AI Writer vs. Human Writer – What’s The Difference? Is It Over?

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The war between AI and human writers has been a hot topic for quite some time. So, what is the difference between AI and human writers? Are these tools going to destroy the writing profession?

Or can AI and humans complement each other like peanut butter and jelly? In this guide, you’ll learn about the advantages and disadvantages of both AI and human writers and how they can work together to create better content.

This includes the ability of AI to produce content like there is no tomorrow, and the human writer’s creativity, attention to detail, and emotional connection with the audience. So keep reading to find out more!

Key Takeaways

  • AI writers use natural language processing algorithms to create written content designed to mimic how humans write. Their content can often be hard to distinguish from content written by a human.
  • AI writers are great for quickly producing massive quantities of content, as they don’t suffer from tiredness or writer’s block. They can be a budget solution, costing less than hiring a human writer, and can produce consistent content for a blog.
  • Human writers bring creativity, innovation, and fresh perspectives and can explain technical information in more detail than an AI writer can. They also have personal experiences and emotions that can be included in their writing, creating unique content.
  • AI writers lack emotional expression, which can result in content that feels stale and robotic. They also often produce repetitive and generic content, which requires editing and creativity to make it unique and exciting.
  • It’s important to note that even with the best AI writer commands and settings, human expertise is still needed to make the content stand out and provide unique value to the audience.

What Is AI Writer And Human Writer?

what is ai writer

As you probably guessed, AI and human writers are separate things!

So, AI writers are computer programs that use natural language processing (NLP) algorithms to create written content. They are designed to mimic the way humans write.

Although this technology is still in its infancy, the content created by AI writers can often be hard to distinguish from content written by someone. Yes, it is really that good!

Most popular AI writers, such as:

  • Jasper AI
  • ChatGPT
  • Jenni AI

Most AI copywriters work using a GPT (Generative Pre-trained Transformer) model. OpenAI developed this model, and it is considered one of the most advanced language models available today.

On the other hand, human writers are people who create written content using their creativity and skills. I guess they’ve been around longer than AI writers, as writing is one of the oldest forms of human expression.

What Are The Advantages Of An AI Writer?

See, AI writers are great for producing massive quantities of content. But let’s take a closer look:

1) Crack Content Faster

One of the biggest reasons people use AI writers is that they can produce content faster than humans. Since AI writers work with algorithms, they can produce content quickly.

These machines never suffer from tiredness or writer’s block, which means they can work non-stop as long as they have someone instructing them and electricity to keep them going.

2) Budget Solution

Hiring a writer can get expensive, especially if you need a lot of content. A common price is about $200 to $500 per article. If you’re a new blogger, this can be extremely expensive.

Yet, your blog is like a cookie monster constantly craving more and more content! For instance, you can use a Jasper AI for about $49 a month and generate up to 50,000 words (about twenty or more articles).

So comparing that to hiring a human writer, you can quickly see the cost-effectiveness of AI writers.

3) Consistency Is King

Of course, you can use AI writer for other types of content like product descriptions, sale pages, social media posts, and even eBooks.

However, I mention mostly blogging because, for one, I am a blogger myself, and two, AI writers can produce consistent content for your blog.

The fact is Google loves a website that publishes high-quality content regularly. If you write all the content yourself, it can be extremely exhausting and time-consuming.

Before using AI writers, I couldn’t maintain a consistent blogging schedule. After a few posts, I’d feel tired and need a break. But since I started using an AI writer, I’ve been able to consistently publish content on Jordan Alexo without burning my brains out.

What Are The Advantages Of An Human Writer?

So, there are a few advantages humans bring to the table that robots can’t replicate.

1) Creativity

Once you begin using AI writers, you soon notice the same patterns and formulas that they tend to follow. It’s like they use the same wording, phrase length, and structure over and over again.

Also, AI writers don’t invent anything! Instead, they rely on the information they have in their database to create content. Only human beings can be truly innovative and bring new ideas and fresh perspectives to the table.

2) Technical Information

A specialized human writer has deep knowledge in a specific field. He can explain technical information in a more detailed way than an AI writer can.

Often deep knowledge requires real-world experience, which artificial intelligence simply doesn’t have.

3) Human Experience And Storytelling

People can talk about what they experienced when they encountered a particular situation or share stories that connect with the audience. We connect with each other through stories.

Well, AI doesn’t have emotions, nor can it share unique stories because they lack personal experiences and emotions.

A good writer can bring a piece of content to life with their unique writing style and tonality. They can inject humor, sarcasm, wit, or any other writing style that resonates with the audience.

What Are The Disadvantages Of An AI Writer?

Okay, let’s see where artificial intelligence fails:

1) Lacks Emotional Expression

One of the biggest disadvantages of artificial intelligence is that it hasn’t got emotions. And hopefully, it will never have emotions because emotions make us unique.

But at the same time, that also reflects on the quality of the content produced by AI. For instance, if you have ever tried ChatGPT, you may notice that the responses can feel stale and robotic. With some commands, you can get better results.

However, I definitely wouldn’t copy and paste the generated text directly onto my site without properly reviewing and editing it.

2) Repetitive, Generic, Content

Seriously, most of the content you get from these tools is generic and repetitive. It even repeats the same text (perhaps written a bit differently) over and over again.

Of course, you can get better results by using proper commands and tweaking the settings.

However, it’s important to note that even with the best commands and settings, you must still put your creativity and touch into the content to make it sound unique and exciting.

Also, it needs our expertise. Otherwise, the AI provides the same old content everyone else can access. For instance, if you write books, you don’t want your book to be identical to someone else’s, right?

In case you have a blog, you want your content to stand out and provide unique value to your readers.

3) Non-Factual Information

Often AI creates non-factual and crazy claims. For this reason, you shouldn’t ever publish artificially generated content without fact-checking it thoroughly first.

For instance, AI isn’t bad for writing simple how-to guides, but when it comes to more complex topics such as product reviews or recent events, it’s always better to write it yourself or hire a professional writer.

What Are The Disadvantages Of An Human Writer?

We are humans; therefore, we aren’t mechanically built to produce content at a consistently high speed without making errors or needing breaks.

1) Humans Get Tired

We easily get tired when we work for a long time. As a result, it may affect the quality of our work and productivity. We may quickly lose focus, miss important details, or produce content that isn’t up to the expected standards.

Also, one common thing that may happen is writer’s block, where a writer may struggle to produce content or develop new ideas, which may result in missed deadlines, or not publishing blog posts as frequently.

2) We Aren’t Bias-Free

Humans have their own perspectives, experiences, and beliefs that may affect the content they produce. This means that sometimes the content may not be factual.

However, AI writers also may not be completely objective either, as they rely on data that may contain biases. But they grab information from several sources, so they are less likely to have pre-existing biases or opinions that could affect their writing.

3) Lack Of Quality

Not everyone was born a writer or knows to write fluently English (the most common language), which can impact the quality of the content.

Often causing misspellings, grammatical errors, or awkward sentence structure. Like it or not, an AI writer can usually create higher-quality writing than an inexperienced human writer.

That’s why many companies are turning to AI rather than relying on low-quality human writers.

3 Examples Of AI Writing

Let’s take a look at some AI-generated content from different tools. So, you may get an idea of what they produce. I’m going to ask artificial intelligence to write “5 SEO tips for beginners.”

Example #1 – ChatGPT

chat gpt

Example #2 – Jasper AI

jasper ai

Example #3 – Rytr


As you can see, AI provides decent tips about “SEO.” However, most of the information is generic. Also, the writing is straightforward, but it lacks life. If you don’t want to bore your reader to death, don’t publish this text without first editing it.

Will AI Writers Replace Human Writers?

ai replace humans

One of most people’s biggest concerns is whether artificial intelligence will kill their writing careers.

I’ve tested many AI writers, and most of what is said is hype. Yes, I use these tools, which help me produce more content in less time.

However, relying on AI entirely is impossible because they lack creativity and the ability to think outside the box.

I may be wrong, but most people who fear AI writers haven’t taken the time to test them out for themselves. Once you do, you quickly see their flaws but also their potential.

AI Isn’t “An One Hit Wonder!”

Currently, there isn’t an AI where you push a button, and it poops high-quality blog posts, ebooks, or any other form of written content. And hopefully, that won’t ever happen!

See, AI still relies on human creativity and expertise to produce its content. In other words, artificially generated content isn’t unique. Instead, it’s recycled information from various sources.

“We” still bring innovation and original ideas that AI writers lack, which means there will always be a need for human writers in the industry.

Should You Use An AI Writer To Assist You?

When people read this post, they often wonder if you can’t win them, should you join them?

Well, it all depends on your needs and priorities. If you have a blog and don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars hiring human writers, an AI writer may be a great solution.

Once again, it won’t replace the potential of a good human writer. But it helps you produce content faster and give you more time to focus on other aspects, like eating burritos while watching the Simpsons or something else.

At the moment, my favorite AI writer is Jenni AI. It’s easy to use, and it has an auto-suggestion feature. This feature suggests the next sentence or word, making it easy to use even for those who have never used AI writing tools before.

However, it allows me to still add my personal touch more easily compared to other AI tools.

Usually, with other tools, you press a button, and it spits out full paragraphs that lack personalization and creativity. And I ended up deleting most of what it generated and starting over.


If you’d like to read my full review of Jenni AI, click here

Overall, AI writing tools can help you produce content faster and more consistently and save you a lot of time and money.

How To Use AI Writer Properly?

You should see these tools as assistants than replacements for human writers. Although AI technology has gone a long way, it still needs our expertise, emotional side, and storytelling abilities to make the content come to life.

If you’d like to use AI and not end up with lifeless content, read my post here. I provide some tips to help you humanize your AI-generated text.

Last Thoughts

Okay, the battle of the century, AI writers and human writers, will continue for a while. However, it’s important to remember AI writers aren’t our replacement. We should use them as an assistant.

If you rely completely on them, you’ll lose the uniqueness and creativity only we can bring.

So, AI writers can help you consistently produce more content, save time and money, and make your life easier. On the other hand, human writers can add a personal touch, emotional side, and storytelling abilities that AI writers cannot yet imitate.

For this reason, a perfect formula for content creation combines the power of AI and human creativity and expertise.

This way, you can take advantage of the efficiency of using these tools without sacrificing the human flavor that makes your content stand out.

If you have any questions, please leave them below. Jordan Alexo will reply to you shortly. Thanks for reading!

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