Can I Make Money Blogging About My Life? (Ultimate Guide)

Last Updated on August 22, 2023 by Jordan Alexo

Do you feel that itch to share your personal stories online and wonder, “Can I make money blogging about my life?”

Well, the quick answer is, “Freak, Yeah!”

But wait a second! There are several things you must first consider before throwing yourself headfirst into the blogging fray.

So, in this guide, you’ll discover the power behind sharing your personal experiences, how to combine several niches to create a unique blog, and, more importantly, how to make money.

Plus, the traps you must avoid so you don’t crash and burn before you lift off.

Ready to roll? Let’s jump in!

Key Takeaways

  1. The Power of Personal Experiences: Blogging isn’t just about sharing random events. It’s about diving deep into your personal experiences, blending them with what your audience craves, and delivering value. Your unique experiences? That’s your goldmine.
  2. Blend Niches for a Unique Blog: Your life blog can be a mix of several niches. The trick? Find a common connection or theme that ties them together. Whether it’s health, hobbies, or home decor, ensure they resonate with you and your readers.
  3. Avoid Common Pitfalls: From the “Jack of All Trades” syndrome to the authenticity crisis, there are pitfalls that can trip up new bloggers. Stay focused on a few niches, be genuine, and remember: quality over quantity.
  4. Monetization is More Than Just Ads: Sure, ads bring in passive income, but there’s more to monetization. Think affiliate marketing, digital products, sponsored content, and even 1-on-1 coaching. Diversify your income streams for a sustainable blogging business.
  5. Every Big Blogger Started Small: Remember, every successful blogger started with a single post. Your journey begins with believing in your story and taking that first step.

What Is a Life Blog?

A life blog is more than just sharing daily events. Rather it’s a collection of thoughts and experiences, each highlighting several aspects of your life.

Whether it’s your passion for home-cooked meals or sharing your travel adventures.

But here’s the pickle: you don’t need to share every detail, like each time you brush your teeth or go to the bathroom. Nobody wants to read that stuff.

The key is to identify specific areas of your life that resonate with you and your readers.

It could be your journey of having a home business while raising kids or cooking meals from what you pluck from your own garden.

See, you want to focus on these genuine interests, aka your niches. And then build content around them, sharing your unique stories and insights. Uniqueness and authenticity are what attract people to your blog.

No company nor anyone out there can replicate your personal experiences and perspectives.

So, take a moment, reflect on your experiences, and pinpoint those niches that truly define you.

How To Choose Niches For Your Life Blog?

So, you’ve got a grasp on what a life blog is. Awesome! But here’s where the rubber meets the road: pinpointing that sweet spot – your niche.

Now, I’m not talking about boxing yourself into a tiny category. No way. I’m talking about finding that space where your passion meets your readers’ interests.

Here’s what you can do:

1 – Brainstorm Your Passions

Start with a brain dump. List everything you’re passionate about, from vintage fashion to 90s hip-hop.

2 – Research Trends

Dive into platforms like Google Trends, Pinterest, or Reddit. Identify what’s buzzing and what topics have a growing interest.

3 – Match Your Interests with Trends

Look for overlaps between your passions and current trends. That overlap? That’s your niche goldmine.

4 – Stay Authentic

Trends offer direction, but your genuine interest is what keeps readers hooked. Always prioritize authenticity.


Often blogging about your life is a combination of several niches. Make sure to choose niches that work well together.

For instance, a blog about coding and gardening doesn’t sound like they go hand in hand. But you can connect coding skills to building a smart garden or creating automated gardening systems. That makes sense, right? And I bet there’s an audience looking for that unique combo.

So, always try to connect multiple niches that make sense and that you genuinely enjoy writing about.

How To Blend Several Niches For Your Life Blog?

When you talk about several niches, you want to find a common connection or theme that ties them together. So, let’s see how you can create that perfect mix:

1 – Primary Passions

  • The Basics: These are your main interests, the topics you could talk about all day.
  • Action Steps: Identify your top 3 subjects. Whether it’s health, hobbies, or home decor, these will be your blog’s pillars.

2 – Complementary Topics

  • The Basics: These interests support and enhance your primary topics, adding depth to your content.
  • Action Steps: List 2-3 related subjects that can naturally fit with your main themes. For instance, if you’re into health, maybe touch on nutrition or fitness routines.

3 – Occasional Diversions

  • The Basics: Topics you’ll explore sporadically, adding variety to your content.
  • Action Steps: Think of 1-2 subjects you’d occasionally discuss, like a personal story or a recent experience.

With this approach, you’ll have a well-rounded blog that’s both true to your interests and engaging for your readers. Ready to craft that unique blend? Let’s dive in!

3 Pitfalls With Life Blogs And How To Avoid Them

Okay, now life blogging may sound like a dream come true. But there are some pitfalls that many new bloggers easily fall into.

So, see three common problems and how to sidestep them:

1 – The “Jack of All Trades” Syndrome

  •  Problem: Choosing too many niches. You’re passionate about, well, everything. So, you blog about your morning coffee, your cat, your workout, and that book you read last month. Result? A scattered audience and diluted brand. And Google sees you like a walking encyclopedia. Rather than an expert in any particular topic.

  • Solution: Focus, focus, focus. It’s cool to have several interests but streamline them. Try to combine two to three related niches that sound good together. And only write about topics within those niches.

2 – The Authenticity Crisis

  • Problem: Trying to mimic successful bloggers. You see a top blogger talking about minimalist living, and suddenly, you’re tossing out half your stuff, even though you love collecting antiques.

  • Solution: Be you. It’s that simple. Readers can sniff out inauthenticity a mile away. Share your genuine experiences, even if they go against the grain. Your unique voice? That’s your superpower.

3 – The Burnout Boomerang

  • Problem: Overcommitting and underdelivering. You promise daily posts, juggle multiple social media platforms, and soon, you’re overwhelmed and under pressure.

  • Solution: Quality over quantity, always. It’s better to have two killer posts a week than seven rushed ones. And hey, it’s okay to take a break. Your readers will stick around for great content.

Better yet, read this post, “Blogging Fatigue – I’m Exhausted (7 Tips To Refresh Yourself).” It provides useful tips to avoid frying your brain while trying to maintain a successful life blog.


Every blogger faces hurdles. My blog spent the last year receiving about 20 daily visitors. Only now it’s increasing. So, it all starts with having some knowledge.

The biggest problem often comes with choosing too many niches and not having a clear focus. This leads to a blog without a focus and purpose. Plus, nowadays, Google loves blogs that go deep into a specific topic.

How To Monetize Your Life Blog?

Most bloggers, sooner or later, want to make money from their blogs. But where to start? How can you turn your blog into a money-maker? Well, let’s check some common monetization strategies:

1 – Advertisements (Cashing in on Clicks and Views)

Your blog can be great for advertisers looking to promote their products or services. Some common platforms:

  • Google AdSense: The big player. Easy to integrate and reliable payouts.
  • A solid alternative, especially if you’ve got a U.S.-based audience.
  • Ezoic: Uses AI to optimize ad placements, maximizing your revenue.

2 – Affiliate Marketing (Recommendations that Reward)

Share your favorite products, and earn a commission for every sale made through your link. Some popular platforms include:

  • Amazon Associates: The giant. A massive selection of products. Meaning you can find something for every niche.
  • ShareASale: A diverse marketplace with thousands of merchants across various categories.
  • CJ Affiliate: Another heavy-hitter with big brands on board.

3 – Digital Products (Sale Your Knowledge)

Your expertise, insights, or even templates can be someone’s treasure. Time to package and sell.

  • Gumroad: Perfect for selling ebooks, courses, or even digital templates.
  • Teachable: Create and sell courses with a robust platform backing you.
  • Learn Dash: A plugin you can install on your WordPress blog. It lets you easily build and sell online courses directly on your website.

4 – Sponsored Content (Brands + Your Voice = Profit)

Brands are on the hunt for authentic voices to amplify their message. Yours could be just the one.

  • AspireIQ: Connect with brands looking for influencers and bloggers.
  • TapInfluence: Another platform where brands meet authentic content creators.
  • BrandBacker: Great for newer bloggers looking to dip their toes into sponsored content.

5 – 1-on-1 Coaching (Monetize Your Expertise)

Your blog showcases your expertise. Why not offer it on a one-on-one basis?

  • Calendly: Streamline your bookings for consultations or coaching sessions.
  • Zoom: Host webinars, coaching calls, or consultations.
  • Acuity Scheduling: Another robust booking platform with payment integrations.

I didn’t go much in-depth in this post. But if you want to learn more, check “Effective Ways To Monetize Your Blog (2023).” I explain the different methods in more detail, so you can understand which strategies to apply to your blog.

How To Setup Your Life Blog?

Now you’re ready to bring that blog dream to life? Setting up might sound tech-heavy, but it’s a piece of cake with the right steps. Here are some easy steps to get started:

Step 1 – Domain Name

This is your website address, and it should be catchy and easily memorable.

  • Brainstorm words or phrases that resonate with your blog’s essence.
  • Check availability on platforms like Namecheap or GoDaddy.
  • Secure your chosen domain.

Test out this name generator to get some creative ideas.

Step 2 – Web Hosting

You need a web host to store your blog content and make it accessible to people online.

  • Research hosting options. My favorite is WPX Hosting. Your blog will upload fast on their servers, and they have fantastic support.
  • Choose a plan that fits your needs.
  • Register and secure your hosting.

Step 3 – Install WordPress

The most popular Content Management System (CMS) for bloggers is WordPress.

  • Use the one-click WordPress install available on most hosting platforms.
  • Explore its vast theme library to find your blog’s look.
  • Customize with plugins, themes, and settings to make it uniquely you.

Step 4 – Design And Content

Now that you have a WordPress blog up and running, it’s time to have some fun and start designing and creating content for your life blog.

  • Dive into WordPress’s theme library for the perfect look. My top picks are Kadence, Astra, and GeneratePress.
  • Customize with your logo, colors, and overall vibe. You can design stuff freely on Canva .com. Or try Midjourney and let their AI design your graphics.
  • Create foundational content: about page, contact page, legal pages, and niche-specific posts.

Step 5 – Plugins to the Rescue

Plugins give extra functionality to your WordPress blog,

  • Install Rank Math for search engine optimization.
  • Akismet to prevent spam comments.
  • Add LightSpeed cache to boost your blog’s loading speed.
  • Use UpdraftPlus for reliable content backups.

These basic steps are crucial to setting up your WordPress blog quickly and blogging about your life.

Success Stories: Bloggers Who’ve Made It Big

Now Jordan Alexo has nothing to do with a life blog. So, I won’t share mine as an example. Still, make sure to bookmark my blog for future updates and tips about blogging.

Anyway, let’s look at three examples that cracked the code:

1 – Camille Styles

Hailing from Austin, Texas, Camille Styles isn’t just another lifestyle blogger. She’s created a unique space where she talks about wellness, food, design, style, and travel.

With a team by her side, she’s turned her passion into a successful platform.

Main Topics: Lifestyle, design, food, wellness

2 – Quintessence

Stacey Bewkes built Quintessence. It was launched in 2010. This blog talks about arts, architecture, design, travel, fashion, and interior design.

Main Topics: Lifestyle, design, beauty, architecture, travel, food & wine, books

3 – The Skinny Confidential

Lauryn Evarts isn’t just a blogger; she’s a wellness advocate. With The Skinny Confidential, she promotes a healthy living mantra while sharing her personal experiences and tips on fashion, beauty, health, and more.

Main Topics: Beauty, style, travel, wellness, health

These bloggers started just like you, with a passion and a platform. They’ve hustled, learned, and evolved. And now, they have turned their life blogs into successful businesses.

So, Can You Make Money Blogging About Your Life?

Alright, let’s cut to the chase. So, we explored the ins and outs and got inspired by some rockstar bloggers.

But the burning question still remains: Can you really make money blogging about your life?

Heck, yes!

But here’s the thing. It’s not just about sharing your Saturday brunch or that trip to Bali. It’s about blending your unique experiences with what your audience craves.

You want to find that sweet spot between your passion and what’s marketable. Remember Camille Styles? The Skinny Confidential? They didn’t just share; they served. They found a niche, they provided value, and they monetized it.

Now, I won’t sugarcoat it. It’s not a walk in the park. There’s hustle involved. You’ve got to be strategic, from combining the right niches, monetization methods and creating content that resonates.

So, if you’re sitting there wondering if this is right for you? Like the Nike logo says, “Just do it!”

And if you got any questions about blogging, leave them below.

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