7 Best AI SEO Software Tools (2022) – Which One For Me?

When it comes to SEO, there’s no doubt that artificial intelligence (AI) is playing an increasingly important role. AI can help you analyze your website and its content, identify opportunities for improvement, and make recommendations on optimizing your site for search engines.

In this guide, we’ll take a look at the best AI SEO software tools currently available. By the end, you should know which tool is right for you and your website.

What is AI SEO Software, And How Does It Work?

AI SEO software is a tool that uses artificial intelligence to help you optimize your website for search engines. AI SEO tools can analyze your website’s content and structure, identify improvement opportunities, and recommend how to optimize your website to rank better on Google, Bing, and other search engines.

Why Should You Use AI SEO software Tools?


Google algorithm has become increasingly more complex over the years. An algorithm is a formula that uses several factors to determine where a web page should rank in the SERP (Search Engine Results Page). At the moment, Google uses over 500 ranking factors.

For this reason, learning how to search engine optimize your website is a headache nowadays. You can easily spend months reading or watching tutorials on the subject. But even then, you might not be implementing the right optimization techniques for your website.

This is where AI SEO software tools come in handy. There are many benefits to using AI SEO software, including:

Improved search engine visibility: AI SEO tools can help you optimize your website, so it ranks higher in search results. This means more people will be able to find and visit your site.

Increased traffic: Higher rankings in search results can increase your website’s traffic.

Better understanding of your website: AI SEO tools can provide insights into your website that you might not have otherwise been able to obtain. This can help you identify areas of improvement and make better decisions about how to optimize your site.

How To Choose The Right AI SEO Tool For Your Business?

Now that you know the benefits of using AI SEO software, you might wonder how to choose the right tool for your business. Here are a few factors to consider:

Pricing: AI SEO tools can vary widely in price. You have some for free, while others can cost hundreds of dollars a month. For this reason, consider your budget and needs when choosing one.

Features: All AI SEO software tools offer different features. Some tools might have more features than you need, while others might not have all the features you want. It’s important to compare the features of each tool to find one that’s right for you.

Ease of use: Some AI SEO software tools can be difficult, while others are very user-friendly. Finding a tool that’s easy for you and your team to use is important.

Now that you know what to look for in AI SEO software let’s look at the 11 best AI SEO software tools currently available.

What Are The Best AI SEO Software Tools?

  1. Surfer SEO (Affordable AI SEO Tol)
  2. Page Optimizer Pro (Cheapest AI SEO Tool)
  3. Jasper AI (Best AI Writing Software)
  4. Marketmuse (All-In-One AI SEO Software)
  5. Clearscope.io (Easiest AI SEO Tool)
  6. Frase (Powerful Question & Answer Generator)
  7. Outranking.io (Quickest AI Writing Software & SEO Tool)

1) Surfer SEO (Affordable AI SEO Tool)

Surfer SEO - Best AI Powered Tools

Surfer SEO is a powerful AI-powered SEO tool that can help you optimize your website for search engines. I have been using this AI SEO software for the past few months and love it!


Content Editor:  The content editor helps you create high-quality content optimized for search engines. It analyzes the main keyword you’re targeting and provides recommendations for improving your content.

Audit: You can use this feature to analyze older content on your website to see how well optimized it is for the search engines. Surfer SEO provides a content score that goes from 0 to 100. This metric indicates whether your web page needs improvement or not. It also details keywords you should add, the number of images, word count, etc.

Content Planner: This great tool allows you to find new topic ideas related to your main keyword. It also analyzes the competition and provides recommendations for improving your content strategy.

SERP Analyzer: This feature is mainly used to analyze your competitors to see whether you should write a post about that keyword or not. Sometimes, a keyword may be too competitive, and you should look elsewhere. You can see your competitors’ SEO content score, domain authority, and more.


Speeds Your SEO 10x:  It greatly reduces the time you normally spend with SEO. Surfer SEO automatically tells you how to improve your content to help you rank #1 on Google and other search engines.

Powerful Auditing Tool: Don’t leave your older content dead on your website. You can always renew it using the details from the Surfer SEO Audit tool. This helps that older blog posts rank better on the search engines.

Easy-User Interface:  Surfer SEO user interface is intuitive. You can quickly understand the options and features available. Also, the support team is very responsive and helpful.

Surfer Academy: If you’re interested in learning more about Surfer SEO and how to use it effectively, I’d recommend joining their Surfer Academy. It’s a weekly video course that teaches you everything you need to know about the tool.

Surfer SEO + Jasper AI: If you decide to use both tools, you can combine them in the Jasper AI content editor. As a result, you can use Jasper AI to write content, while Surfer SEO provides optimization insight automatically.


No free trial: Unfortunately, Surfer SEO doesn’t provide a free trial. However, you can access a 30-day trial for a dollar if you first register with Jasper AI.


Surfer SEO has three different plans. You should choose the one depending on your needs. For individual purposes, let’s say you are a small blogger or business owner, perhaps the first plan is enough.

I suggest paying upfront for a full year to get a 17% discount.

Bottom Line

You can easily see I love Surfer SEO. I’ve been using this tool for the past few months, which has helped me tremendously. Before, I used to spend hours studying search engine optimization.

I recommend it to anyone who wants to create content that ranks well on the search engine. The downside, if you can even call that, Surfer SEO has a 30-day trial for a dollar, but only if you register first with Jasper AI.

Get Surfer Seo Today!

2) Page Optimizer Pro (Cheapest AI SEO Tool)

Page Optimizer Pro (POP) is an on-page search engine optimization tool. Contrary to Ahrefs or SEMrush, which are all in one SEO software. For this reason, POP doesn’t come with keyword research, tracking, site auditing, and backing analysis features.

However, because of its focus, Page Optimizer Pro is the leading on-page SEO software in the market.


In-Depth SEO Report: POP analyzes your content and provides a list of recommendations on how you can improve your SEO. It compares your page to the other ones ranking for the same keyword. Afterward, you get details about your word count and keywords in each section of your web page, such as page title, subheadings, main content, and more.

POP also gives you an optimization score helping you easily see if your web page needs further improvements.

Content Editor: this is one of the unique features of Page Optimizer Pro. It lets you see your web page and make changes using POP SEO recommendations. This way, you can fine-tune your content without going back and forth between different tabs.

 POP Google Chrome Extension: It lets you sync POP with several tools like Google Docs, page builders, CMS, and more. You can optimize your content as you write without needing to access POP’s platform directly.


SEO Reports: POP provides extremely in-depth on-page SEO reports. You can easily see where your page needs improvement to better rank on Google and other search engines.

7-Day Free Trial: You have a 7-day free trial for their basic plan. Use the POP trial to see if you enjoy their software before buying it.

Affordable software: this tool is affordable compared to others in the market. Starting at $22 a month for POP’s basic plan.


User Interface: I know this may be a matter of preferences. But I find the POP interface not very user-friendly. It takes some time until you get the hang of it.

Not Beginner Friendly: POP is a splendid SEO tool, but it isn’t easy for beginners. I recommend having some basic search engine optimization knowledge beforehand.


You have three different plans to pick from—the price changes depending on the number of reports per month. So, try your 7-day free trial to understand better which plan you should go for.

Bottom Line

Page Optimizer Pro is a more flexible and comprehensive AI SEO software than SEO. 

However, POP goes more in-depth with their reports separating your web page into sections. You can look at each section and see what needs improvements.

While Surfer SEO is more simple and user-friendly software, POP may be more complicated to use for a beginner. Perhaps, you’ll need to watch or read a few tutorials to get the hang of it.

I’d say POP is for individuals or businesses looking for an affordable and in-depth solution to help them with on-page SEO. This AI SEO software is one of the best for this purpose!

Try your 7-day free trial with POP today!

3) Jasper AI (Best AI Writing Software)

Jasper AI is a content writing tool powered by artificial intelligence. You can use this tool as a writing assistant, which will help you write blog posts, advertisements, videos, emails, and product descriptions faster.

Jasper AI has one of the most powerful long-form writers on the market. Using their AI, you can automatically write high-quality blog posts, sales pages, and more. For this, you must choose the Boss Mode plan.


Content Editor: This feature helps you write long-form content faster. You can use commands to tell the AI to automatically create an outline for your blog post and specific sections of content.

+50 Templates: You can use Jasper AI templates to generate product descriptions, improve existing content, AIDA and PAS framework, video titles, and more.

Recipes: you can use recipes with the built structure of Jasper’s commands to quickly write blog posts and more. This feature speeds the process of automatically writing content.


Write Faster: I’ve been using several Jasper AI. It has helped me speed up the process of creating new content for my blog. When you need to write content daily, it quickly becomes tiresome. This tool helps you relieve some of your mental fatigue.

Jasper 101: is a step-by-step tutorial that will teach you the basics of using this platform. It comes with videos to help you out.

Easy User-Interface: their interface is intuitive, and it doesn’t take long for a beginner to understand.


Technical Content: Jasper AI writes awesome content for less technical subjects, such as “7 Eating Tips To Lose Weight.” However, Jasper AI still fails to deliver decent results for more technical content.


You have three different plans, but you probably use the “Starter” or “Boss Mode” plan. The starter plan is ideal if you only intend to use AI to write short-form content such as Facebooks ads, Amazon descriptions, YouTube titles, etc.


If you want to write blog posts, eBooks, and sale pages, choose the Boss Mode.

Bottom Line

Jasper AI is an awesome tool that will help you write high-quality content faster. Also, most people struggle to write content that sells. For instance, catchy blog intros keep people reading the rest of your post, irresistible product descriptions, headlines, and more.

Jasper AI makes all of this a piece of cake. Nowadays, I use this tool to write my YouTube descriptions. I always found it boring!

Furthermore, combining Jasper AI with Surfer SEO is a powerhouse. You can easily write content on Jasper content editor, while Surfer SEO helps you optimize it.

So, try your 5-day free trial with Jasper AI

4) Marketmuse (All-In-One AI SEO Software)

Marketmuse is a tool that uses artificial intelligence to create content that is optimized for search engines. For instance, this tool tells you what content an article should cover to rank high on Google.

Marketmuse can help you with many different things like researching topics, answering common questions, analyzing your competition, and more.


Research: You can use research to help you find related topics for your blog. Often researching content for a website is one of the most time-consuming aspects. This feature lets you quickly get an idea for new blog posts, etc.

Furthermore, you can see the amount of traffic for a keyword, if it’s trending, and more.

Compete: This feature helps you understand how competitive a keyword is. It looks at your competitors and tells them how well they optimized their pages for that keyword. You can also see how often the keyword is mentioned in their content.

Optimize: Is meant to help you optimize or create new web pages. It can compare your content to thousands of others and gives you feedback on how well it is doing. It also provides information on which keywords you should use to improve your web page.

But also, you may use this option to help you create new optimized content or analyze your competitors’ pages.

Questions: This feature helps you find out what questions people are asking. You can then answer these questions with your content. This way, you know what people are looking for and what your content needs to cover.


User-Friendly: The interface is easy to get around and intuitive.

Highly-Effective: One of the most effective tools to help you create and optimize older content to rank better on Google.

Video Tutorials: Marketmuse has many video tutorials to help you learn how to use their platform. For each feature, you can watch a detailed video explaining it.

All-In-One AI SEO Software: Marketmuse is a tool that combines several AI SEO tools. It is a combination of Jasper AI and Surfer SEO but on steroids. Their features are more powerful and provide more data than any other tool on the market.


Not Budget Friendly: Although Marketmuse is a great AI SEO software, it is not affordable for everyone.


You have three different plans. You can start with the free option to see if you enjoy Marketmuse before upgrading your account.

Bottom Line

Contrary to other software, such as Surfer SEO which analyzes your top 10 competitors for a keyword. Afterward, it provides you with details to help you write similar content.

Marketmuse goes much deeper! It gives you an action plan to make your content crush your competition.

The only downside is the price of Marketmuse. If you have a blog that is already making money and want to make it even more successful, or if you work for a company as a content creator, this software is a great investment!

Try Marketmuse for free today!

5) Clearscope (Easiest AI SEO Tool)

Clearscope is an AI-based SEO tool that offers a suite of tools to help you improve your website’s search engine ranking. It analyzes your website and provides feedback on how to improve your SEO. It also offers keyword research and competitor analysis tools to help you find the best keywords to target for your SEO campaign.


Keyword Discovery: This feature helps you find relevant keywords to create new content around or include an existing one. You can see these keywords’ monthly search volume, competition, and CPC (Cost-Per-Click). With this information, you can see if these search terms are worth pursuing or not.

Often, most people struggle to find complementary keywords for their web page. With Keyword Discovery, this becomes easier than ever!

Create Report: this feature analyzes your competitors’ content to see what they’ve done. Afterward, you can use this data to create optimized content for your website. In other words, content that Google and other search engines love!

For example, it shows you the keywords, headings, how many words, and other things you should include on your web page.

Integrations: If you want to use a different platform for your content, you can use Clearscope on Google Docs or WordPress.


Easiness to Use: Clearscope is easier to use than other AI SEO tools. I like that you don’t need to be an SEO expert to use this tool. You can also quickly find content gaps where you can take advantage.

Generates great reports: As I mentioned before, Clearscope generates great reports. I got valuable insights about my competitors to help me improve my website.


Not Budget Friendly: Although this AI SEO tool offers a suite of features to improve your website’s ranking. However, it is not the most budget-friendly option.

No Free Trial: No free trial is offered, so you’ll have to pay to use this tool.


The main difference between the “Essentials” and “Professional” plans is the number of seats and content report credits. With the “Essentials” plan, you have three seats and 20 reports, while the “Professional” plan has unlimited seats and 100 reports. You should choose the one that best serves your needs.

Also, the “Professional” comes with the SAML tool that the other plan lacks.

Bottom Line

Clearscope is not the cheapest software, but it is worth considering if you want to publish content at scale, need content for multiple websites, or work as a freelancer. Clearscope can help you save time and work more efficiently.

This AI SEO software can boost the traffic to your websites quickly because it provides in-depth data about how to overcome your competition with better content.

Try Clearscope today!

6) Frase io (Powerful Question & Answer Generator)

Frase is an AI SEO tool that focuses on providing answers to questions. As we all know, Google loves questions and answers! This tool analyzes all the top web pages for a keyword and sees the answers you need to create high-quality content.


Create Creator: Frase io can help you rank your website by analyzing the top results for your main keyword. You will get information on the word count, the number of headings, and images you should include on your web page to rank well.

The key difference is their questions integration. You get a selection of questions that people want to know. These questions can be used as headings throughout your post or as a FAQ. As a result, your web page may rank better on several searched questions.

Frase io obtains these questions from Google search results page, People Also Ask, Quora, and other sources.

At the same time, their artificial intelligence replies to these questions. For this reason, you can quickly create content.

Frase Assistant: This is a chatbot that is based on artificial intelligence. It crawls your website to comprehend and learn content. Then, it builds an intelligent knowledge base to answer all users’ questions!


Free Crash Course: Frase io offers you an excellent crash course. You learn how to use their platform well so you can create great content. The course starts with the basics and goes up to more advanced features.

60% Discount: You can get a big discount on your first month. Helping you decide whether you like to keep using Frase io or not.

Simplistic User Interface: I like the Frase.io interface. It has a clean look and intuitive navigation.

Speed Up Your Research: One of the most time-consuming tasks is researching before you write your content. Using Frase io helps you cut the time it takes in half. You can see what questions people want to know and get answers from Frase’s artificial intelligence.


No Free Trial: You don’t have a free trial to test Frase io. However, you still get a 60% off on your first month.

Expensive SEO Add-Ons: To access Frase’s SEO add-ons, you must pay $35 monthly.


You have three different plans, and they are pretty self-explanatory. Choose the one that best suits your needs.

Bottom Line

Frase io is a great AI SEO software for bloggers or anyone who wants to write great content for their website. It has the unique feature of providing questions and answers you should include on your web page to get great results!

Also, compared to other tools mentioned, Frase io is pretty affordable!

Get 60% off your first month when you try Frase io today!

7) Outranking.io (Quickest AI Writing Software & SEO Tool)

Outranking.io is an AI writing and SEO tool that creates high-quality content quickly. It has a different approach compared to other alternatives.

For instance, Outranking also helps you optimize your content for the search engines. Also, it doesn’t have templates and recipes like Jasper AI.

When you write a piece of content, their artificial intelligence creates an outline. You can choose the headings you’d like to include and generate content for each one of them.

As a result, you can write a +1,000 word post in a few minutes.


AI Editor: this feature allows you to write SEO blog posts, webinar pages, eCommerce pages, press releases, and more. You also have an option to optimize existing content on your website.

SERP Analysis:  this feature helps you decide if you should write a piece of content. You can analyze your competitors and see what they are doing. For instance, you get an idea of their domain and page authority and the average length and number of images their web pages include.

Questions: This feature lets you see the questions people ask most about your main keyword on Google. You can use this information to create new content for your website or add headings, or as a FAQ.


Plus SEO Tool: Outranking isn’t only an artificial content writer but a search engine optimization tool. Whenever you write new content, you obtain an SEO score. Using this metric, you can see if your content needs further improvements. Furthermore, it tells you the relevant keywords you should include.

Optimize Existing Content:  You can also improve the quality of your website’s current content. The Outranking software scores it and tells you what to change to improve it.

Faster Content Creation: You can create content blazing fast because of how Outranking AI writer works!

User Interface:  The software is user-friendly and has a clean interface.


Not Budget Friendly: I like this AI writer. For some situations, it may be better than Jasper AI. However, Outranking io is also more expensive. The “Solo” plan costs $129 monthly.


I recommend that you choose the one that best suits your needs.

Bottom Line

Outranking is a tool that creates SEO content or optimizes existing content on your website. Other similar tools like Jasper AI are only meant to write content. If you’d like to optimize your content, you often need to include Surfer SEO or another option.

Although Outranking is more expensive than other solutions, it includes everything you need. Also, you can use their AI editor to create high-quality content blazing fast! So, this may be a perfect solution for you.

Try Outranking.io today!

Final Thoughts

So here you have it the seven best AI SEO software tools! At the moment, there is no one-size-fits-all AI SEO software that can do everything.

However, Surfer SEO, Page Optimizer Pro, Jasper AI, Marketmuse, Clearscope, and Frase.io all offer unique features that can help you improve your website’s SEO.

If you’re looking for a tool that can help you write great optimized content quickly, Outranking.io is a good option. It has an AI editor that creates high-quality content in minutes! 

In case you prefer a simpler solution to speed up your content creation, Jasper AI is a good option.

Finally, remember to choose the tool that best suits your needs! There is no perfect AI SEO software solution that can do everything.

However, by combining the tools mentioned above, you can create a well-rounded SEO strategy for your website. Which AI SEO software tool are you going to try first? Let me know in the comments below!

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