Why Monk Mode Can Completely Change Your Life Forever?

Are you having a hard time concentrating on your work? Perhaps, you tend to procrastinate endlessly, and afterward, you beat yourself for not doing what matters. Most people know they have priorities in their life. But it seems too damn easy nowadays to spend your time distracted on social media or perhaps watching Netflix until your eyes bleed.

But why can’t you get shit done? Today, let’s resolve that! Yes, this post is the solution. I am about to explain how you can slay your procrastination and become laser-focused on what matters, like a monk smoking weed on the top of Tibet.

What’s Monk Mode?

The state of being completely focused on and only on important tasks. In monk mode, there are no women/men, no alcohol, no fun, ONLY your priorities.

Okay, I know that doesn’t sound very fun and appealing. And why would a person completely cut their 50 hours of weekly TV to get shit done? Well, because that shit is important! Without working on it, tomorrow, next month, and years to come will look like where you are at the moment in life.

If you don’t like your current financial situation, health, or other aspects, you need to change. My guess you’re spending way too much time on distractions.

More than ever, we have hundreds of activities trying to swallow up our time and attention. We have social media networks like Facebook, Instagram where many people spend countless hours mindlessly posting selfies or chatting about irrelevant things.

My poison of choice was video games. I could waste my entire day playing them without getting bored. Sometimes I would start at the beginning of the morning and only stop at 4 am because I would asleep over my keyboard and couldn’t continue.

As you may imagine, that doesn’t seem like a very productive day.

So monk mode includes cutting all forms of distraction drastically for some time, such as:

  • Social media networks
  • Video games
  • Dirty websites (I guess you know what I am talking about)
  • TV
  • Getting lap dances on strip clubs and drinking booze all night long like a thirsty pirate

Or whatever are your distractions. In some more extreme forms of monk mode, it also includes cutting social interactions. Now I am not a proponent of doing this because humans are social beings. We need to socialize to maintain ourselves mentally healthy.

However, you need to see whether you are socializing as a way to escape your priorities or not. See, there’s a difference between going to the gym to train and socialize for an hour or two daily to wasting five hours there so that you avoid working on your priorities. One is healthy, and another is an escape.

I also recommend analyzing the people you associate with. If you’re hanging around negative people, then probably cutting them temporarily or permanently isn’t bad. You may wonder how you can see that?

  • Are these people growing? Are they trying to become wiser and better every day? Or, spend their time dwelling in bad habits and complaining about their life?

You might not think they influence you, but everyone does; Usually, their influence goes under your radar, and you only see it after detaching from them for a while. Besides, most people don’t want to see others in their group outgrowing them. As soon as that happens, they try to put them down through negative criticism.

Remember, “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with” So putting a monk mode stamp on those people may be a good decision.

Once you cut most distractions, you only have one choice: to focus on what matters.

How To Start Monk Mode?

Things have gotten out of hand. Nowadays, we have so many distractions, and mobiles have made everything worse. Most people have tens of mobile apps constantly beeping all day long, starving for attention.

Nearly all these apps, social media platforms, video games have teams of engineers working on them to make them addicting. Don’t believe it? Watch the documentary called “Social Dilemma.”

Facebook has been announcing they would remove their “Like” system for about five or more years, and until now, nothing. Do you think their platform would be as successful if they excluded this? I doubt it!

We have a neural drug called dopamine that makes us feel good, which gets released when we take “good” actions. Basically, a way of our body rewarding itself.

Dopamine was helpful for our ancestors who lived in less distracting times, and it pushed them to go hunting or do other activities that were beneficial to their community.

However, our body doesn’t know to tell what is truly good for us. Therefore, dopamine gets released into our bodies for the most irrelevant reasons. For instance, you got 600 likes on the selfie you posted on Facebook. Or for others, it may be because they accomplished the Ultra Orc Gold set in World of Warcraft.

All these activities don’t provide anything beneficial, but still, we become hooked up to them because of their dopamine hit. Besides, we usually take the easiest route. In other words, it takes 10 hours to reach level 50 in World of Warcraft and feel powerful like Zeus. Compared to building a business online, which may take 10 hours per day, six days a week a year or two.

However, the first activity doesn’t provide anything worth seeing. In comparison, the other one may make you financially free.

Often people wonder why they procrastinate, and one of the biggest hidden reasons has to do with dopamine. See, your body is obtaining it from easier sources, and therefore, you feel bored whenever you try less intense activities.

Gosh, it’s a hella lot more exciting to beat the living crap out of a guy on Mortal Kombat than to write this post here. However, one builds my business, and another is a waste of time.

So, one way to solve this problem is practicing monk mode. This practice will reset your body to its natural state. I suggest you also search “dopamine detox” on YouTube.

Okay, now how can you start cutting on your distractions? Let’s go one-by-one

How To Cut Distractions?

I would love to say willpower can do it all, but unfortunately, it isn’t the case for most people. I suggest you use an inexpensive app called “Cold Turkey.”

Click here to get this software

You need to install Cold turkey on your computer. Afterward, you can schedule to block social media networks, video games, naughty websites from opening during that period.


At the moment, I am on the week block because I need to access the Self-Publishing Money Machine Facebook group. However, for about two months, I was on Monk Mode. I couldn’t access social media networks, Quora, and other distracting websites throughout the week. Whenever I tried to go to them, this happened…


Now, what about other distractions?

Well, you need to see which are your poisons. Do you easily get distracted with your mobile apps? I removed most of my apps, including messenger, dating apps, etc. I hated to listen to my mobile beeping in the middle of a video.

Finally, my mobile is completely quiet. If you have the same problem, then remove most of those apps. Do you spend too much time watching TV? Well, put your TV in the garage or another place while on monk mode.

One of my biggest distractions was video games, so I decided to uninstall them from my PC. You should remove most of your distractions and find ways to make it hard to get them back.

How Long Do I Recommend Monk Mode?

You can do monk mode as long as you want. I don’t recommend doing nightmare mode like Alex Becker. I first discovered this practice from him. However, his method is too severe, and it doesn’t look healthy. Anyway, I suggest practicing Monk Mode for 60 days. After this period, you may add a few things back.

You will notice that you no longer find those activities as enjoyable as before because you formed more beneficial habits, such as reading, publishing books on Amazon, etc.

What Should You Expect On Monk Mode?

I admit this practice isn’t a walk in the park, and perhaps not everyone will be able to follow it. But if you are sick of your financial situation or other aspects of your life and keep procrastinating, then monk mode may completely change your life.

So what was my experience? Of course, yours may be different.

The first two weeks were hard. I felt like checking Facebook or playing a game or two in the middle of the afternoon. I felt unmotivated back then because of the current economic situation.

When you feel this way, you quickly get attached to distractions because they help you forget your problems. However, the more you neglect your issues, the worse they tend to become with time.

After these two weeks, it became easier. One thing I noticed I became more focused on my work. In the last 90 days, here’s what I accomplished:

  • I created Self-Publishing Money Machine with over 70 videos
  • I produced more than 30 videos for my YouTube channel
  • I wrote a new bonus book and more than 30 emails for my newsletter
  • I published more books on Amazon

I have never been so productive in my entire life. I feel I have a lot more time to get things done than before. Although I no longer have my monk mode schedule on Cold Turkey. I still don’t feel like checking my social networks or playing video games. I’ve adopted better habits, and I realized those things didn’t make me feel happy.

In fact, these distractions were keeping me in the rot.

I know most people think they can’t live without these mobile apps, and platforms but you don’t need them. On the other hand, these platforms are the ones that need you. You will find that you feel more fulfilled, focused, and confident without them in your life.

Often people think, why can’t I be as confident, focus as a successful person? Most likely, those individuals aren’t spending their time on social media networks, playing video games, watching TV all day long. Instead, they are putting most of their energy into their vision.

Last Thought…

“If you don’t build your dream, someone else will hire you to help build theirs.” – Tony Gaskins

If you spend most of your time on Facebook or other apps, guess who dreams you are building? 

Jordan Alexo is a digital marketer who’s been making money online since 2011. He specializes in self-publishing, content creation and teaching others how to do the same thing he does best!

He inspires you on his website with strategies that have worked for him and product reviews that help you grow your online business.

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