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Will AI Replace Writers? 5 Reasons That May Not Happen!

Last Updated on May 16, 2023 by Jordan Alexo

If you’re a writer, perhaps you’re scared that artificial intelligence (AI) will soon replace your job!

After all, AI has become the common ground in most industries, and more and more rely on this technology to function smoothly.

Is this tech here to destroy humanity or bring it to new heights never before accomplished?

In this guide, let’s crack all the mysticism behind AI! You’re about to discover five reasons AI writing tools won’t take away your work and three advantages of using them.

After reading this, you’ll no longer be scared -instead, you may want to embrace the future and use AI as your ally! Or, at least, you’ll have more knowledge about it than before.

So, let’s get started!

How Do AI Writing Tools Work?

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AI writing tools have become increasingly popular over the years due to advances in deep learning technology. Many of these writing tools are powered by GPT-3 (Generative Pre-trained Transformer 3), a language model developed by OpenAI.

GPT-3 uses a process known as ‘predictive text,’ where it predicts the next word in a sentence based on what was already written.

For example, given the words “I like to write about,” GPT-3 would suggest possible words or phrases such as “AI,” “technology,” or “my experience.” This allows AI writing tools to generate content faster than ever by automatically predicting what comes next and filling in the blanks.

To make its predictions more accurate, GPT-3 utilizes modern deep learning techniques such as natural language processing and machine reading comprehension to understand better and figure out information from a given text.

With this powerful combination of algorithms and technologies, AI writing tools can quickly create engaging outputs with minimal effort from a human writer.

5 Reasons Why AI Won’t Replace Human Writers

We’re still far from having artificial intelligence replace human writers completely. Although tools like Jasper AI can write content for you exceptionally well. However, there are some key components that make AI more of an assistance rather than a replacement.

Let’s see the five reasons:

Reason 1) AI Isn’t Creative And Imaginative

AI Isnt Creative And Imaginative

AI often gets a bad rap for its lack of imagination and creativity, but is that really the case?

The truth is AI cannot match the creative imagination of the human mind. It’s not programmed to think abstractly or create something out of nothing—at least not yet.

Humans possess an innate ability to make connections between facts and draw conclusions that could only arise from their unique way of thinking.

Artificial Intelligence lacks this creative power because it relies on pre-programmed algorithms and data sets. It can’t come up with new ideas or think outside the box like humans can.

For this reason, AI writing tools will never be able to replace human writers in truly creative tasks, such as writing poetry or art critiques.

But they can still be powerful tools for quickly creating high-quality technical content or helping you research and organize information.

All this frees your time, so you can focus on producing more content or drinking mojitos at the beach.

Reason 2) Artificial Intelligence Has No Emotions

One of the worst things about using AI writing tools is that they do not understand when something is supposed to be funny or sad.

Emotions are a critical part of human communication, allowing us to connect with our audience beyond just words. Without the ability to empathize or pick up on subtle hints, AI can easily misinterpret conversations and create misunderstandings.

For example, an AI-generated email sent out by a company may not capture the right tone or sentiment, leading customers to think they aren’t being valued or listened to.

Similarly, AI chatbots answering customers’ inquiries may struggle to provide accurate information because they can’t understand someone’s emotional side.

The lack of emotion in these situations could leave a customer saying “Goodbye” to that company.

In other words, human emotions are essential for successful communication— and that’s something robots cannot replicate, not now and perhaps never.

Reason 3) Detailed And Factual Information

Detailed And Factual Information

AI has a hard time writing detailed and factual information about technical subjects. Often it provides superficial content that only specialized human writers can provide.

For instance, I write software reviews on Jordan Alexo. If I relied on AI for this, it would be impossible to cover all the details and features that make each software unique.

Even Jasper AI, in this situation, usually prompts useless and repetitive content.

This is because AI uses pre-programmed data sets and algorithms rather than actually understanding what it’s writing about.

It also has a hard time providing accurate factual information, as it isn’t programmed to check its sources or make sure the facts are correct. This sometimes leads to the AI giving you some crazy and bizarre content!

At this point, AI still needs someone specialized in the topic to work alongside it. Otherwise, often it will generate mediocre or even misleading content.

Nowadays, you can start noticing the effects of overusing these tools all over the web. 

Many blogs no longer share unique advice, and their writing is more boring than eating straw. My guess is these sites rely entirely on AI-generated content.

Reason 4) AI Lacks Personal Experiences And Storytelling

Personal experiences and storytelling are essential elements of any piece of writing that can be lost when relying on AI.

See, human writers can share experiences from their life and story tell them. One of the most powerful ways we connect with each other is through stories.

Our ancestors did it over a bonfire; nowadays, we do it over other means. But still, the idea is the same.

Although AI can write great content, it still has programming limitations, while human writers have the creativity to come up with unique perspectives, ideas, and emotions.

For example, consider a travel blog post written by an AI tool versus one written by a human. Can AI share its experience while in Hawaii and all it felt there?

Of course not! It can give some facts about the place but lacks the personal experience that comes from being there firsthand.

A post written by someone can offer more vibrance, like interesting anecdotes and meaningful insights based on real-life encounters. And that’s something an AI tool struggles to replicate.

From autobiography to journalism to creating fiction, readers and writers benefit from someone’s personal experience. So don’t worry!

Nothing beats human creativity, and if you used AI tools as I do, you’d quickly see that much said about “AI completely replace human writers” isn’t true.

At its core, writing is about connecting with people through stories and experiences only humans can provide.

Reason 5) AI Content Is Not Original

AI Content Is Not Original

I already spoke about this, but AI can generate very repetitive content.

Using the same algorithm for many different tasks, AI can quickly create much content – but it’s rarely original. And readers don’t want to keep reading the same thing over and over again.

You can always identify AI content, as it lacks a unique voice or style. It also tends to produce generic writing. So what happens?

You end up with multiple sites sharing similar information because it comes from the same AI platforms.

And to make things worse, AI tools often generate plagiarized content – that’s right! Because AI grabs and reorganizes thousands of pieces of content on the web. 

For this reason, you don’t want to use it when creating original pieces. Or at least not totally rely on it. In other words, only humans can produce creative content. 

3 Advantages: Should You Use AI Writing Tools?

People who read this post are often doubtful about using AI to help them. It’s like a mixture of fear, and if you can’t win them, then join them. 

So, what should you expect if you decide to use AI to crank 10x more content than now?

Advantage 1) Speed Is The Name of The Game

I used artificial intelligence to help me write this post and other ones. However, before, it took me two days to write a piece of content, and now I can do the same job in two hours.

AI speeds up your writing process, and you can spend more time optimizing your work. It saves you much time, so you can focus on writing more content or other parts of your online business.

Advantage 2) You’ll Get Better With Practice

Artificial intelligence is constantly learning from its mistakes. For this reason, you notice them improving with time.

So the longer you use them, the more accurate and helpful content they pump out. And as you continue to work closely with them, you become better at using AI to produce higher-quality writing.

If I compare my content now to when I started using these tools, it’s like night and day! Before, my writing sounded far more robotic, but now it flows better and looks natural.

It looks natural because I don’t fully rely on AI to produce everything. Instead, I use AI only to assist and not replace me.

Advantage 3) Reduces Your Mental Fatigue

As a professional writer, you often need to write a lot of content. As you can imagine, that’ll quickly exhaust your mental energy, leading to burnout and decreased productivity.

Using AI releases your writing tiresome, helping you be more consistent and productive. Instead of always thinking about the topic, you can quickly write a draft and re-write it later.

Or, if you need an outline for your post or book, you can quickly ask the AI to provide one.

So say “Goodbye” to writer’s block and mental fatigue and “Hello” to AI tools!

Is AI The Future Of Content Writing?

Whether you’re an author, blogger, or self-publisher, artificial intelligence is here to stay, and it’s completely changing how we write content.

Websites will be able to create more content than ever before. So, you’ll see new blogs exploding out of nowhere. For example, an SEO expert, Matt Diggity, produced 526 posts in about ten months for his new site.

He went from nearly zero to over 51,000 monthly visitors to his blog in less than a year. All this was possible because of AI and its ability to help him write content quickly.

While before, you’d need to hire a team of writers and spends thousands of dollars. Now you can do the same work with the help of AI.

Also, authors can create new books in record time, especially nonfiction. Perhaps, fiction is still safe because it requires more human creativity.

So, they have unleashed Frankenstein, and now it’s impossible to return. If you have an online business or write content for a living, you’ll find it hard to compete sooner or later without AI writing tools.

Initially, I was against AI writing tools, which felt unnatural and wrong. But, now I can say they are a blessing in disguise because they save time and produce good content.

Once more, you shouldn’t leave everything up to AI. Basically, it’s a fusion between AI and human writing. At least, that has been the way I found to produce high-quality content.

So, will AI replace writers anytime? I don’t see that happening! But in the future, we will rely more and more on it to assist us in producing content.

You must still include your human touch to make your content gain life. Otherwise, AI will produce a tasteless piece of content.

Own Personal Experiences With Jasper AI

I’ve been using Jasper AI for about nine months and can attest to its greatness.

At first, it felt a little hard as I had to learn how to use the tool and the several commands. I heard stories about it, and my first impression was that Jasper would do everything for me with a push of a button.

But then I started pushing the button, and it only generated monotonous and repetitive content. And I was like, “What the heck is this? This sucks!”

I was about to cancel my account, but I decided to keep using it instead, and I’m glad I did. Over time, as I experimented with the AI settings and tweaked my content strategy, things started to change.

Soon, I was able to create content quickly without sacrificing its quality. And what’s even better is that my readers love it!

Now one thing that helped me improve the quality of my content was using AI detector tools like Originality. I know there’s a lot of controversy around these tools. I also recommend using them with a grain of salt.

In other words, these tools don’t provide accurate data about whether the AI-generated or not. In some situations, I wrote the entirety of the piece, but Originality gives a high AI score.

So, you must still use your common sense when writing content.

However, the part where Originality is totally accurate is if you head over to ChatGPT and copy/paste the content produced there. Originality will immediately tell you that content was 100% artificially generated.

This helps you see the type of writing you should avoid. I consider this helpful because you don’t want to publish poor-quality content.

With blogging, Google’s algorithm is getting smarter at detecting low-quality content and penalizing your website. And if you write content for other reasons, you want to make your readers happy.

Rather than shoot some crap writing at their face in return for money. It feels sleazy, and any business built on that will soon fail.

Anyway, after some experience, AI helped me improve my writing because I’m not a native English speaker. I discovered it is a great tool to help me quickly create content with all the grammar, punctuation, and other typos fixed automatically by AI.

Last Thoughts

So the discussion that AI will soon replace writers and we will all be out of work is overstated.

Still, AI can assist us with certain aspects of writing, like in the three advantages I mentioned above, but its capability is still limited. 

Ultimately, an author’s human touch and creative thought process are powerful factors in producing quality content.

Artificial intelligence can help you produce content faster, but it can’t replace the unique style and creativity that only we can bring to the table.

For this reason, we must embrace AI as a valuable tool in our writing arsenal.

Thanks for reading. If you have any questions, leave them below, and Jordan Alexo will reply asap.

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