Self-Publishing Money Machine – Make A Whopping $1000+ Monthly From Self-Publishing Your Books Then Much MORE Month after Month

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How does making at least $1000 from self-publishing your nonfiction books sound? It’s nothing short of thrilling, exciting, and mouth-watering, to even say the least. It gets more interesting when you find out you can make more than $1000 monthly.

 I, for one, like the idea of making $1000 because it’s revolutionary!

If you have ever made that much from a business, you’d know it comes with a unique motivation—the kind of motivation to steady your heart into the trade and exploit its potentials maximally. The Self-Publishing Money Machine Course seeks to give you nothing short of a trade you can commit to because it pays the bills. 

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One course, Seven Lessons


I’m looking at every student making minimally $1000/m after taking my course. Why so? With these figures, you feel confident that you can make even more money as a self-publisher.

For someone building their first online business, that’s a huge motivational booster since there’s nothing worse than spending months and months without making money online.

It also instantly kills many of the negative beliefs you may have, such as 

  • I can’t make money online!
  • This thing isn’t for me!

Self-Publishing Money Machine has seven lessons you can access at your pace.

At your pace,’ because students have different learning speeds. Moreover, some may already have the basic knowledge.

Nevertheless, the lessons are structured such that they build to a climax. The first lesson has something essential connecting to the second, the third, and ultimately the seventh. There’s some advantage to how the course builds to a climax. 

It’s a way to ensure you are actively learning and don’t lose interest and motivation throughout the seven lessons.


What’s In Lesson One For Me?


Lesson one is one of the most important modules because it’s an eye-opener. Yes, I’d call it an eye-opener because it gives you a mind shift. I have been in the business of Self-Publishing long enough to say your greatest asset is your mind.

One of the reasons most people fail at business is because of their mindset. You can know the how-tos, all the nuts and bolts, and crannies, but if you don’t have the right attitude, then nothing will work.

See, the top self-publishers have a specific way of thinking about their book business, and that’s why they make thousands of dollars per month like they were a money magnet.

This first lesson will program you with what I call “Money Machine Mindset,” so you may start thinking like a best-selling publisher, and guess what? If you think like one, then you can make as much money as one.

First, you must see Self-Publishing for what it is; you must see the possibilities. Even better, you must see how much financial freedom you can quickly achieve from Self-Publishing. Then, once you see things right, you will have sufficient motivation for the long haul.

If you do not believe in the potentials of a publishing business, it won’t work for you. This mind shift comes before learning the skills. 

However, it will thoroughly prepare you for the skills and help you develop a unique approach when you start Self-Publishing. Nothing beats unique and specific to your approach. Nothing!

Then, There’s Lesson Two


Here you will lay the groundwork. You can’t make an omelet without having eggs, and you can’t publish books without having the proper platforms.

A good chunk of lesson two helps you set up your publishing account in Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) and ACX. Within lesson two is a step-by-step dummy guide to creating your publishing account.

If you are wondering, you will publish your e-book and paperback in KDP, and your audiobook gets done on ACX.

Lesson Three… Let’s Find HOT Book Topics

self publishing money machine keyword research

See one of the most critical skills as a self-publisher is finding melting hot book topics on Amazon. The type of topics that once you publish a book and do things as explained throughout the course, you immediately hit the jackpot. Or you could say your KDP account starts throwing money at you.

Bad news; many of the courses available online don’t explain in-depth how to search for money-making book topics. So, I decided to spill the beans here and provide one of the most intensive “book topic research” training on the market.

See everything starts here! If you get this part wrong, your published books won’t make money. There’s no gambling with book topic research, you either know it, or you don’t know it! 

In this lesson, I also explain step-by-step how to analyze a book topic profitability and competitiveness.

After taking this lesson, you’d be able to find the right title for your books that can make money for you while you sleep.

The icing on the cake for this lesson is where I teach you a rare skill, “How to find 100 book topics in 25 minutes.” There’s no other course out there teaching you this skill. 

I had to learn this from years and years of self-publishing books myself and understanding how the business works.

Create Your Book With Lesson Four


Perhaps you’re thinking, ‘I don’t know jack about putting a book together, so how am I supposed to make sense of self-publishing?‘ I have you covered. 

In this lesson, I explain how to create your book from start to finish.

Guess what people? I don’t ever write the content of my books. From the very cover of your book to the actual content, and even the book description, or other vital parts, could be handled for you if you don’t want to go through that stress.

Lesson Four would guide you every step of the way in writing and putting your book together. 

This lesson is significant; it’s half of the skill/work you need to put into self-publishing. If there’s no book, what are you self-publishing? I have made it pretty interactive and straightforward; you can create your book in no time! 

The cremé of the crop is, there’s a closed Facebook page for all participants to interact with me and get quick answers and help for their problems. I have got you covered every step of the way! You’d almost think I’m physically present and guiding you while you take this course.

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It’s Time To Self-Publish!


Lesson five is a step-by-step guide on how to self-publish on Amazon and other platforms where your book can be in the face of your target audience. There’s an ideal approach to self-publishing unless you want your book to land in a “trash can.”

Almost anyone could have been able to self-publish if it was easy. But, unfortunately, some of these platforms make it increasingly hard to self-publish because they want to reduce the incidence of poor content on their platforms. 

After taking lesson five, you’d know how to go about self-publishing. Even better, you’d know what’s obtainable and what’s not obtainable in various platforms and how to play safely while using Amazon or any other platform.

‘After Self-Publishing, What Next?’


Lesson six already details what you need to know to self-publish. Sadly, that isn’t all it takes to make at least a whopping $1000 from your self-published books. You have to learn the act and art of putting your book in the face of your target audience. This is what I dedicated lesson six to.

In lesson six, you will learn effective ways to obtain reviews on your books and other promotional strategies to make them sell like hotcakes.

Reviews are extremely important; it provides feedback on your book’s quality to other customers on Amazon. If your book has no reviews, then nobody will want it. 

Amazon has a feature that allows you to run advertisements on its platform. I explain how you can set profitable ad campaigns for your book.

Lesson six is all about learning how to make your book sell like crazy! 

Lesson Seven is a Pro Skill


I figured I could gift every student one powerful skill I have learned over the years. It’s the skill of learning to recycle your content. In order words, making more money from sharing old but revitalized content.

Doesn’t that sound good? But, you can keep making money from old content if you know how to recycle content the right way. So, in lesson seven, I teach you all you need to know about recycling and repurposing old content practically. This right here is how you add a + to $1000 as much as you want for a lifetime.


  • Self Publishing Money Machine teaches you how to make your first $1.000/m on Amazon quickly. But also to make more money month after month.
  • Straightforward teaching one lesson builds upon another. So you may gradually learn all the necessary skills
  • Secret Facebook group where you can get your questions replied to by Jordan Alexo


  • You still don’t have the course, and you should get it here.

Last Thoughts…

Are you a complete beginner and would love to start your first online business that makes more money each month while you sleep or go on vacations?

Or perhaps, you’re still struggling with your self-publishing business and would love to turn your Kindle account into a money machine?

Then, do yourself a favor and click here to enroll in Self-Publishing Money Machine


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