Top 5 Financial Books For Beginners 2019 – Read them and make money online…

Many people don’t believe in the power of reading good books. Just a few days ago I was reading a question left in Quora. If you don’t know Quora is one of the biggest question and answer forums online.

Of course, I don’t believe reading is enough by itself. Of course not!

Reading will help you build the right mindset. Just reading alone won’t do much. You must also apply what you read, or in other words, build businesses either online or offline, and make investments.

But without the right mindset you won’t have this notion.

Someone asked…

Q: What was the thing that pissed them the most?

Another person replied…

A: People continuously suggesting others to read personal help books about making money.

This person also concluded by saying something along the lines…

If reading was enough then everyone would be rich.

Well, I consider this a dumb idea! Because reading is one of the most powerful and cheapest ways for you to initially build the right mindset. In the beginning, you most likely won’t have money to pay for expensive courses or travel across the world to see seminars. But you can always spare 20 dollars to purchase a good book in Amazon. The problem is most people have a multitude of wrong ideas about money. Ideas they learned from family members, friends, ex-wives or husbands, from their cats and dogs…

Usually, everyone has opinions about money but often, they don’t have much money in their life. Or it seems all the money they earn is never enough. Although, without us being aware these ideas impact us more than we know. Often stopping us from reaching our fullest  financial potential.

Also the school system does a very poor job in education people financially. Which for me is complete bullshit! Shouldn’t schools help people become successful in their adulthood? Isn’t money a big deal in our adulthood or even before? Don’t we manage money in our every day lives, nearly since the day we are born? How come schools never even mention a word about how to manage and make money? We spend 15 to 20 years in a classroom and not a single word?

Money is treated like Voldermort in Harry Potter. Everyone knows about him but no one should speak his name.

Since schools, and everyone around us don’t know much about money. Especially if your family background is from people who are employees or small business owners then the only trick is… to self-educate yourself. And the easiest, cheapest, fastest way is by reading good books.


1) Robert Kiyosaki

I suggest reading all of Robert Kiyosaki books. His books will completely change your mindset about money, investing and building businesses.

The most famous one is, “Rich Dad, Poor Dad”. Although, I don’t consider this to be his best one.

Cashflow Quadrants

Provides a clear explanation about the four different quadrants. Including employee, self-employed, business owner and investor. And the difference between each quadrants in terms of their mindset about money.

Increase Your Financial IQ

Another great book! This book explains the 4 necessary intelligence to make money. Including the intelligence required to make money, protect it from financial predators, etc.

As I said before read all the books you can find from Robert Kiyosaki. They will completely change the way you view money.


2) Napoleon Hill

Although, most people consider, “Think and Grow Rich” nearly as the bible of wealth mindset (or whatever you want to call it).

I didn’t enjoy reading this book the second time around.  But I decided to include this book because the first time I read it, this book changed my life. It was the first book I ever read related to the topic of making money. I was working as a kitchen chef back then. The first time I grabbed this book I was internalized in the hospital because of an appendicitis infection.

I read the book and it was the first time in my life where I realized I could build my own business, that the biggest brands in the world started with a person who thought differently from all the rest.

Now the reason I didn’t enjoy reading this book the second time around was because I had already read other similar ones. I thought, “Think and Grow Rich” had too much fluff talk, slow paced and I wasn’t able to read it until the end. Still, if you never read this book then you should read it.


3) Jim Rohn

five major pieces to the life puzzleI consider Jim Rohn one of my biggest mentors. Once someone told me through a webinar, “- Listen to Jim Rohn for a whole year and his teachings will change your life forever!”

Well, at first I didn’t believe in this but I told myself, “What do I have to lose?”

I listened to his audiobook, “The Power of Ambition” every single day for 9 months. I still listen to his audios time to time nowadays. However, it is true his teachings have completely changed the way I view money.

I recommend you do the same thing. You can find plenty of his audios completely free in YouTube. I also read one of his books more than 15 times called, “Five Major Pieces to The Life Puzzle”.

For some reason, I love this book! It is short, easy to read but shares some basic and important life philosophies.


4) Alex Becker

I admit sometimes I watch Alex Becker YouTube channel. In fact, I enjoy his videos and personality. At first, I wasn’t expecting much from his book, “10 Pillars of Wealth”. I don’t know perhaps because he’s a famous YouTuber and business owner. Often they produce half quality books in order to promote their products or services.

But that wasn’t the case! I read Alex Becker book and enjoyed it. One of the biggest differences between Alex Becker and all other authors I mentioned is he’s an online entrepreneur.

There are some very distinct problems when it comes to owning online businesses compared to having a brick and mortar business. For this reason, I highly suggest getting his book. I would even consider his book the, “Think and Grow Rich” version for online entrepreneurs.

Alex Becker talks about the 10 mindsets that will help you grow your wealth and online businesses. Also provides you some ideas about several businesses you can build online.


5) Anik Singal

Ianik singal prefer to read books from more recent authors, especially from people who have online businesses. I read Anik Singal book called, “eSCAPE” some time ago. He shares his story and journey into becoming an entrepreneur and also the four stages to become one.

Also provides an new insight to what he considers an entrepreneur. The traditional idea about an entrepreneur may in fact be harmful. As Anik Singal explains throughout his story about how he lost his business due to these ideas.

For instance, the idea that entrepreneurs takes big financial risks, while building their businesses. This may lead to a new entrepreneur making reckless decisions with their money. Perhaps, putting way too much money into a business that simply isn’t profitable.

Instead of letting it go and investing in something else.


Last Thoughts…

Will reading books make you rich? Nope, they won’t! But when you are starting out, books are one of the cheapest and most powerful way to change your mindset. The problem is most people have a poor mindset when it comes to money. Thoughts like…

  • Money is the root of all evil
  • It’s better to play it safe and have a job
  • All rich people are corrupt
  • Trump has a wig

Etc… you may not even be aware but these ideas and others are ruining your financial success. For this reason, reading good books is a great way for you to slowly adopt a new way of thinking. And page by page, you will notice a swift of mindset. At first, you may not notice but then…

One day you wake up and you are earning thousands or even millions of dollars from your online business. Once what seemed nothing but a dream has become now your reality. Don’t underestimate the power of reading good books! If you have any book you’d like to share with others then please leave it right below in the comment section. I’d love to hear about it. Thanks for reading!

Jordan Alexo is a digital marketer who’s been making money online since 2011. He specializes in self-publishing, content creation and teaching others how to do the same thing he does best!

He inspires you on his website with strategies that have worked for him and product reviews that help you grow your online business.

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