What Is A Roundup Blog Post (Everything You Must Know)

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A roundup blog post? It’s like your favorite playlist but for content. Whether it’s expert opinions, top products, or the best of anything, it’s all curated into one comprehensive list.

In this guide, you’ll discover how to create a roundup blog post. I’ll explain the different types of roundups and share free templates to get you started. By the end, you’ll know how to create content that’s a magnet for clicks and shares. So, let’s roll!

Key Takeaways

  1. Roundup Posts = Content Playlists: Think of roundup posts as your favorite playlist, but for content. Whether it’s expert insights, top-tier products, or the best of any topic, it’s all curated neatly for your readers.
  2. Purpose-Packed Power: Roundup posts aren’t just about showcasing a list. They’re about delivering value to readers, building relationships with experts, and can be huge money-makers.
  3. Examples to Inspire: From “Top 50 SEO Gurus Reveal Their #1 Ranking Strategy for 2023” to “46 Stories & Case Studies Of Successful Bloggers”, roundups can span a range of topics and styles. The key? Delivering value and sparking curiosity.
  4. Templates to Kickstart: Starting from scratch can be scary. But with the right template, half the battle’s won. Whether you’re showcasing products or gathering expert insight. Click here to go directly to get your free templates.

What Is A Roundup Blog Post?

what is a roundup article

It’s a single piece of content with the best insights about a specific topic. Whether it’s top-tier experts sharing their wisdom or a curated list of the hottest tools, products, or strategies.

People love this type of blog post because they can easily find everything glued together in one place. For instance, they can, with a snap of a finger, see the best tools for social media or what top SEO experts have to say about the latest trends.

Plus, readers often like to share roundup posts with friends or save them for future reference.

What Is The Purpose Of A Roundup Post?

an image showing how roundup blog posts help your audience

We already spoke about some advantages. But roundup posts aren’t just about flashing huge lists of things. Instead, they have a purpose and reason they’re popular among bloggers and readers.

So, what makes these articles so powerful?

1 – For Readers

Roundup posts serve the crème de la crème of insights, products, or resources on a chosen topic. No more endless scrolling or searching; it’s all handpicked and served on a silver platter.

2 – For Content Creators

Beyond the obvious traffic and authority boosts. By featuring experts or top products, you’re not just creating content but building relationships. For instance, companies often contact me to promote their products on my roundup posts.

And this is great because these connections can lead to collaborations, guest posts, and more.

3 – For Experts

Being featured in a roundup is like getting an all-access pass to a new audience. It’s a chance to showcase expertise, share knowledge, and grow that follower count.

4 – For Affiliate Marketers

Here’s where it gets interesting. Roundup posts, especially those focusing on products or tools, can make you a ton of affiliate sales. You can promote several products on the same page. If someone doesn’t like one, they can always find another one there.


So a roundup post is more than just a list; it has multiple benefits. Whether you’re looking to boost traffic, build relationships, or bring in extra cash.

4 Roundup Post Examples

So now that you have an idea of what this is all about. You certainly have seen and read some roundup posts yourself. But let’s refresh things with some examples and explanations of different types of roundup posts:

1 – Top 50 SEO Gurus Reveal Their #1 Ranking Strategy for 2023

Who doesn’t want to read this? I mean, if you’re interested in this topic, this roundup is a must-read now. People also expect to get actionable tips, from the basics to those hidden gems, all in one spot. That’s why these posts are so effective.

You can use the same strategy for your niche. And contact several gurus asking if they’d like to contribute to your post.

Besides, these roundup posts help you connect with influential experts. Who probably wouldn’t have found your site otherwise. Guess what? They might enjoy being featured and collaborating with you in the future.

2 – +43 Best Blogging Tools To Quickly Grow Your Blog (2023)

Another example of a powerful roundup that I have on my blog. It’s an awesome article for any blogger looking for the best tools to grow their blog.

And once again, it’s all about convenience. Readers can save time because they don’t need to scan the Internet for hours to find each tool. Instead, they get over 43 top-notch options in one place.

Plus, as said before, these posts are fantastic to crack some affiliate sales as well. So, make sure to write a few of these money makers.

3 – 151 Blogging Terms You Must Know To Succeed (2023)

This roundup post is all about giving your audience a huge slice of free content. Just a big ass glossary of commonly used blogging terms.

Plus, these lists often get bookmarked, meaning you’ll have people come back for more. So, it’s a fantastic way to attract readers to your blog and increase your website’s traffic.

4 – 46 Stories & Case Studies Of Successful Bloggers

Another example of a roundup post that just motivates and inspires aspiring bloggers.

You can do something similar for your niche. Compile stories and case studies of successful people. It may take some effort, but it is worth it to provide readers with unique content they can’t find anywhere else.

How Do You Create a Roundup Post?

an example of a roundup blog post

Okay, time to cut the chat, roll up those sleeves and get to work! I’m going to share my secret strategy to help you write killer roundup blog posts.

Now you have two main roundup posts. One where you feature insights from experts and another where you share the best products to your niche.

So, it works a bit differently the way you create each one.

1 – Product Roundup

When creating a product roundup, you need to follow this process:

Roundup product post
You can use Start Blogging Blocks Pro to create this top 5 product box.

Step 1 – Keyword Research

Go to our old pal Google and type in “best [product type].” Here’s an example:

You can see that the autosuggest options give you a list of popular searches. Does any of them sound interesting? Write it down. Have about five or more potential keywords.

Step 2 – Analyze Your Competition

Now you want to analyze your competition. Just type in your keyword and see the results that show up.

Do you see many blogs or websites with optimized titles and well-written content? Are these websites high-authoritative? Like above 50 or more domain ranking (DR). Install a tool like the free Ahrefs browser app.

And you can easily see the DR scores of each website and get an idea. If you only see high-ranking websites and you got a new blog. Then you might want to consider another search term.

Step 3 – Write Your Blog Post

I’m not going into full detail here because I wrote a beautiful post (here). Anyway, you want to list the best products and share a summary.

Below, you have a template you can use to help you out.

2 – Expert Insight Roundup

an example of a expert roundup blog post
This example is taken from StarterStory.com

You’ll need to follow a slightly different approach to create an expert insight roundup post.

Step 1 – Brainstorm That Perfect Question

Just dive into niche forums, check out trending topics, or even peek into those Twitter threads. Find a question that’s both relevant and sparks curiosity.

Step 2 – Hunt Down The Experts

Not just any experts, but the ones who’ll add real value. So go out there, find the top leaders with a solid follower base, and share expert content.

Here’s a pro tip: check out podcasts or webinars; they’re easy ways to find industry leaders.

Step 3 – Gather Those Contact Details

Tools like Hunter.io are your best friends here. But don’t just rely on tools; sometimes, a simple website visit or a LinkedIn search can do the trick.

Step 4 – Craft That Outreach Email

Make your email personal (nobody enjoys receiving something generic), and also explain the benefits for them.

Remember, you’re not just asking for a favor; you’re offering them a platform.

Step 5 – Compile, But With Flair

Once those golden nuggets of insights start rolling in, it’s time to piece them together. But here’s the thing: don’t just list them. Instead, introduce each expert, add a dash of your insights, and ensure it’s all wrapped up in your blog’s unique voice.

Step 6 – Sprinkle Some Visuals

Images, infographics, and maybe even a video snippet or two in your roundup post. See, visuals break the monotony of looking at a block of text. Your content also becomes more interesting and vivid.

Step 7 – Wrap It Up With A Bow

Your conclusion isn’t just a sign-off. You can summarize everything presented. This helps readers who prefer to skim through the post quickly.

Roundup Post Templates (Your Blueprint to Success)

You’ve got the why, the what, and the how. But here are two templates to make your life a lot easier. One is meant for a product roundup, and the other template is for an expert roundup blog post.

Just select everything inside the box (CTRL+A) following the box, press CTRL+C (Copy), and then CTRL+V to paste it wherever you want.

Product Roundup Post Template

Product Roundup Post Template

Title: “Top [Number] [Product Type] for [Specific Need or Audience] in [Year]”

Introduction: Briefly explain the purpose of this roundup…

Criteria for Selection: List the factors you considered…

  • Product #1: [Product Name]
  • Image: [High-quality product image]
  • Brief Description: What is this product…
  • Key Features:
    • Feature 1
    • Feature 2
    • Feature 3
  • Pros:
    • Pro 1
    • Pro 2
  • Cons:
    • Con 1
    • Con 2
  • Price: [Price or price range]
  • Where to Buy: [Link to purchase]
  • Final Verdict: A sentence or two…

… Repeat for other products …

Conclusion: Sum up the post…

Call-to-Action: Encourage readers…

Affiliate Disclosure (if applicable): A brief note…

Expert Roundup Post Template

Expert Roundup Post Template

Title: “Top Insights on [Topic] from [Number] Industry Experts in [Year]”

Introduction: Set the stage by explaining the importance of the topic and why you’ve gathered expert opinions.

  • Expert #1: [Expert Name]
  • Image: ![Expert Image](URL_TO_IMAGE)
  • Brief Bio: A short introduction about the expert and their credentials.
  • Insight: “Quote or insight from the expert on the topic.”
  • Connect with [Expert Name]: [Link to expert’s website or social profile]

… Repeat for other experts …

Conclusion: Summarize the main insights and thank the contributors.

Call-to-Action: Encourage readers to share the post, connect with the experts, or leave their own insights in the comments.

Last Thoughts

So we’ve navigated the purpose of these posts, and now you have some templates? These templates will help you easily create roundup posts without the guesswork.

As you can see these blog posts are a great way to help people with unique content from experts. Or to provide them with a list of useful tools.

For this reason, go out there and start writing roundups for your blog. If you have any questions leave them below. Thanks for reading!

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