Originality AI Review (2023) – Is This AI Detection Tool Worth It?

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Do you feel frustrated because you can no longer tell if a machine wrote something or not?

Well, then, there’s a perfect solution called Originality.ai! This powerful AI detection tool will help you quickly see if your content was artificially generated.

It also has an accurate plagiarism checker, website scanner, and easy-to-use interface. This tool is great for businesses, professors, bloggers, or anyone struggling with this problem.

And the best part is Originality.ai is an inexpensive option. It’s a great choice if you want to save money while guaranteeing your content is unique and original.

So keep reading to find more details about Originality.ai and the proven results from our tests.

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Our Take

Originality.ai is an AI detection tool created to help businesses, professors, and bloggers detect artificially generated content quickly and effectively. It comes with a powerful AI detector and plagiarism checker. So you don’t need to use other services for the same purpose. Also, an intuitive dashboard makes it easy for anyone to use the tool immediately. All this is combined with a budget-friendly price.

4.1 out of 5
Best ForAI-Detection
Price$0.01 per credit; 1 credit scans 100 words

What Is Originality.ai?

Originality.ai is a powerful AI-driven detection tool created to help detect original content from any online source.

The software leverages machine learning algorithms and natural language processing capabilities to analyze text for plagiarism and detect instances of copyright infringement or potential fraud.

Also, with the increasing use of AI-written content, Originality.ai can help you see when content has been generated artificially by machines. This feature is particularly useful for journalists, bloggers, professors, and anyone who needs to guarantee the content they’re using is original.

Now with popular tools like ChatGPT, Jasper AI, Ryther, and others running rampage, which produce content similar to a human writer. It has become challenging to know if the content is artificially generated.

But with Originality.ai, you can easily detect AI-generated text with its powerful algorithms and language processing technology.

Also, it comes with a powerful system to detect plagiarism. So, Originality.ai is:

  • AI content detector
  • Plagiarism checker

Considering these recent events, Originality.ai is like the antidote to AI-generated content.

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How Does Originality.ai Work?

Originality.ai is based on a modified version of the BERT model and employs natural language processing techniques to analyze text.

The tool helps to determine the Originality of a piece of text by considering various factors such as:

  • Sentence structure
  • Word choice
  • Presence of factual information

By analyzing all these features, Originality.ai can determine whether a piece of text is original or not with an accuracy rate of 94%.

The AI detection system provides green, yellow, and red colors to show where the content was possibly artificially generated:

Green Highlight (Possibly Human Generated Content)

green color score

Red Color Highlight (Possibly AI Content)

red color score

Who Created Originality.ai?

Originality.ai was created by a team of content market and GPT-3 specialists and founded by Jonathan Gillham.

This company and others on the market are developing these tools in response to the ever-increasing problems with AI-generated content.

Who Should Get Originality.ai?

One of the biggest reasons to use Originality is to analyze if a person wrote a piece of content. For instance, this is important for:

  • Professors: to guarantee that students are not plagiarizing or using AI writing tools for their assignments.
  • Bloggers: if you have a team of writers and want to see if somebody is using AI writing tools to produce content.
  • Publishers: if you publish books and magazines, you want to make sure that the content is original and not artificially created.
  • Businesses: to make sure that they are using original content for their marketing campaigns and website copy.

Later I’ll share more of my results and experience with this AI detection tool. However, as a blogger, I’ve found it essential to use this tool to help improve the quality of the information I publish at Jordan Alexo.

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Best Features Of Originality.ai

Let’s take a closer look at the best features of this content detection software.

1) Detect AI Content

You have a section where you can scan text to see whether it is AI-generated content. Here’s a test I ran with some content that I quickly created with ChatGPT:

chatgpt text ai detection
chatgpt text ai detection02

As you can see, you have an AI score which gives you an idea. It means that there’s 58% of this text was AI-generated. For this reason, you shouldn’t immediately conclude that the text you’re using is completely original since a machine might have written some parts.

2) Plagiarism Checker

Originality.ai also has a powerful plagiarism tool to help you analyze if someone stole that content. It is crucial to note that this feature will only scan text and not audio or video content.

plagiarism checker

In this example, you can see ChatGPT did great work! This content wasn’t copied directly from some source. I like that you have AI detection and plagiarism checker in the same place. You often need to use two different tools, but Originality.ai combines them.

3) Website Checker

This feature also lets you detect AI-written content on a specific website.

Include the URL in the search bar and click “Scan New Website.” It will crawl the site’s XML sitemap and provide all the web pages. Afterward, you can scan each page individually to detect AI-generated content.

website AI detection

By checking a website for AI-written content, businesses can guarantee that the content on their sites is original and not copied from some source.

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Personal Experience: Is This Tool Perfect? (Results)

I’m not afraid to say I use AI tools to help me write content more quickly for my site. After all, that’s the main topic of this blog.

However, I know Google is catching up and constantly changing algorithms to detect AI-generated content. So, I’m careful about directly copying and pasting content from AI tools into my blog.

I don’t want to wake up one day and find out my content is out of the rankings.

I decided to use Originality.ai to check some of the content I wrote with Jasper AI and see how to improve it. In other words, to make it look like it was human-written text.

I’ve been testing this tool for the past few weeks, and let’s check some of my results.

Test #1: AI Written Text From Jasper AI

test 1 jasper detection01
test 1 jasper detection

As you can see, copying and pasting content from Jasper to your blog or another place isn’t a good idea! Originality.ai can easily catch this content.

Test #2: AI Written Content From ChatGPT

test 2 chatgpt detection
test 2 chatgpt detection02

Once again, the tool detected that this content was AI-generated, with a score of 65%.

Now it could quickly detect AI-written content, but what happened when I tried to make it more human-like?

Test #3: AI Written Content With Some Minor Edits

test 3 more human like

I didn’t rewrite the entire content. I only adjusted the first section and made it sound more human-like. The AI detection score dropped from 99% to 69%.

Test #4: AI Written Content Rephrased

test 4 quillbot
test 4 quillbot02

I used Quillbot to rephrase the content, and these were my results. It gave a 70% originality score, which was a big improvement!

If you AI-generate your content and rephrase it, Originality AI has a harder time detecting artificial text.

So people can still use AI-generated content to create a blog post or other content that looks human-written if they take the time to edit it.

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What Are The Flaws Of Originality AI?

Originality AI is far from perfect, but it’s headed in the right direction. For instance, I had several situations where I wrote the entirety of the content, and it gave me a low originality score. In fact, the scores were lower than the content artificially created by the tools I mentioned.

Still, their system often detects AI-generated texts correctly, which is definitely an improvement from what’s out there.

Furthermore, the website checker feature is beneficial for website owners to analyze their competitors’ content. It’s a great way to make sure that the content passes the test and won’t get penalized later by search engines.

Also, it helped me see how most AI-generated content tools are structured. It gave me an idea of which sections were written by AI and which weren’t. I can use this information to improve my writing.

For instance, I noticed Jasper and other similar tools often use repetitive words and sentences. Also, they spit out a lot of non-factual information. Therefore, you should combine your writing style, stories, and experiences into the mix.

You should rely entirely on these tools to write your articles. This way, you can still write faster content that is unique and valuable to your audience.

Plus, you also want to avoid publishing low-quality content on your blog. It hurts your reputation, but Google’s algorithm is also becoming more advanced at detecting AI-generated content.

And lastly, editing your content with Grammarly can sometimes improve the originality score on Originality ai.

All and all, Originality can detect regular AI content created by the most popular tools like ChatGPT, Jasper, Rytr, etc. But still struggles to detect well-edited content from AI tools.

That’s why using Originality.ai, and your judgment is crucial when analyzing content.

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Originality.ai Pricing

Originality doesn’t have monthly subscriptions. Instead, you purchase the credits you want to use. I enjoy this system since you can pay only for what you need. Also, the credits last long, so you can use them whenever you want without paying more.

You get 100 words scanned per credit; one credit is only $0.01. So you have several credit options:

originality ai pricing

Choose the credit option you prefer depending on your needs.

Originality.ai Pros And Cons

Here’s a quick overview of the pros and cons to make sure that Originality.ai is the right tool for you:

Originality AI Pros

  • Powerful AI Detection Tool: Originality.ai will help you detect any AI-generated content quickly and accurately.
  • Accurate Plagiarism Checker: The plagiarism checker will help guarantee that your content is original and not stolen from some source.
  • Website Checker: You can scan any website for AI-generated content.
  • Easy-To-Use interface: I found Originality’s dashboard easy to use and understand.
  • Affordable Pricing: You get a lot of words per credit, so you can save money when using the tool.

Originality AI Cons

  • False Positives: It can detect some false positives, which means the tool might think that a piece of content was generated by an AI when it wasn’t.

Conclusion: Should You Get Originality.ai?

I found Originality to be a fairly accurate AI detection tool. At the same time, there is still some flaw with their system. Sometimes, it can provide low scores for human-written content.

However, businesses, professors, and bloggers can benefit from this tool. It’s a great way to check for plagiarism and know if the content was artificially generated. It does detect accurate basic content without editing that was copied and pasted from popular copywriter tools.

And honestly, most people out there won’t spend their time manually editing the content to make it sound more human-like, which is why Originality can help you detect these types of copies.

The pricing is also affordable, and you get a lot of words per credit so you can save some money in the long run. It also has an easy-to-use dashboard you can immediately start using.

And the best part is that it combines all the above with a powerful plagiarism checker. For this reason, you don’t need to pay for any extra services.

Overall, Originality AI is a fantastic tool with great future potential.

Originality.ai: FAQ

Let’s take a closer look at some frequently asked questions.

1) Does Originality AI have a web browser app?

Yes, you can freely install the Originality AI browser app here.

2) Can Google detect AI-written content?

Yes, Google can detect AI-generated content using machine learning algorithms. These algorithms look at signals such as text structure, grammar, and syntax to detect patterns indicative of AI content.

3) Is Originality AI a good tool for checking plagiarism?

Yes, Originality AI is an excellent tool for checking plagiarism since it combines an AI detector and a plagiarism checker. This lets you detect unoriginal content quickly and accurately.

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