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Are You Wasting Time? The reason why you aren’t still a successful Kindle publisher…

Last Updated on February 4, 2019 by Jordan Alexo

The main problem with Kindle publishing is… it’s a simple business. Of course, there is a learning curve. I spent months tweaking around until I finally realized what worked. But Kindle publishing is perhaps one of the few businesses where you can follow a step-by-step formula. You follow this formula (which isn’t very different from one successful publisher to another) and you can make money. The main difference between one publisher to another is the niche they choose to publish their books.

I prefer to make things sound simple because this definitely isn’t rocket science!

One thing I noticed is most new publishers forget to publish books. I know right? It sounds ridiculous but listen. Often they spend most of their time over analyzing all the little details (most of these details aren’t relevant).

  • What font family should I use?
  • Does this font family have copyrights?
  • Is this keyword good, Jordan?
  • What about my book cover?
  • Is my book well formatted?

Most of these worries are a waste of time. I am not saying, they aren’t justifiable. Nobody wants to lose their money and I won’t lie, there’s always a probability of your first books not making money. Nothing is guaranteed! Even when you think you know all the strategies under the sun, you will still make mistakes. But you only learn through your mistakes by publishing books. So…

“Jordan, are you saying for me to not care about my book covers? Font family? Keywords, etc?”

Of course you should and you should also learn the right strategies before you decide to publish your books. Otherwise, you run the risk of losing even more money. However, there is a time for everything! There’s a time for learning and there’s a time for taking action. If you are spending weeks upon weeks stressing over your keywords, studying the course, or whether using Arial, or Times New Roman infringes copyrights or not then you are wasting time.

This happens more often than not. I see this by the type of questions some new publishers leave in my videos. The problem is they aren’t taking action. It may seem from a  distance that they are doing something productive but in reality they aren’t.

A publisher makes money by publishing books. I repeat, a publisher makes money by publishing books.

You reach a point where you just got to shoot a pickle and see where it lands. In fact, the more books you publish ( even without knowing everything) the faster you will succeed. You will more quickly realize what keywords are too competitive for you? What are the most effective book titles, covers,  descriptions etc? If your virtual assistant is garbage? If your ghostwriter company sucks?

I always recommend people getting, “Self-Publishing Blueprint” before they get their hands dirty. The course always helps but it certainly doesn’t teach you everything. Many things, you will only learn by publishing books. When I feel stuck I always remember this quote:

Imperfect action is better than no action at all by Jared Lichtin

I took imperfect action all the way to my current +$6.000 Kindle publishing business. I don’t deny the fact that I took several Kindle courses. I learned a lot from them but still I learned even more by publishing books. Each time I published a new book, I spent the next few weeks analyzing its data in AK Reports. If you don’t know this is a KDP app that allows you to easily see your book royalties beyond other info. I got quickly to several conclusions like…

  • Wow! This book is selling well with this type of title. I got to keep publishing similar books!
  • Darker covers seem to convert poorly compared to the ones with more vibrant colors!
  • My books keep ranking bad! Perhaps, I need to change to a new virtual assistant.

I wouldn’t have gained this insight if I didn’t take action. Even less would I be doing the money I am doing nowadays.

So you got ask yourself, are you wasting time? Why haven’t you publish your first,…, third book? What is stopping you? If you want to reach your first $1.000, $5.000 or $10.000 online then start taking action.

  • Yes, take the course
  • Yes, spend time analyzing your keywords
  • Yes, spend time asking questions

But don’t forget to shoot a pickle and see where it lands. After shooting your first one and let’s say, it lands in can of thrash then don’t quit! See what you did wrong and keep shooting pickles. Or in words, publishing books!

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