7 Proven Ways To End Your Blog Post Like A Pro

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Did you know that about 43% of readers admit to skimming blog posts? Yep, they’re scrolling right down to the end to see what’s what. So, that ending of yours? It has to be good.

It has to be a hook, a punch, and a grand finale that makes them stop and think about reading more.

But how do you write an ending that does all that and more?

Well, buckle up because you’re about to discover 7 proven ways to end your blog posts like a pro. From cliffhangers to key takeaways, we’re diving into the good stuff that’ll turn your blog post endings from mere afterthoughts into show-stopping finales. Let’s roll!

Key Takeaways

  1. Keep It Short and Sweet: Less is more! Nail your core message and leave them with a punchy, powerful ending.

  2. Offer Something Extra: Whether it’s an actionable solution or a freebie, give your readers something they can use right away.

  3. Link It Up or Pin It: Keep the party going by linking to related content or including a pinnable Pinterest image.

  4. Ask and Engage: Throw a question out there and watch the conversation bloom.

  5. Encourage Sharing: Spread the love by making your post easy to share with WordPress social sharing buttons.

  6. Cliffhangers and Invitations: Leave them hanging with a teaser or invite them to reach out personally.

3 Reasons Why Your Blog Post Ending Matters

Reasons Why Your Blog Post Ending Matters

So, why does your blog post ending matter? Why all this fuss about the ending? Well, here are the three biggest reasons that’ll make you rethink.

1 – It’s Your Last Chance to Make an Impact

The ending is the last thing your readers see. It’s your final shot to leave a mark, to make them feel something. You want them to walk away thinking, “Wow, that was worth my time!”

So make it count. Leave them with something memorable, something that sticks.

2 – It Guides Your Reader’s Next Move

A strong ending isn’t just a full stop. It also directs people where to go next. For instance, want them to share your post? Tell them. Want them to sign up for your email newsletter? Tell them.

Your ending can be a call to action. And if someone enjoyed reading your content, there’s a good chance they’ll take action.

3 – It Reflects Your Brand and Voice

Ever read a great post, and then the ending just falls flat? It’s like a movie with a bad ending. It leaves you feeling kind of meh, right? Your ending is part of your brand, part of your voice. It should feel like you.

So make sure it’s consistent with the rest of your post. Make sure it’s authentically you.


So there you have three rock-solid reasons why your blog post ending is more than just a few words to wrap things up.

It’s an opportunity to ask readers to take a desired action and leave a powerful last message that resonates with them.

7 Ways To End Your Blog Post Like A Pro

Okay, ready to take your blog endings to the next level? Keep reading to discover the seven strategies.

1 – Keep It Short and Sweet

Alright, let’s kick things off with something that might sound a bit counterintuitive. Ready? Sometimes, less is more.

Imagine you’ve covered all the bases and shared your insights, and now you’re at the finish line. What do you do? You keep it short and sweet.

No beating around the bush, no dragging it out. Just a punchy, powerful ending that drives your point home. Here’s how you can do it:

  • Identify Your Core Message: What’s the one thing you want your readers to take away? Nail that down, and you’ve got your ending.

  • Avoid Repetition: You’ve already said it all so you won’t rehash it. So, sum it up in a fresh way.

  • Be Bold, Be Brief: Use strong, confident language. Make your statement, and leave it at that.

Here’s an example:

“So go out there and make your dreams happen. You’ve got this!”

See what I did there?

Short, sweet, and to the point. It’s like a little nudge to your readers, a final push to get them moving.

2 – Present an Actionable Solution or Offer a Free Offer

This is a powerful one, so listen closely. You’ve just shared some fantastic insights, tips, or advice with your readers.

Now, what if you could give them something more? Something tangible, something they can use right away? That’s where an actionable solution or a free offer comes in.

Here’s why this works like a charm:

Give Them Something to Do

People love to take action. It makes them feel like they’re part of something like they’re moving forward. So give them a task, a challenge, a step-by-step guide.

Something they can do right after reading your post. Plus, you get them to spend more time on your blog, which is never bad.

Or Give Them Something for Free

Who doesn’t love free stuff? If you’ve got a freebie related to your post, offer it up. It could be a downloadable guide, a cheat sheet, or an email course. Whatever it is, make sure it adds value. And something your readers will love.

Here’s how you can make it happen:

  • Craft a Clear Call to Action: Tell them exactly what to do or how to get your free offer. Be specific, be clear, and make it easy for them.

  • Make It Relevant: Your action or free offer should fit your post. It should feel like the next logical step, not something out of left field.

  • Add a Little Spice: Use engaging language, add a fun graphic, and make it stand out. You want them to see it and think, “Yes, I want that!”

Here’s an example:

“Ready to take your writing to the next level? Download my free guide, ’10 Writing Hacks You Need Now’ and start writing like a pro today!”

See how that works? It’s actionable, it’s relevant, and it’s enticing.

So next time you’re wrapping up a post, think about what you can offer. Think about how you can keep the conversation going and keep your readers engaged.

Because a blog post doesn’t have to end with the last period. It can be the beginning of something even bigger. And you’ve got the power to make that happen!

3 – Link to Related Content or Include a Pinnable Pinterest Image

Okay, this one’s all about keeping your readers hooked. How? By linking to related content or including a pinnable Pinterest image. Let’s crack this nut:

Keep Them Reading with Related Links

You know when you’re reading a great book and can’t put it down? That’s what you want for your blog. You want your readers to keep clicking, reading, and exploring.

So why not point them to some related content? It’s like saying, “Hey, if you liked this, you’re gonna love this!”

Here’s how to do it:

  • Choose Wisely: Choose truly related content that builds on their reading.

  • Make It Easy: Use clear, clickable links. Maybe even add a “Read Next” section at the end.

  • Tease It: Give them a reason to click. A little teaser, a little taste of what’s to come.

Or Get Them Pinning With a Pinterest Image

Pinterest is like a goldmine for bloggers. It’s where people go to find, well, everything! So why not make it easy for your readers to pin your post? Include a pinnable image, and watch your content spread like wildfire.

Here’s how to make it happen:

  • Create a Stunning Image: It has to be eye-catching, share-worthy, and pinnable.

  • Add a “Pin It” Button: Make it easy for them to pin. One-click, and they’re done.

  • Encourage Them: A little nudge never hurt. “Love this post? Pin it for later!”

Here’s an example:

“Want to master the art of baking bread? Check out my step-by-step guide to the perfect loaf. Your kitchen will never smell the same again!”

Or: “Loved these travel tips? Pin this image and keep them handy for your next adventure!”

See how that keeps the momentum going? It’s not just an ending; it’s an invitation to more. More reading, more pinning, and engaging with your content.

So next time you’re typing out that last paragraph, think beyond the end. Think about where you can take your readers next.

4 – Ask a Question to Spark Discussion

Let’s talk about something that will turn your blog post from a monologue into a conversation. Ready? It’s as simple as asking a question.

Now, I know what you’re thinking. “A question? That’s it?” But trust me; this is powerful. Here’s why:

It Invites Engagement

A question isn’t just words on a screen; it’s an invitation. It’s you reaching out to your readers, saying, “Hey, I want to hear from you!” And guess what? People love to share their thoughts, opinions, and their experiences.

It Builds Community

When readers start answering your question, when they start talking to each other, that’s when the magic happens. That’s when your blog becomes more than just a blog. It becomes a community, a place where people come to connect.

It Gives You Insights

Want to know what your readers are thinking? What they’re struggling with? What they want more of? Just ask! Their answers can be pure gold, giving you insights, ideas, and even inspiration for future posts.

So how do you do it? Here’s the lowdown:

  • Ask an Open-Ended Question: Yes or no questions won’t cut it. You want something that gets them thinking, gets them typing.

  • Make It Relevant: It should tie into your post and feel like a natural extension of what you’ve been talking about.

  • Be Genuine: Don’t just throw a question out there for the sake of it. Instead, ask something you really want to know, something you’ll actually respond to.

Here’s an example:

“What’s your biggest challenge when it comes to ending your blog posts? Share your thoughts, and let’s figure it out together!”

See how that works? It’s engaging, it’s relevant, and it’s real.

So next time you’re wrapping up a post, throw a question out there. Start a conversation, build a community, and get to know your readers. Because blogging isn’t just about talking; it’s about listening.

And a simple question can be the key to unlocking all of that and more.

5 – Encourage Readers to Share Your Article

You’ve just written a killer blog post. It’s packed with value, dripping with insights, and now you’ve even got an ending. But what’s the cherry on top? Getting your readers to share it, that’s what!

Sharing isn’t just about getting more eyeballs on your post (though that’s a pretty sweet bonus). It’s about spreading the love, the knowledge, and the good stuff you’ve got to offer. And here’s how you can make it happen:

Make It Shareable

First things first, you have to make it easy to share. I’m talking about share buttons, social icons, and the works. If they have a hunt for it, it’s not going to happen. So put it right there, front and center.

You can quickly install a WordPress plugin like “Scriptless Social Sharing.” I enjoy this plugin because it’s lightweight and doesn’t slow down your blog.

Ask Them to Share

Sometimes, all you have to do is ask. A simple “If you enjoyed this post, please share it with your friends!” can go a long way. It’s like holding the door open and saying, “After you!”

Give Them a Reason to Share

Why should they share your post? What’s in it for them? Maybe it’s a tip that’ll make their friends’ lives easier. Maybe it’s a laugh they know will brighten someone’s day. Whatever it is, tap into it, and use it to your advantage.

Here’s an example:

“Know someone who’s struggling with their blog endings? Share this post and help them write like a pro!”

Or: “Loved these tips? Share them with your fellow bloggers and let’s all grow together!”

See how that’s more than just a “please share”? It’s a call to action with a purpose, a reason, a little something extra.

So next time you put the finishing touches on a post, think about how to encourage sharing.

6 – Embrace the Cliffhanger or Include an Invitation to Reach Out

Let’s talk about cliffhangers and personal invitations. Sounds intriguing, right? Well, buckle up because this is where your blog post ending gets a whole new level of excitement.

The Cliffhanger: Leave Them Wanting More

Ever read a book that ends with a cliffhanger, and you just can’t wait to get your hands on the next one?

That’s the power of leaving things hanging. It’s mysterious and makes people wonder, “Oh, what happens next?!”

Here’s how to nail it:

  • Create a Teaser: Give a sneak peek of what’s coming next, but don’t give it all away.

  • Build Anticipation: Use language that builds excitement, curiosity, and a need to know more.

  • Promise More to Come: Let them know there’s more on the way, and they won’t want to miss it.

Example: “Stay tuned for next week’s post, where I’ll reveal the one tool that changed my blogging game forever. You won’t believe what it is!”

The Invitation: Make It Personal

Or maybe you want to go the personal route. Invite them to reach out and connect with you one-on-one. It’s like extending a hand and saying, “Let’s chat!”

Here’s how to make it happen:

  • Be Open and Genuine: Let them know you’re there for them, ready to help and listen.

  • Provide a Way to Connect: Whether it’s an email, a contact form, or a social media link, make it easy for them to reach you.

  • Encourage Questions and Feedback: Invite them to ask, share, and be part of the conversation.


“Got questions about ending your blog posts? I’m here to help! Shoot me an email at [your email], and let’s make your writing shine!”

See how these endings add a whole new dimension to your post? They’re not just wrapping things up; they’re opening new doors, sparking new connections, and keeping the excitement alive.

So next time you’re staring at that blinking cursor, wondering how to end your post, give one of these a try. Embrace the cliffhanger, extend the invitation, and watch your readers’ engagement soar.

7 – Bring Your Point Home with Key Takeaways or A Call-To-Action To Purchase

Another way to seal the deal is with key takeaways or a call-to-action to purchase. Let’s check:

Key Takeaways: The Quick Recap

People are busy, and sometimes they skim. (Hey, no judgment here!) So why not make it easy for them? Sum up your main points, golden nuggets, and “you’ve gotta know this” insights. It’s like a highlight reel of your post.

Here’s how to rock it:

  • Keep It Snappy: Short, sweet, and to the point. That’s the name of the game.
  • Use Bullet Points or Numbers: Make it skimmable, scannable, and easy to digest.
  • Highlight the Essentials: What are the must-knows of your post? That’s what goes on here.

Example: “Key Takeaways:

  • Less is more when ending your post.
  • A free offer can boost engagement.
  • Questions spark conversation.”

Call-To-Action To Purchase

Or maybe you’ve got something to sell. A product, a service, a course that’s just perfect for your readers. Well, don’t be shy! Your ending is the perfect place to guide them in that direction gently.

Here’s how to make it shine:

  • Make It Relevant: It should tie into your post and feel like a natural next step.

  • Be Clear and Direct: Tell them what it is, why they need it, and how to get it.

  • Add a Special Touch: A discount code, a limited-time offer, something that makes them feel special.


Ready to take your blog to the next level? Check out my ‘Blog Like a Pro’ course and use code BLOGPRO for 10% off. Let’s make magic together!”

See how these endings wrap things up with a bow? They’re the final touch, the last impression, the “thanks for reading, now here’s what to do next.”

So next time you’re crafting that perfect ending, think about what your readers need. A quick recap? A special offer? Whatever it is, make it count.

Last Thoughts

And there we have it, you’re armed with not one, not two, but seven easy ways to end your blog post.

Go out there and try them out! Mix and match, experiment, and find what feels right for you and your readers.

Because that’s what blogging’s all about, right? Finding your voice, connecting with your audience, and making an impact one post at a time.

So go on, take these tips, and run with them. If you have any questions about blogging, leave them below. I’m here to help you out.

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