeka Ossai has produced new and more updated videos. At the moment, this is one of the most updated courses in the market.

I consider this to be one of the best non-fiction courses currently available.

If you are serious about this business then this course is a must have.

Why Get Self Publishing Blueprint?

Self-publishing is one of the easiest online businesses to start.

Of course there is a learning curve. However, it is one of the few business where you can follow a step-by-step formula. You follow this formula and in a few days, you are probably doing your first dollars online.

I’m not saying, you’ll be doing $10.000/monthly but you can do some money rather quickly. Other online business typically take longer. For instance with affiliate marketing, it may take months until you see your first sale. Beside, it’s far more complicated! You need to decide:

“Should I build an email list? Send paid traffic to my opt-in page or build a blog and get free traffic?”

Just to name a few problems… but on contrary, Self publishing is basically a one road street. If you know how to follow this road you will find an ATM machine waiting for you in its ending. Or in other words, a Kindle business making $5.000 or more per month.

But the problem is how can you find this road? Not easy! See the problem is the huge amount of bullshit spread all over the net. Ideas like…

  • Should you promote your books in social media networks?
  • Or publish books in a niche your are passionate about?
  • What about building an email list? etc…

This and other bad advice often spread by “gurus” tend to complicate a rather simple business. If you don’t know any better then guess what? You’ll probably follow this advice and end up wasting time, money… eventually you might even quit!

How long do you want to spend struggling? Banging your head against the wall wondering why your books aren’t selling?

And that’s why getting a great self-publishing course is important! See Self-Publishing Blueprint provides the step-by-step formula for you to become a successful publisher.

No more guess work! How should you get your covers done? Order your books? Or get reviews? All the answers and strategies you need are inside this course. So let’s take a look…

What is inside of Self Publishing Blueprint?

Inside of Self Publishing Blueprint you’ll find several lessons containing videos. In each lesson, you’ll find several relevant videos.

self publishing blueprint lessons

Lesson 1) How to pick your niche and keywords?


One of the most important tasks as a publisher is being able to find profitable keywords. Or in other words, search terms or book titles readers are searching inside of Amazon. In this first section, Emeka Ossai goes in detail about this along his videos. You have behind your shoulder videos where you watch Emeka Ossai in action.

He also explains how you can use Kindle Spy to speed up this process. I also enjoy using this software. If you are interest in learning more about Kindle Spy then click here.

Lesson 2) Creating Your Book


In the second lesson, you’ll learn in detail how to create your first Kindle book. What is the right book length? How to order your first book? How to choose an enticing book title? And more…

You’ll discover all the nooks and crannies to start your book business.

Lesson 3) Publishing your book

publishing your first kindle book


You’ll learn how to setup your KDP account, publish your books in Kindle and as paperback. Besides, secret tips so you can write a killer description that will make you book sell like hotcakes in a cold winter night. As you may imagine, your cover is vitally important. As they say, “A picture (cover) is worth a thousand words.”

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Lesson 4) Ranking your book and getting reviews

ranking your books and getting reviews

A book without reviews is a dead book. Nobody wants to purchase a book that has zero reviews! But how can you get them? Don’t worry! In this lesson, Emeka Ossai explains his process. You’ll learn how to hire a virtual assistant to get reviews and rank your book in Amazon.

Lesson 5) Creating Your Audio Books For Massive Income


In this lesson, audiobook experts Mikkelsen Twins join the party. If you don’t know audiobooks alone are a massive stream of income.

Unfortunately, many new publisher don’t get into audibooks because of a small issue!

See ACX is a platform that belongs to Amazon. Where you can find narrators to turn your books into audios. But the problem is if you reside outside the USA or UK then they won’t accept you.

However, in this lesson you’ll learn how you can surpass this problem and start rocking your socks by selling audios.

Lesson 6) Email Marketing for Kindle publishers

email marketing for kindle publishers

Here, you’ll learn how to build an email list for Kindle publishing. Where later you can promote affiliate products or your newest books to your subscribers.

Emeka Ossai explains how you can build an email list for Kindle publisher. A great way for you to promote affiliate products or your newest books to your subscribers

Lesson 7) Bonus


An extra lesson filled with great advice. For instance, how you can bundle your books to maximize their profitability. This is a great way to make more money by using the same content!

Lesson 8) Amazon Alternatives

Discover other similar platforms to Amazon. Where you can publish your books and do even further money using the same content.

Lesson 9) Running AMS Ads for your books

Amazon advertisement is a great way to further promote your books. In this lesson, you’ll learn how you can successfully set your first campaigns.


If you are looking to get into Kindle publishing and are still struggling to make money then this course is a must have. You are about to find the most updated strategies so you can sky rocket your Kindle publishing business in no time! Stop wasting time!

Every second that passes is one less where you aren’t doing the money you deserve, while relaxing on an exotic beach drinking Pinã Coladas…

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