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How To Write A Killer Blog Post With Jasper AI? (9-Steps For WordPress)

Last Updated on July 31, 2023 by Jordan Alexo

Are you struggling to create content for your blog or website that will rank on Google? If so, you’re not alone. However, creating high-quality content can be daunting and take up valuable time and resources. Fortunately, there is an easier way – Jasper AI for WordPress! 

Jasper AI is taking the copywriting world by storm with its revolutionary GPT-3 technology, allowing entrepreneurs, marketers, and business owners to increase their content creation by over 10x in a fraction of the time while still sounding human.

With this powerful tool at your fingertips, you can easily generate quality content that Google and your readers love without breaking the bank or exhausting yourself trying to write all the content yourself.

In this guide, I’ll explain my nine-step process to help you start with Jasper Ai. So, you can publish content faster than ever on your WordPress blog.

5 Reasons To Write Your Content With Jasper AI

jasper ai writing tool

Before discussing the five reasons, I’d like to remark that nowadays, you are missing out if you don’t use artificial intelligence writing tools.

Without it, you simply can’t beat a blogger using it. While you write one post, he already pumped three or more posts that are better quality than yours.

So now we got one of the biggest motives behind our backs, let me quickly discuss the five reasons:

1) Get High-Quality 10x Faster

The AI helps you with writing but also cuts down the time you need to research the topic before writing your article. Of course, you should always know what you’re writing about. Sometimes, artificial intelligence spits out some crazy stuff.

However, you probably don’t need to spend hours researching the topic to make sure your post is relevant. Jasper AI can help you quickly get content out of the gate in a fraction of the time it would take if you were doing it manually.

2) Automate Boring Tasks

Need to write an enticing professional description for your products? Jasper AI can help you. Need to write advertisement-worthy content for social media? You can use Jasper.

See, this AI tool helps you release the burden of mundane tasks such as these and focus on the bigger picture.

3) Improve Consistency

One of the biggest reasons I could not keep a blog running was the inconsistency in quality I experienced with every post. You can easily picture yourself writing one blog post, but after fifty or more posts, it becomes increasingly difficult to maintain the same quality level.

That’s where Jasper AI steps in. This AI writing assistant helps you keep the same level of quality in every post, making sure you don’t slack out.

4) Say “ByeBye” To Writer’s Block

Anyone who has written content for some time knows the pain of writer’s block. You have an idea, but you can’t seem to execute it. Or, maybe you just don’t know what to write about.

It’s quite common for writers, but with Jasper AI, you can tell the assistant your idea, and he takes it from there.

5) Make Your Content More Exciting

Finally, Jasper AI can make your content more engaging and interesting. Not everyone was born a full-blow writer constantly spilling marvelous content that their readers venerate.

So, this tool can help you produce better content than the average human can.

9 Steps To Write Super Duper Quality Blog Posts For WordPress

write a blog post with jasper ai

Now that you know why using Jasper AI is so beneficial, let’s dive into the 9-step process for writing killer blog posts with this AI writing assistant.

Step 1) Get Jasper AI Boss Mode Before Anything Else

Before anything else, you need to get Jasper AI boss mode. This plan starts at $49/month and is totally worth the price.

It comes with 50 templates, recipes, and more, so you can start producing content immediately. Furthermore, you can have up to five users per account. So it’s ideal if you have a team of writers.

If you’re wondering what templates are, they are AI-ready-made content, recipes, and more. And you can easily customize them to fit your needs in just a few clicks.

For instance, you can fill required empty spaces with your information and let the artificial intelligence do the rest.

jasper ai templates
jasper title and meta

Now with a click, I have an excellent SEO meta title and description for my article.

jasper title and meta02

Step 2) Write Your Outline

You want to search your main keyword and check the top three results on Google. Open the first three pages on different browser tabs.

write an outline for Jasper

These will be your main references, and you want to include the same points they have in their content. That way, you are sure to rank in the top three.

Now that you found your references, it’s time to write your outline. This is important because it will help Jasper AI to write better and faster.

Install a browser app called “Detailed SEO Extension.” This will help you quickly see your competitors:

  • Word Count: You want to know your main competitors’ word count.
  • Headers: You can check your competitors’ topics in their H1, H2, etc.
detailed tool

You want to look at your competitors and write down their headings on a notepad or Evernote. Analyzing your three main competitors lets you see what content works for them. Also, you can use this data to create a more in-depth piece of content.

So the plan is to include all the points of your competitors and answer any questions they left unanswered.

Step 3) Start A New Document

You want to log in to your account and select the “Documents” option. Afterward, select a “new document” in the top corner.

You have two options, either “Freeform with any template” or “Workflows.” Now many people like to choose Workflows because it makes their life easier.

jasper freeform

This option lets Jasper auto-generate your post with only a few entries. I know it sounds splendid, but I prefer to avoid this feature.

Although artificial intelligence is getting smarter, it still hasn’t got there. Often it produces generic and boring content.

Furthermore, Google is becoming more strict with plagiarism and content that doesn’t provide value.

Anyway, you may want to give this option a shot and see what you get. I recommend you read all the auto-generated content to see if it provides useful factual information. 

Sometimes the AI goes a bit nuts and creates a “not-so-accurate” article.

Plus, scan your post through AI-detect, like Originality AI, and see your score. If this tool detects too much robotic content, then probably, it isn’t a great post.

Saying this, I opt for “Freeform with any template.” You’ll be taken to Jasper’s blog post editor when you select it.

Note: I use Jasper’s ai more as an assistant than a full-on replacement. I introduce my ideas and let the AI finish any gaps. Still, it enables me to produce content much faster and avoid mental fatigue.

Step 4) Configure Your New Document

Now it’s time to configure your document so the AI knows what you want to write.

Add A Document Title

You may simply add your post title. This helps you later more quickly identify your document and content.

Content Description

new document details 1

Explain to the AI what your post is about. Include as much detail as possible. For example:

I want Jasper to write about post about the 7 Best SEO Tricks For Beginners in 2023. It should provide a detailed overview of the topic and in-depth knowledge of best practices that any beginner should implement.

The AI will use its GPT-3 technology to understand your idea and create content that aligns with your wants.

However, you should know what works for your topic based on your previous research.

In other words, don’t let the AI run will-nilly while writing your post. Make sure to double-check it for accuracy and make adjustments where needed. 

Tone Of Voice

You can select the tonality for your written content from:

  • Funny
  • Casual
  • Excited
  • Professional
  • Witty
  • Sarcastic
  • Feminine
  • Masculine
  • Bold
  • Dramatic
  • Grumpy
  • Secretive

My favorite choice is “excited,” but you may select whatever you like.

Keywords (optional)

I prefer not to include any keywords because it tends to force the AI to include them in the content. As a result, you end up with a post that doesn’t sound natural. But you may add some search terms if you like.

Your Outline

Just copy and paste your outline into the blank space. Afterward, adjust the headings for H1, H2, etc., as it helps your post structure and readability.

Now that you have everything set, it’s time to write your post with Jasper AI.

Step 5) Writing Your Post With Jasper AI

At this point, you should have your outline ready. So copy and paste it to Jasper’s text editor. With the outline, artificial intelligence basically only needs to reply to each heading.

copy and paste your outline to the text editor

If you look below, you can choose to let Jasper compose shorter to longer outputs. 

I usually keep this medium because I prefer to be strict about what the AI writes. Also, I don’t want the AI to generate too much useless content. 

Furthermore, it’s a great way to save credits. But before anything, let’s look at a few useful commands.

Jaspers Commands

  • >write an introduction: The AI will start writing the introduction. I use this command to write my introduction and make a few tweaks.
  • >answer: This command allows you to answer a question.
  • >explain: This one will explain a concept or keyword more in-depth.
  • >add: This command is useful if you want to add a section to your post. 
  • >Increase/decrease length: You can use this command to increase/decrease the length of your post.
  • >rewrite: If you want a sentence to be rewritten or improved, use this command.
use jaspers commands

You use the previous commands to tell Jasper what to write, rewrite or explain. So go through each heading in your post and use the commands accordingly.

Include your ideas, stories, and experiences throughout your content to make it sound unique and natural.

Step 6) Optimize Your Content

If you want your content to rank highly on Google and other search engines, it needs to be SEO optimized!

  1. H1 and H2: You want to make sure your H1 has your main keyword and also add a few other related keywords. You can also sprinkle some keywords into your H2s.
  2. Body: You’ll also want to include the keyword in the body of your post, but not too many times, as that could be perceived as ‘keyword stuffing.
  3. Internal Links: You should link to other relevant web pages within your content, as this will help the search engines more easily crawl your site. Also, at the same time, direct your readers to other posts.
  4. URL Extension: It’s a good idea to add a keyword to your URL extension because it tells readers and search engines what the page is about.

You should always remember these basics when writing your blog posts.

If you’d like to improve your on-page SEO without spending the next months becoming an expert, try using Surfer SEO.

Surfer SEO is an excellent tool for optimization. It gives you an easy-to-follow SEO checklist that helps with keyword placement, content length, and headings.

The best part is you can integrate Surfer SEO with your Jasper AI account to optimize your content directly with the AI.

Both tools together are like having a superpower to create SEO-friendly content quickly and with minimal effort!

Step 7) Grammarly Check

use grammarly

One of the best tools to correct typos and grammar errors is Grammarly. You can start with the free version, which provides some insightful details.

Simply copy and paste your content from Jasper to a new Grammarly document, and it will pick up any mistakes you’ve made.

If you want to get extra suggestions, consider getting a premium account. Also, you can integrate Grammarly directly into Jasper’s text editor to get further guidance!

Besides, Grammarly comes with a useful plagiarism checker. You should run it if you’re not confident about your content. 

A good rule of thumb to keep your site safe from Google penalties is to maintain a score below 3% plagiarism.

Step 8) AI Detector (Optional)


Although this step is optional, you should consider it. 

If you’re worried about the authenticity of your content, try using an AI detector. These tools scan your post and see if it is AI-generated or not.

One of my favorite services is Originality AI, which comes with a powerful detector at a budget-friendly cost.

I always do my best to guarantee my content doesn’t sound robotic. I don’t want to wake up one day and see that my site got penalized by Google. As they say, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Step 9) Publish Your Post

When you’ve done all the steps mentioned above, it’s time to publish your post on your WordPress blog.

publish your content on WordPress
  1. Copy and Paste: Just copy and paste your content to a new WordPress post.
  2. Format Everything: Make sure everything is formatted correctly with H1, H2, etc. Include bullet points and images to make it more attractive.
  3. SEO Optimization: Don’t forget to format your URL extension with your main keyword. Also, add a title tag (it should be the same one as your H1) and a meta description. You can easily edit this option using Yoast SEO or RankMath.

Once you have re-checked everything, hit the publish button, and your post will be live on your blog!

Bonus Step) 5 Suggestions To Make Your Content Sound More Human

With the rise of machines and everyone and their mom using AI to pump content like a madman quickly, it’s easy to get lost in the sea of robotic content.

Luckily, there are a few things you can do quickly to make your content sound more human.

1) Use Contractions

Try using words like “don’t” instead of “do not.” It gives your writing a more casual and natural tone.

2) Add Slang

Slang gives your content a more conversational tone, which makes it easier for readers to understand.

3) Incorporate Storytelling

People respond better to stories than facts alone, so incorporating elements of story into your AI-generated content can help you connect with readers in a more meaningful way.

4) Add Personality

Use words that reflect emotions such as joy, anger, surprise, or love, as these will help create an emotional connection with your readers.

5) Write Like You’re Talking To Someone

Use singular pronouns instead of plural pronouns (you instead of them) when speaking directly to someone or talking about a situation they’re involved in; this adds a personal touch and helps build trust with readers.

With these tips at hand, you can enjoy the power of AI without needing to worry about sounding too robotic.

Last Thoughts

As you may see, Jasper AI is a must-have tool in your blogger’s arsenal. Nowadays, competing against someone who uses these tools to build their site is impossible.

While you write one post, that person has already written five or more. So, they end up having at least five times more content on their site and grow much faster than you.

Jasper AI can help you compete with them by creating content quickly and efficiently while maintaining good search engine optimization standards. 

  1. Let’s quickly summarize everything:
  2. Get Jasper AI Boss Mode
  3. Write an outline based on your three top competitors
  4. In Jasper, open a new document and choose “Freeform with any template”
  5. Write the necessary information for your title and description and copy and paste your outline to your blank text editor
  6. Use the commands needed to generate AI content from Jasper
  7. Use the AI Detector to check your content
  8. Copy and paste the content to a new WordPress post
  9. Format your post with H1, H2, etc. and add a title tag (it should be the same one as your H1) and a meta description
  10. Publish your post on WordPress
  11. Use the five suggestions to make your content sound more human.

With these steps, you’ll write fantastic blog posts with Jasper AI. So unleash the power of GPT-3 technology and start producing content like a machine gun.

If you have any questions for Jordan Alexo, leave them in the comments below.


Let’s take a closer look at a few frequently asked questions related to using Jasper AI for WordPress.

1) Does Jasper AI work with all WordPress themes?

Yes, Jasper works with any WordPress theme. It also works with any WordPress plugin as long as it is compatible with the latest version of WordPress.

2) Can I control the tone and style of my blog post?

Yes, you can set the tone and style in Jasper AI’s Boss Mode. You can choose from various styles, such as casual, professional, and friendly.

3) Can I use Jasper AI to create a sales page?

Yes, you can use Jasper AI to create a sales page. You can also use it to create blog posts, web content, product descriptions, and much more.

Just open a new document in Jasper AI’s Boss Mode, select the “Sales Page” template from the drop-down menu, and get to work!

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