Will ChatGPT Replace Bloggers? (The End.)

Last Updated on June 10, 2023 by Jordan Alexo

Is blogging a dying career option now that AI-powered writing programs like ChatGPT have entered the market?

” – Gosh… these tools do everything! Or do they?”

Fortunately, these tools still don’t have the creativity, empathy, and personal touch that a human blogger can offer.

In this guide, you’ll discover seven reasons AI won’t destroy your blogging career and how to use it to your advantage. Let’s get started.

Key Takeaways

  1. AI lacks human touch: AI like ChatGPT doesn’t have the empathy, creativity, and personal experience that a human blogger can bring to their writing.
  2. AI doesn’t truly think: While AI is excellent at tasks similar to thinking, it follows programmed patterns and rules without understanding them.
  3. AI content can be repetitive: Despite options to alter voice tones for variety, AI often reuses similar phrases and sentence structures, leading to noticeable patterns.
  4. AI doesn’t provide value: AI doesn’t create new information but rearranges existing data. It doesn’t offer fresh perspectives, insights, or personal experience-based content like humans can.
  5. AI is outdated: AI systems, like ChatGPT, can’t follow the latest trends or provide up-to-date information as their training data is usually outdated.
  6. AI lacks expertise: AI-based tools provide generic information and can’t deliver expert knowledge or insights from real-life experiences.
  7. AI may generate non-factual information: It can sometimes create seemingly realistic but entirely fabricated information. It’s crucial to fact-check AI-generated content.

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What Is ChatGPT?

ChatGPT is an artificial intelligence program developed by a company called OpenAI.

It’s designed to generate text similar to what a human might write. 

For instance:

Imagine if you fed a computer tons of different books, articles, and posts from the internet – it starts to pick up patterns and learns how to make sentences that sound like the ones it’s seen. 

If you give ChatGPT a prompt, like a question or a sentence, it can write a response that makes sense in that context.

However, it’s crucial to remember that ChatGPT isn’t thinking or understanding the way we do – it’s more like it’s good at copying the style of the text it’s learned from.

7 Reasons AI Can’t Replace Bloggers

Now let’s see if your blogging career is dead or not. Here are seven reasons:

1 – AI Doesn’t Think

AI, or artificial intelligence, is good at doing tasks that look like thinking.

But it’s not really “thinking” as humans do.

Instead, it works by following patterns and rules to make decisions. It’s like a smart calculator. However, it doesn’t have feelings or understand things on its own.

In a way, AI only does what it was programmed to do and doesn’t understand what it’s doing.

For instance, it can tell someone eating 10 pounds of ice cream in a single day is unhealthy.

AI Doesnt Think

But it says that because it was programmed to recognize unhealthy behavior patterns.

However, that’s different from a blogger explaining the reasons, probably from their personal experience and how it affected their life.

So, human writers can provide a deeper level of understanding and context that AI simply can’t replicate.

People can share stories and experiences and connect with their readers on an emotional level that a machine can’t.

2 – AI Content Text Looks Similar

Although these AI tools have several options, like different voice tones (academic, casual, etc.), which help to create variations on the text;

After you spend some time reading and generating AI content, you’ll start noticing a pattern. It’s like reading content from the same author over and over again.

Artificial intelligence uses similar phrases, grammar, and sentence structures frequently.

The effects of this are becoming more noticeable each day. If you browse online, you’ll start noticing blog posts that sound the same. Probably, they were written by AI writing programs.

Recently, someone wanted to write a guest post for Jordan Alexo. I asked this person to send me some topic ideas. When I received the ideas, I immediately saw they were AI-generated.

See, each person has a unique way of writing. We can make our writing stand out with individuality, emotions, and creativity. At least, for now, AI can’t do the same thing.

3 – AI Doesn’t Provide Value

I don’t deny the fact I used AI to help me write content. However, artificial intelligence is kind of a cheater when it comes to creating content.

Why do I say that?

Well, it doesn’t create anything new. Instead, it only rearranges existing information.

For instance, GPT-4 was trained on millions of existing blog posts, news, web pages, and other documents.

So, whenever you ask it to write something, it grabs existing information in its database and rearranges it to create new content. But it didn’t come up with any new perspective or research.

Although some tools like Writesonic can already connect online and pull data to generate new content; But still, it’s just rephrasing existing information, not creating anything innovative.

For this reason, humans are the creative force that AI technology lacks. We’re the ones who can provide fresh perspectives and insights to our readers.

Let’s say you want to write an in-depth “product review.”

You need to try the product (at least you should), experience it firsthand, and write a review based on your personal experience. Based on your opinion, you can provide a new perspective and how it can help the readers.

However, AI can’t do the same thing because it can’t try the product and can rationally and emotionally evaluate it.

4 – AI Doesn’t Follow The Latest Trends

ChatGPT’s last update was done back in 2021.

ai doesnt fall the latest trend

So, it can’t tell you about any latest trends like a simple question, “What is GPT 4? Here’s the reply I get:

what is chatgpt

For this reason, you can’t rely on AI to write content that requires up-to-date and accurate information, like news articles or trend analysis pieces.

I don’t use AI to help me write reviews about software or technology; these topics often need more information. Either this software didn’t exist back when ChatGPT was last updated.

Or, this software has been completely revamped or replaced with new updates and features that ChatGPT won’t be aware of.

Therefore, human writers will continue to be important in creating more recent and informative content.

5 – AI Doesn’t Provide Expert Info

Another limitation of AI-based writing tools like ChatGPT is that they don’t provide expert information.

Usually, these tools create generic information that lacks deep knowledge. AI can’t experience real-life experiences.

For instance, if you ask ChatGPT to “explain your experience traveling to Paris, France.” I get this response:

Often, we learn through experiences, and this is where experts come in. So, you can explain Paris’s culture, food, and historical significance based on personal knowledge.

Or, you can explain what you experienced after a breakup and how you dealt with it. What were the emotions you went through and the lessons you learned?

That’s something AI can’t ever come close to replicating. The reason is AI can’t experience the world through a human’s perspective. It only exists in the realm of data and algorithms, without any subjective experience.

Many times, people have an exaggerated view of AI’s capabilities from watching movies. However, in reality, AI still has many limitations.

6 – AI Provides Repetitive Content

Although GPT 4 has dramatically improved compared to the previous model.

Often, if you ask to write a long blog post on a specific topic, ChatGPT may give repetitive content.

I normally don’t use AI to write long-form content. And the few times I did, I spent more time editing and restructuring the content than it would have taken me to write it from scratch.

I’m sure with the advancement of AI technology; this issue will be less common. But at the moment, it’s still a problem.

7 – Non-Factual Information

AI can sometimes generate realistically looking but entirely fake information.

And I say “realistic” because if you aren’t paying attention or lack the expertise in that field, you might assume it’s true.

Although GPT 4 had noticeable improvements, there is still a risk of ChatGPT generating nonsensical and false connections.

For this reason, you must constantly fact-check your AI-generated content and see if it’s accurate before publishing it.


Even though Artificial Intelligence (AI) is fast and useful, it has some problems when making content. For instance, AI doesn’t think or feel like a human does, and it just follows the rules it was given.

The content it makes often sounds similar because it uses the same words and phrases a lot. Also, AI doesn’t come up with new ideas. It just shuffles around old ones.

So humans are still important for creating unique content.

3 Aspects Where AI Will Win Bloggers

Although artificial intelligence has many limitations, there’s a reason nearly everyone and their mom is using it to generate blog content.

1 – Content Creation Speed

One aspect where AI crashes humans is content creation speed. It can simply generate content at a much faster pace.

While you may take 2 hours to research and write a 1,000-word blog post, ChatGPT takes a few seconds. Of course, it may not produce the same quality, but it still gets the job done.

For instance, you can use AI to produce more generic and informative content for your blog. Nowadays, Google gives importance to topical authority. In other words, if your website has a lot of content on a specific niche.

You can use AI to help you produce these blog posts quickly. Yesterday, I wrote a blog post about “What Are No Follow Links?

Yes, I admit I used ChatGPT to write this article completely. Honestly, it did an awesome job! I only had to do some minor edits and restructuring afterward.

So, AI can help you produce supporting and generic content much faster. And this builds your website’s topical authority, which is beneficial for SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

2 – Intros, Conclusions, And Summaries

chatgpt intros and conclusions

I love to use AI for intro and conclusion writing as well. If you aren’t an expert copywriter, creating captivating intros and conclusions can be challenging.

However, you can use ChatGPT, Writesonic, Jasper AI, or another tool to generate this content for you quickly and easily.

Another awesome feature is to help you “summarize” your blog posts. Next, you can use this summary for your “Key Takeaways.” Most people nowadays don’t read blogs thoroughly but just skim the content.

For this reason, adding a concise summary or key takeaways at the start or end of your blog post can help readers quickly grasp the main points.

Besides, AI can write a summary in seconds. So, it saves you time and effort.

3 – Consistency. Say “Goodbye to writer’s block!”

Running a blog and producing consistent content on a day-to-day basis can be freaking exhausting.

Sometimes, it can be difficult to come up with fresh new ideas for your blog because of mental fatigue or writer’s block.

Although I still don’t feel like writing content every day – Just because I have a blog that doesn’t make me a fan of writing.

Also, without AI, I couldn’t keep up with the pace.

But fortunately, we’ve AI, which has helped me overcome writer’s block and produce high-quality content daily.

In case you struggle with the same problem, then AI can be a great tool for you too.


Even though AI isn’t perfect, it’s really good at doing three things for bloggers.

First, it helps write things faster. Second, it can create catchy intros and endings for posts and even summarize the main points.

Third, it helps you write more consistently. So, it can be a tool that assists bloggers.

Acceptance: AI Is Here To Stay

ai is here to stay

We can either accept or not, but AI is here to stay.

I know several bloggers who refuse to use AI in their writing because they feel it’s cheating or they fear it may replace them in the future.

I’m not against them, but the truth is blogging isn’t the same anymore. And it will drastically change more and more as this technology advances.

A company or blogger using AI can produce content 10x or faster than one without. The thing is, Google freaking loves content!

A blog with 500 posts will have a better chance of ranking higher than a blog with only 50. It can rank for more keywords, has more topical authority, and attracts more readers.

So while someone takes two days to write an article, someone who uses AI can generate the same article in just 2 hours or less. Besides, that person didn’t have to use the same mental energy as the one who wrote it manually.

And consistency and velocity are essential to stay ahead of the game in blogging.

How Should You See ChatGPT And Other AI Writers?

You should see these tools as a partner, not a replacement. It’s like having someone near you who can help you come up with the following:

  • New content ideas
  • Produce a portion of your content.
  • Proofread and edit your work.
  • Enhance your writing speed and consistency.

And that’s it! So, don’t be afraid of AI; you’re still needed as a blogger.

Last Thoughts

Although artificial intelligence tools like ChatGPT are scarily advanced, they aren’t going to replace bloggers.

They lack creativity, the ability to share real experiences and personal opinions, and the emotional intelligence that comes with being human.

Also, these tools don’t create new or innovative content. Instead, they use existing information and data to generate content.

So, answering the question: No, ChatGPT and other AI writers won’t replace bloggers.

However, you may use AI to help you write content faster and more consistently and overcome writer’s block. When it comes to that, there’s no match!

These tools will assist you, enhance your skills, and increase productivity. If you see them that way, you’ll take full advantage of their potential and become a better blogger.

If you have any questions, leave them below. Thanks for reading!

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