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Ever stared at your screen, fingers hovering over the keyboard, trying to come up with the perfect blog name? Yeah, we’ve all been there. It’s not just about scrambling things together, and voila.

Rather your blog name is the first thing that captures people’s attention. It gives them a quick glance into what your blog is all about. And once chosen, you can’t change it easily.

So, below, you have a blog name generator to help you out. In case you’re still struggling, read the rest of this guide. You’ll discover strategies to come up with the perfect blog name that is easily remembered and unique. Let’s roll!

Why Does Your Blog Name Matter?

an example of a blog name shown in Namecheap

So, why does your blog name matter? Can’t you just slap a few pieces together and call it a day? Well, not exactly because:

1 – First Impressions Are Everything

See, your blog name is the first thing people notice. And you’ve got a few seconds to grab their attention.

Saying this, you should also look at your blog name from different angles. I remember a few years ago, I had a YouTube channel and blog named “Prositetutorials.”

Which separate was supposed to mean “Pro Site Tutorials.” I thought it looked clever until some people started leaving comments on YouTube saying they thought it was “Prostitute Tutorials.”

So, always double-check your blog name from a different perspective to avoid negative first impressions.

2 – It’s Your Brand’s Identity

Think of the biggies like “Google,” “Amazon,” or “Apple.” Their names aren’t just words. Instead, they’re experiences, emotions, and associations.

When someone thinks about “Apple,” they don’t think about fruit; but rather sleek, modern-looking mobiles and new tech.

For this reason, your blog name isn’t just a URL; it’s your brand, your identity. It’s what people will associate with your content, voice, and value. Choose a name that embodies your essence.

3 – Creates Expectations

Your blog name is like the title of a book. It sets the expectation. If your blog is named “Whispering Woods,” I’m not expecting tech tutorials, right?

Your name sets the tone, the theme, and the direction. It gives a sneak peek into what they may find on your blog.

7 Tips For a Memorable Blog Name

an image showing several blog name extensions

Choosing that perfect blog name isn’t like tossing a few words into the air and seeing where they land. It’s more deliberate than that.

1 – Simplicity is Key

Think of some of the most iconic brands or blogs you know. Names like “BuzzFeed” or “TechCrunch” come to mind, right? They’re not just catchy; they’re simple and stick in your memory.

2 – Relevance Matters

Your blog name should give readers a hint about your content. If you’re going to build a travel blog, a name like “TechyTales (wait, what?)” might be a little confusing.

For this reason, align your name with your niche.

3 – Uniqueness Stands Out

Your blog name is a prime opportunity to showcase your uniqueness. So, stay away from generic names that don’t make anyone’s bells ring.

4 – Future-Proof

You want a blog name that will stand the test of time. So avoid using specific keyword terms like “bestpaleodiethq .com.”

Now imagine you want later down the road to write about other diets; what then? With a name like that, you’re limited.

So, avoid names that might pigeonhole you into a specific niche.

5 – Easy to Spell and Pronounce

Word of mouth is powerful. Make sure people can easily share your blog’s name in conversation without tripping over their words.

So avoid long-ass blog names (maximum two to three words). Shorter names are always easier to remember. And using special characters like “- * + 0 1 2 4.” That may confuse people.

6 -.Com Is King

Should I go for a .org, .net, .peterpan, or something else? Keep it simple! In most cases, “.com” is the best extension for your blog. Because most people have seen it since the day they were born, and it’s easier for them to remember.

7 – Domain Availability

It’s a heart-sinking feeling to fall in love with a name only to find the domain is taken. Before you get too attached, do a quick domain check. Head over to Namecheap and check if your blog name is available.

How To Brainstorm Your Blog Name?

Okay, now you have the basics down, let’s see how you can brainstorm a killer blog name.

First, you can use that amazing blog name generator above to get some ideas. Not happy? Well, then you can test these next methods.

1 – Mind Mapping

mindmeister website

Grab a piece of paper, or if you’re more digitally inclined, a tool like MindMeister. Write down your blog’s main theme in the center.

Now, branch out with related words, feelings, and ideas. You’ll be surprised at the connections your brain makes.

2 – Play with Words

Have you ever tried a portmanteau? It’s when you blend two words to create a new one. Think “brunch” (breakfast + lunch). Get creative, mix and match words from your mind map, and see what unique combinations you come up with.

3 – Ask Around

ask your friends about blog's name

Sometimes, you’re too close to the project to see clearly. So, ask friends, family, or even your social media followers for their open. Fresh eyes bring fresh perspectives.

4 – Sleep on It

Seriously, don’t rush this—your subconscious works in mysterious ways. Today’s ‘meh’ idea might just be tomorrow’s eureka moment after a good night’s sleep.

5 – Check for Trademarks

The last thing you want is a legal letter in your mailbox. Once you’ve shortlisted a few names, do a quick trademark search to ensure you’re not stepping on any toes.

Go to this site Uspto.gov to check for a trademark.

Should My Blog Name Be My Name?

use your name as your blog name

Is it good to name a blog after your name or hide it behind a pseudonym?

1 – A Pseudonym for Privacy

One of the main reasons you should choose a pseudonym is privacy. I mean, especially nowadays, a simple Google search can reveal nearly your entire life.

Sometimes, it’s a good idea to separate your personal life from online.

2 – When the Pseudonym Just Feels Right

Sometimes, a pseudonym can better capture the essence of a blog than a real name. It can sound more exotic, mysterious, or fun than your regular name.

Imagine instead reading a beauty blog by “Jane Doe” something like “Jane’s Beauty Vault” might sound better.

3 – Evolve To Whatever You Want

One advantage is that you can evolve your blog over the years. You aren’t exactly attached to a specific niche. Though, I always suggest focusing on one main topic at the beginning.

But long term, you can transition to other, more complex topics. For instance, Tony Robbins is known for self-help and motivation and talks about finances, relationships, and health.

That’s why I chose “Jordan Alexo” as my blog name. Later down the road, I can transition from sharing tips about blogging to personal growth, entrepreneurship, and lifestyle.

Successful Blog Name Examples

Sometimes, all you need is a little nudge in the right direction. And what better way to get inspired than by looking at some famous blog? These names aren’t just catchy; they’ve built a brand around them.

1 – Smart Passive Income


Pat Flynn didn’t just tell us he’s smart; he showed us. This name promises wisdom and the dream of earning without the 9-5 grind.

2 – The Blonde Salad

Chiara Ferragni mixed fashion with a dash of fun. It’s quirky, memorable, and tells you exactly what you’re in for – a blend of style and personality.

3 – Nerd Fitness

nerd fitness blog

Two words that you might not usually see together, but it works. It’s a fitness blog for the geeks, the gamers, and everyone in between. And it stands out from other more generic fitness blogs.

4 – Pinch of Yum

Pinch of Yum

Lindsay and Bjork not only share delicious recipes but do it with a personal touch. The name? It’s inviting, relatable, and makes you think of that little extra something that makes food delicious.

5 – Digital Photography School

Digital Photography School website

No fluff here. This name tells you exactly what you’re getting – a masterclass in digital photography. It’s straightforward, and it positions itself as an authority.


The reason these blog names kill it is because:

  • Clarity: They’re clear about their niche or topic. You know what you’re getting into from the get-go.
  • Memorability: They’re catchy and easy to remember. No over-complicated words or jargon.
  • Personality: Each name has a touch of personality, reflecting the blogger behind it. It’s not just generic; it’s personal.
  • Promise: They hint at the value or benefit the reader will get. Whether it’s mastering digital photography or finding geek-friendly fitness tips, there’s a promise of value.

Last Thoughts

Alright, let’s wrap this up, shall we? Naming your blog isn’t just about picking a catchy phrase.

It’s about choosing an identity, a brand, or a promise to your readers. And while the name’s crucial, remember it’s the killer content you deliver that’ll make you a successful blogger.

So, you should choose a short and easy name to remember. I always suggest a .com and something that gives people an idea of what your blog is about.

You can also go the pseudonym route and choose a creative blog name that reflects your personality and niche, just like Michelle Kraft did with “The Krafty Librarian.”

So, take a moment. Reflect on what you’ve learned here. Try out the blog name generator if you still haven’t; brainstorm ideas until you have fleshed out the perfect name for your blog.

Once you’ve nailed it, you may comment below with your blog name ideas!

Frequently Asked Questions

1 – How Long Should Blog Name Be?

When it comes to blog names: not too long, not too short, but just right. The sweet spot? Around 6-14 characters.

Why? Because it’s easily memorable and, bonus, works wonders for social media handles. But while shorter names are catchy, they have to make sense.

For instance, “TechyTales”? Perfect. “TT”? Not so much.

2 – How Can I Be A Unique Blogger?

First off, don’t just follow the crowd. Sure, it’s tempting to see what’s trending and jump on that bandwagon, but your most creative ideas? They’re not going to come from just mimicking others.

So, share your personal experiences. That’s the key. Everyone can write about general stuff, but your personal stories? That’s something only you can offer. And there’s a lot of repetitive content out there.

Even worse nowadays with ChatGPT and other similar AI writers.

For this reason, stand out by being genuine and sharing your own journey.

Next, brainstorm for new blog post ideas, new insights you can share, and even create content that goes against the grain.

At the end of the day, what wins is being unique. Not being like the rest simply dumping similar content online.

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