Mastering Blogger Collaboration: Tips, Tricks, And Steps To Start

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One of the simplest ways to reach more people without putting in too much work is by collaborating with other bloggers.

Well, they already have an audience, so why not take advantage of it? Seems smart!

But it’s more easily said than done!

Anyway, don’t worry!

In this guide, you’ll learn why to partner with other bloggers, including how to boost your readership.

Also, the five best methods of engaging with other bloggers from guest posting, doing webinars, podcasts, and more.

And finally, I’ll share five practical steps to kick-start your blogger collaboration today.

Key Takeaways

  1. What is Blogger Collaboration? It is when bloggers work together. For instance, they can write guest posts on each other’s blogs, promote their work, or even create something new together. As a result, they can reach more people without competing with each other.
  2. Why Should Bloggers Collaborate? Working with other bloggers is good because it helps you reach more readers. It also helps you become more known in the blogging community. Also, you can learn from working side-by-side with other bloggers.
  3. How to Collaborate with Bloggers: You can work with other bloggers in several ways. For instance, you may write a guest blog post, create a webinar or podcast, work on social media, or even do bigger projects like an eBook.
  4. Steps to Start Collaboration: First, you must find bloggers interested in the same things as you. Then, you reach out to them with a personalized email. If they are interested, you discuss the details, start the collaboration, and then review how well it went.
  5. Tips for a Good Collaboration: You must understand the other blogger’s audience and their likes. Also, clearly communicate what you expect from the collaboration. You want to make your content helpful for the readers. Lastly, always act professionally and be open to feedback or suggestions from your partner.

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What Is A Blogger Collaboration?

A blogger collaboration consists of working together with other bloggers. This can take many forms, such as:

  • Guest posting on each other’s blogs
  • Promoting each other’s content, products, and services
  • Co-creating content together, such as a podcast or YouTube series
  • Hosting joint giveaways or contests
  • Collaborating on an e-book or course
  • Organizing or participating in a blogging conference or event

Anyway, it’s a great way to way to join forces without having to compete with each other.

The main idea is to use each other’s strengths, reach new audiences, and grow your blog brand.

3 Benefits Of Collaborating With Other Bloggers

Benefits Of Collaborating With Other Bloggers

You probably already have an idea of some of the benefits. But let’s go more in-depth:

1 – Getting More Readers and Followers

One of the best aspects of working with another blogger is that you can reach more people.

When you work with another blogger, their readers can see your work too. This can help more people discover your blog.

As a result, you might get more people checking your site, following you on social media, and maybe you can make more money from your blog.

And the fantastic part is you don’t need to spend months building organic traffic. Instead, you use the existing one from your collaborator’s blog.

2 – Making a Name for Yourself

Also, working with other bloggers can help you make a name for yourself.

When you share your unique ideas, perhaps even controversial ones, and writing style with more people, they can see what you bring to the table.

This can help you become more quickly known in your blogging niche. Besides, if people already trust the other person and their blog, they will be more likely to trust you too.

This can help your blog get out there and get more subscribers etc.

3 – Learning and Getting Better

Another key aspect is you get to learn with other expert bloggers.

When you work alongside other bloggers, you can exchange ideas, get feedback and learn from their experiences.

Sometimes, you may find new ways to improve your content writing, SEO (Search Engine Optimization), graphic designing, or other technical skills.

All in all, this can help you improve your blog and learn more about blogging.

5 Best Ways To Collaborate With Other Bloggers

blogging collaboration

You have other ways to collaborate with other bloggers. But normally, these are the most effective ones:

1 – Guest Blogging

Guest blogging is a popular way for bloggers to work together. This is when you write a blog post for another blogger’s website.

This is good for both bloggers. The blogger who owns the site gets a new blog post.

And you get to share your work with a new audience.

Also, you should add relevant links to your blog in the guest post. As a result, you allow readers to find more content on your blog, which can help your SEO.

Because it passes link juice back to your site, which helps your website rank better in search engines.

(learn more about guest blogging here.)

2 – Writing Blog Posts Together

Another fun way to work with other bloggers is to write a blog post together. This is when two or more bloggers team up to write one blog post.

This can make the blog post more exciting and full of different ideas. You can share your unique perspectives. Sometimes even debate about the topic, especially if you have different opinions, which can make posts unique and interesting.

3 – Doing Webinars or Podcasts Together

Working together on a webinar or podcast is another good way to collaborate.

A webinar is like an online class, and a podcast is like a radio show. Doing these together can help you share your knowledge and reach more people.

Also, some people prefer to listen to podcasts or watch webinars rather than read blog posts. So, it’s a great method to reach more people and expand your audience.

This can work well if you and the other blogger know about different things that go well together.

4 – Working Together on Social Media

You can also work with other bloggers on social media.

This could mean sharing each other’s posts, doing a live video, or even starting a social media project together.

Another fantastic strategy is to interview each other or make Q&A sessions.

Doing this can help you connect with more people on social media and spark their interest in your sharing.

5 – Working on Projects Together

You can work together on bigger projects like creating an eBook, making an online course, or doing a research project.

This way, you can create something faster and share each other’s expertise to improve the project.

How Do You Collaborate With Other Bloggers (5-Steps)

How Do You Collaborate With Other Bloggers

So, now you know some ways to collaborate with other bloggers, but how do you get started? Here are five steps to help you out.

Step 1 – Find Other Bloggers to Work With

First, find other bloggers who write about the same things, have the same kind of readers, or like the same things as you do.

For this, you can Google search your niche or use social media to find similar bloggers. I suggest creating a list of potential bloggers on a Google Spreadsheet or Excel.

A few fields you should include are their name, website or blog URL, and social media handles.

This helps you keep track of who you want to contact later and makes organizing your collaborations easier.

Also, you want to find bloggers about your level or slightly higher. Here’s how you can check this:

  • The number of people following their social media account
  • Their blog’s domain authority. You can use Ahrefs or similar tools to check this.
  • Their engagement rate on social media and blog posts

Have up to ten potential bloggers on your list, so you can contact them and see if they’re interested.

Step 2 – Contact Them

After you’ve found some bloggers you might want to work with, it’s time to contact them.

Here’s an example outreach email:

Subject: Exciting Collaboration Opportunity with [Your Blog’s Name]

Dear [Blogger’s Name],

I hope this email finds you well. My name is [Your Name], and I am the writer behind [Your Blog’s Name]. I’ve been following your blog, [Their Blog’s Name], for some time now, and I enjoy your content on [mention a topic they write about that you like].

I’m reaching out because I believe collaboration between our blogs could bring great value to our audiences. We both share a passion for [mention a common interest], and I think we could create some really engaging content together.

Here are a few collaboration ideas I had in mind:

  1. Guest blogging: We could write guest posts for each other’s blogs. This would provide fresh content for our readers and expose us to a new audience.
  2. Co-host a webinar or podcast: We could share our expertise on [mention a topic] in a joint webinar or podcast.
  3. Social media collaboration: We could co-host a live video on Instagram or Facebook or share each other’s content on our social media platforms.

Of course, these are just ideas, and I’m open to any other suggestions you might have.

I look forward to hearing your thoughts on this potential collaboration. Thank you for considering this opportunity.

Best regards,

[Your Name]

[Your Contact Information]

Well, don’t copy and paste this email template. You want to personalize it depending on your outreach goals and the blogger you are reaching out to.

However, make sure to make it look unique. Nobody enjoys opening an email and getting the feeling that you’re just mass messaging everyone.

Also, you can provide some examples of your work, like posts you wrote or how much traffic your blog gets.

You want to show the other blogger that you are serious, and they get benefits working with you.

Step 3 – Talk About the Collaboration

If the other blogger wants to work together, it’s time to talk about the details.

This includes what kind of collaboration you want to do, what you want to write about when you want to do it, and any other essential details.

You can speak with them over email or video call and listen to their ideas too.

Step 4 – Do the Collaboration

After you’ve planned everything, it’s time to collaborate. This could mean writing a blog post, recording a podcast, or starting a social media project.

Remember, the key to a successful collaboration is teamwork.

So, do your best to communicate with your partner throughout the process.

If you’re writing a blog post, ask them if they have any specific detail they would like included, and share drafts with them for feedback.

In case you’re recording a podcast, plan your discussion points ahead of time.

And if you’re starting a social media project, coordinate your posts and tag each other.

Step 5 – Share and Review the Collaboration

After the collaboration, both bloggers should share it with their readers. For instance, you can share it on social media, email your subscribers, or put it on your blog.

After a while, look at how the collaboration went.

  • Did you get more people to your blog?
  • Did your readers like the collaboration?

See if the collaboration was worth your time. Sometimes it may not have the impact you wanted, but that’s okay.


You want to start by finding bloggers with similar interests, then reach out with a personalized email suggesting collaboration ideas.

If they’re interested, talk about the details and work together whether to write a blog post, podcast, or social media campaign. Afterward, check your collaboration success by reviewing your traffic and engagement.

Bonus Tips For Successful Blogger Collaborations

While the steps we talked about before give you a good plan for working with other bloggers. Here are some extra tips to make your collaborations even better.

Tip #1 – Know the Other Blogger’s Readers

Before you start working with another blogger, try to understand their readers. What do they like? What kind of blog posts do they enjoy?

You should spend some time analyzing your partner’s blog. This can help you create content that their audience enjoys more. Always do your best because you may want to collaborate with the same blogger later.

Tip #2 – Be Clear About What You Expect

Good communication is really important when you’re working with someone else.

So, make sure both bloggers know what they need to do when they need to do it, and how they should share the blog post.

You want to avoid confusion as much as possible and make the collaboration a piece of cake.

Tip #3 – Make Your Collaborations Helpful

Once again, do your best and even go above and beyond.

Whether you’re writing a blog post, webinar, or guest posting, make sure it will help the readers.

This can make the readers happy and make you look good as a blogger. For instance, when I guest post for someone else, I write like I am writing for my blog.

I try to find keywords that can benefit my partner’s blog and helpful content for their readers. Also, I will put in extra effort if the topic needs 3,000 or more words.

However, doing this has allowed me to write multiple guest posts for the same blogger and strengthen our relationship.

Tip #4 – Be Professional

Leave the slang talk at the gym, bar, or wherever appropriate.

Some people forget that you should treat your collaboration as a professional opportunity. Especially at the beginning, later down the line, you may become more relaxed with each other.

But it’s always better to be more professional than casual. See, people won’t complain about your professionalism, but they will if you’re too casual.

Tip #5 – Be Open to Feedback

Always be open to feedback, and don’t take it personally.

You can always learn something when working with other bloggers. Perhaps, your guest post needs more editing, or your webinar could be organized better. Whatever it is, if you have an open mind and are willing to learn, you will become a better blogger.


You should try to make your collaborations as helpful as possible, whether writing a blog post, doing a website, etc. 

Also, communicate with the other blogger to avoid confusion. And don’t forget to be open to feedback and suggestions from your collaborating partner.

Last Thoughts

So, working with other bloggers can be a great way to share your blog with more people. When you work with other bloggers, you can learn a lot from them and even become more popular.

You can team up with other bloggers in many ways. For instance, you could write guest posts for each other’s blogs, create videos or podcasts together, share each other’s posts on social media, or work on a big project like an eBook.

Even though it might seem a little tricky at first. You have simple steps to start working with other bloggers.

First, find bloggers who write about similar things as you. Then, send them an email to see if they want to work with you. After that, talk about what you want to do together and start working on it. Lastly, see how well it went and if it helped you get more readers.

Also, it’s important to know what the other blogger’s readers like, talk clearly about what you expect from each other, try your best to make helpful content, act professionally, and be open to learning from each other.

And that’s it! If you have any questions, please leave them below. Thanks for reading!

Also, don’t forget to read this post so you don’t commit the 10 deadliest blogging mistakes.

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